I am in shock that tomorrow Vincent turns 4.
This kid has been the world's biggest blessing, not to say that his brother's aren't equally as amazing though.
Vincent has literally been a dream from the beginning and the young man he is growing into just melts my soul every single day. Watching your children become little people is the most rewarding gift.
 When we got pregnant with Vincent I had dreamed of a little boy with dark brown chocolate eyes. 
I am not sure why but I love dark eyes, they speak to my soul and when Vincent popped out his eyes were dark as could be from day 1. When he looks at me, I melt. His eyes are beautiful, the are just one of the many things that I love about him.
 Vincent is a giant old soul, he loves everyone and wants to do whatever he can for anyone. He helps his brothers with everyone and showers them with love. He totally mimicks me and I love it. You will find this little man rubbing his baby brothers back or holding Luke's hand to "protect" him. Obviously the boys fight like crazy lunatics at times but at the end of the day all they have is love. 
I am so grateful to call Vincent mine. He is our first love. 
I cannot believe you are growing so quickly my sweet babe.

Tomorrow we are having a Pirate Bash, because Vincent thinks he is a real pirate.
No joke. He is so funny.
Jordan is all about this party, which is funny because Jordan used to make fun of me for planning themed parties but now that Vincent is older Jordan is getting more into it. 
When Vincent wakes up tomorrow he will be greeted by a treasure map and sent on a hunt for this.
Jordan was the one who thought of this whole idea, I just executed the details!

I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the party details because we actually put some planning into this party. That planning may or may not have just started last weekend but hey, we (pinterest) put a lot of thought into all the party stuff! 

So Cheers to the weekend and my baby turning 4....sigh.


  1. awe he's getting so big! Happy 4th birthday V. Cant wait to see pics of his pirate party!

  2. He's so handsome! Happy birthday Vincent!

  3. what a heart throb! Oh my!!!! It is so hard for me with each birthday... my mama heart just wants them to stay tiny forever! Alizah's birthday is the day after Vincent's. They should meet one day and we could do an arranged marriage? No, but really. Happy Birthday Vincent!

  4. Awww what a sweetie! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

  5. Happy happy birthday to Vincent!!!! Looking forward to hearing about the festivities :)