Vincent's Pirate Bash....

I hope you enjoy pictures because you are going to get a full blast of Vincent's Party.
I literally started planning this a week prior. I hoped on Party City and ordered the supplies and stopped on over at Pinterest for pirate food ideas and BAM, the party was created in like 2 hours flat.

To help with prep I started cooking a few things on Thursday and Friday so I would not overload myself on Saturday morning, so I made the dip, the jello and the cupcakes ahead of time. So all that was left for Saturday morning (which I of course am nuts and also had a photo session that morning) but all I had left was picking up the chicken and assembling the fruit swords.
 I loved the party, and Vincent was in HEAVEN. 

We started the day with a treasure hunt, this was fully Jordan's idea and it was awesome. 
We filled it with chocolate coins and m&ms! I got the chest at Hobby Lobby and painted it
I hid it in a tiny passage way we have in our house.
We then did what normal parents do. Dressed our kid as a pirate to complete his special day.
Got the costume for $10 at Party City! Best purchase ever.
 Homeboy was in heaven!! We even talked like pirates for most of the day. 
Now onto the details.....
The food consisted of:
Fruit swords aka fruit kabobs. Pirate Fingers aka Cocktail Weiners. 
Ahoy Matey Salad. Just a normal salad. And Captain Jude's Jello found on pinterest.
I think they turned out really cute.
Golden Nuggets aka Chick Fil A nuggets.
Captain Luke's Deviled Eggs, my dad actually made these. SO CUTE.
Captain Vincent's Spicy Feta Dip and Sharks teeth. Spicy Feta recipe here
Sharks teeth are just cut up cheese. 
Pirate's Teeth and Pirate's Booty.
Pirate's Teeth is this amazing homemade caramel corn I made. Thank you Paula Dean! 

Now onto the dessert table. We decided to try out an ice cream bar vs a cake.
Jordan constructed the table for me. Which was found on pinterest of course. 
Scored these containers for toppings at the Dollar Tree.
Added cupcakes in case anyone wanted cake also. 
I used the new cool whip frosting. HOLY HEAVEN IT IS AMAZING.
I grabbed Coldstone for the ice cream choices and got cake batter, chocolate and vanilla.
For drinks I just did Honest kids juice and then got Hansen's and Jones cane soda in cans for the adults.
Had to get Root Beer for people to make floats!:)
I only took a few pics during the party, was too busy visiting with friends and family.
And that is it.
Captain Vincent had a blast and it was easy as pie to create. 
I got all the random pirate decor from Party City along with his costume.
They ship things literally the same day as you order so I always use them.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the Pirate adventure! 


  1. How on earth you did this in two weeks I will never know. I want to see pictures from the party with kids having fun!

  2. He made the best pirate, I have every seen.

  3. It was an amazing party - loved all the details and holy cute pirate.

  4. It was an amazing party - loved all the details and holy cute pirate.

  5. Such a fun birthday party idea!! So cute.

  6. Oh my, what an adorable party!! I love all the decorations, especially the fun & creative food ideas.

  7. What a great party! Hope I can pull my daughter's party together for this coming Sunday! Yikes! With all this homebuying business going on, time just gets away from us (we found a house!!! I blogged about our crazy week here (p.s. inspection cleared, so one step closer: