Zoo Time...

Finally it is warm enough to hit up the zoo.

We went a few weeks back for the Easter Egg hunt where they give the animals eggs filled with goodies, but it just equated to a hot mess at the zoo. They would have a set time to release the eggs to the animals. For example at 11 am they would do the tigers, well everyone and their mom went to watch that so no joke 100's of people crammed near the tigers to watch, I took one look at the mass chaos and said "NO THANKS!", we bolted to another area of the zoo where there was no one! I am not one for huge crowds especially with 3 little ones so we made the best of the sunny day at the zoo by trying to avoid the crazy crowds.

The upside of a trip to the zoo was we finally used our new kid carrier, The Deuter, and oh my gosh, it rocked. Jordan loved it because now he has both hands free. Next time instead of the wagon I am going to take the double stroller so I can strap the kids in hahaha! 
 The deuter seriously rocks. We had no idea they made men approved carriers until we were in England and saw a dad carrying his toddler boy, we may have somewhat chased him down to see what brand it was. Well when we got home from that trip we ordered one! 
 Vincent pulled Luke a lot that day....hence why I will take the double stroller so we can cover more ground and weave in and out of crowds quicker lol 
 Jude seriously loved the back pack,
he just chilled back there sucking his fingers in complete happiness. 
 It even has a kick stand haha so Jude can just chill in it! I mean come on you can't do that with a bjorn. I even tried the back pack out and it was a tad heavy but I could rock it if need be. 
 It ended up being a great visit to the zoo, the first of many for this year. 

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