Why we skipped Milk....

Now that we are on kid #3 a lot of the rules have changed. 
I am not near as anal about the "rules" and guidelines to raising my kids.
You can tell that by the fact I have still yet to even take Jude to his 9 month appt (he is over a year old now) but he is happy and healthy, thriving like crazy so I just need to call and make the stinking appointment.

Anyways with Vincent (our first) he stopped breastfeeding when I got pregnant with Luke (our second) when he was about 9-10 months old. I was terrified to start him on cows milk so I went with the toddler formula, thinking that if I started him too soon on milk it would be bad? The guidelines the pediatrician gave us were the LAW back then. (I have soon learned otherwise)

Luke weaned from breastfeeding around 9-10 months as well and I just started him straight on cows milk with no problems. So I thought "what the heck??" why do they pound it into your head that they have to wait until 12 months? Then at Luke's 1 year appointment I asked the pediatrician about how many ounces Luke should be having and he said no more than 3 glasses a day. He said TOO MUCH milk will harm children. It will make them anemic? What the heck? I thought milk does a body good??

So what is a mom to think? Is milk even the best choice for kids? And beyond that, do they even need milk? Why the heck is this so confusing? 

We have dug into organics and more natural foods for about the past 2 years and have found so much information out there. We knew organic was the best choice to stay away from chemicals and antibitoics in the cows. It's just like our milk. We are supposed to sustain from breastfeeding if we are on antibitiocs, so why is it okay for us to drink cow's milk when they are on antibitocs? To me, it's not. Which is why I opt for organic. Now take that one step further and I even push for grassfed milk. Same stance as grassfed meat. Cows are not meant to eat grain which is what most milk producing cows eat. So the milk is coming from sick cows, hence why they have to have antiboiotics so it's best to find grassfed milk (or pasture raised milk). 

Trust me when I say this, 3 years ago if I read this blog post I would have possibly been annoyed. I never in a million years thought I would be the organic mom but after learning all the facts there is no other ways that I want to raise my kids. 

Now back to why we skipped milk. Jude started weaning himself also around 9 months, I swear that is the lucky number in these boys. Well we decided since we ate such a well rounded diet that we would just skip milk. And we did just that. I would say he has had cows milk a handful of times and truthfully he does not even like it. So he just drinks water. For dinner he eats everything from veggies, to meat, to fruit. We eat grassfed meat which has high levels of naturally occurring Omega-3's. The kid loves food and is thriving beyond belief. He is chubby as can be and I know there is no problems. 

One last thing on the milk movement that padded our decision is that cows milk is meant for cows. We obviously make human milk for our children so isn't it a little weird that we drink the milk of another mammal? I mean look at how BIG cows are, their mothers milk is packed full of nutrients for them to grow to full size, which their full size is a hell of a lot bigger than a human. Whatever the reasons are that is why we chose to skip the milk this time around. 

What are your thoughts on milk?

Obviously this is not a debate it is why in our case we chose to skip milk after much research.
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  1. I've thought the same thing as you for a LONG time. We are the only mammal that drinks ANOTHER mammal's milk... and that's a bit odd to me.

    I've been giving Noah whole cows milk for a while but he rarely drinks more than a glass a day. I offer him more but sometimes, he really just wants water!!

    He gets calcium from cheese and yogurt, why does he HAVE to have milk?

    Same as you - we weaned at 10 months. Completely. He was eating four meal a day and thriving. :)

  2. babies are supposed to have breastmilk or formula until they are a year old, and then full fat milk is supposed to help with brain development. (note "supposed to"). Babies really shouldn't self wean from nursing at such a young age, but if they do I think it is important for them to get a source of dha or whatever it is that babies need...

    1. I agree that babies should get DHA from a source but that source does not have to be milk or formula in my opinion. There is plenty of other sources of DHA for kids, especially grassfed meat which is what our kids eat. They are naturally occurring omega 3's also vs the "fortified" ones in formula and milk. Obviously we will agree to disagree but there are ways around the "rules" set by the doctors and "experts" lol

  3. I used the Weston A Price Foundation homemade infant formula for my son which uses raw milk. You add lactose and gelatin to make it more palatable for the infants. He did so well with it! We're weaning him off the formula now, but to the raw milk. Raw milk is so healthy compared to the stuff you get at the store (we do own a cow share in order to obtain the milk) and so far he doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I don't know how long we'll continue to give him milk... but my DH & I usually just drink coconut milk and water.

  4. I have heard that too much cow's milk for little ones blocks the iron they need...something with the calcium and such. I am not a big pusher of milk either and we do buy organic as well.

  5. You are absolutely right! Your children will thank you in the future for being conscious of the foods you train them to enjoy! Cow milk is ABSOLUTELY not a necessary part of the human diet. Although it contains many nutrients, in this day and age we have such an abundance and variety of fruit, vegetable, and meat choices we don't need to drink cow milk. No other mammal in nature would EVER drink another mammal's milk. Thanks for spreading the word, Allie!

  6. I'm with you on the grass-fed milk!! And also, if our children are eating a nutritious diet, why bother with milk anyway?

    You know I'm one step away from starting my own commune with all my hippy dippy ways, but we are strict raw milk drinkers. I buy organic creamer for my coffee (from grass-fed cows) but saw this the other day and felt sick: http://www.homemademommy.net/2012/12/is-organic-milk-healthy-4-myths-about-organic-milk.html

    My main philosophy around food is this: local and in season. We get everything we can from local growers (or from Azure Standard which is a lot like that new program you signed up for!). Azure only supports small sustainable farms. The only things we buy from the grocery store are treats (ice cream, cookies - you know, the fun stuff!) and bananas. I take it all seriously because my children are so small and eat so little in a day, that I want the food to count!

    And we did the same thing with Elena - when she weaned at 14 months, we just fed her food and didn't worry about milk. Now she gets plenty of raw milk every day. I bake and cook with it and soak grains in it. And I make yogurt out of it as well! $6/gal is expensive, but when it makes 4-5 quarts of fresh (and truly cultured) yogurt, it works out to $1.50-$2 per quart for goooood stuff.

    Oh man - you know I love talking about food. I'm going to shut-up now ;)

    Lastly!!! After his 6-week check-up, Roman didn't go to a doctor until he was over 1 year old!! ACK! :)

  7. You hit the nail on the head!!! Good for you. We do not eat dairy in this house. It isn't supposed to be in our human diet.

    -Christina @The McGuire Family (MarkChristinaMcGuire.blogspot.com)

  8. I've heard a lot about milk lately and how it's not as healthy as you might think. I'll definitely start doing a little more research before our little guy turns one and we have to make a decision. I just don't know if I could ever give up milk and cheese myself!

  9. You are absolutely right that cow's milk is meant for cows...not humans. Cows milk can cause all sorts of health problems and its really not healthy. We do consume some cows milk but I try to limit it. The reason people think its healthy is because the Dairy Association spends a lot of money to advertise it that way. There are some good qualities and nutrients in milk but nothing that can't be found in other food.

    Great post!

  10. Also, for people that do want milk in their diet goat milk is the way to go as it is the most similar to human milk...probably because they are similar in size.

  11. My son is 14 months old and he hasn't had cows milk. I agree with you fully. I do almond milk in smoothies and some coconut milk for some meal times.

  12. Very good information. I actually had my son at the pediatrician the other day and they checked his blood because he drank so much milk. He is absolutely addicted to it and wants nothing else. I think your right, skipping milk may not be a bad thing.

  13. I haven't researched this AT ALL because Carson is still breastfeeding but I was curious....what do you think about alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, etc? I only drink almond milk and not very often...I hate regular milk!

  14. No more milk in this house! Landon had too much milk and last February when we all got stomach flu he got it REALLY bad. In fact, he had to be hospitalized for two days. And during his hospitalization we discovered he was SEVERELY anemic from too much calcium intake. His sick little body just couldn't fight off the flu easily like the rest of us. A very scary lesson learned and copious amounts of iron supplements later we have a healthy, MUCH happier, MUCH MORE ENERGETIC little boy. And a much stricter mama when it comes to diet and vitamins. Good for you for spreading awareness on this. Milk is very overrated.