A list of things I am awesome at....(sarcasm included)

Obviously I confessed the other day that I cannot do it all and how humbling it was to say that.
Then I was thinking there are some things I am really great at. 
If you know me, you know I am full of sarcasm so this list will be no different.
It was actually fun to make the list and giggle at the truth of life.
So here we go.

Laundry- I am really rocking at laundry. We now have a clothes chute in the house which means I can throw every item of dirtiness inside that chute and forget about it. The sad thing is sometimes I think I am done with laundry since there is none upstairs, then Jordan will open the chute door on the first floor and see it's backed up :) I am really good at this. So if you come to my house and notice no dirty clothes, you better believe that the laundry chute is full or damn near full. Luckily though I did find a new setting on our washer for a quick wash so I can bust through 2 loads in almost an hour which makes those catch up days a tad less painful. Gosh I love laundry (stab my eyes out)

Putting Laundry Away- Geesh Jordan should be so happy he married a laundry pro. I am really good at folding the laundry. The problem is taking it from the baskets and separating to our rooms. I even spread it into piles on our bed to take to the appropriate rooms and then I will have something else pull me away like a poopy diaper or Vincent and Luke needing something and I will come back at bedtime and just shove it all back in the laundry bin to put away tomorrow. Except tomorrow never comes. Hence why there are 2 baskets of clean clothes in our room. 

Devouring Gelato- I am actually really good at this task. Have you guys tasted this stuff. Holy freaking smokes. The Mediterranean Mint is beyond amazing. I can't have wine so man this stuff is my happy stuff during pregnancy. I always say I will just have a few bites and then BAM. It's gone.

Knowing the Real Housewives as if they are my best pals- Okay this could also go for Nashville's cast of characters too. These are my guilty pleasures but it's funny I will sometimes mention them as if  they were my friends. Totally normal right. I mean who wouldn't want a table flipping Teresa as your best pal? I feed off their silly drama. Makes me feel so much better about myself bahahahaha

Changing a diaper standing up- I just had to add this because EVERYONE thinks it's so weird. When Vincent was a baby I read a tip about changing them while they are standing if they won't stay still once they learn to walk. Well it's my go-to changing position for the boys. Please tell me I am not the only one who has mastered this? Its so much easier to grab Jude while hes playing and change him standing! Such a breeze.

Before party cleaning fest- I clean my house so amazing the day before a birthday party. My mother in law came over the day before Vincent's party to my house literally looking like a train wreck and I said you just wait til tomorrow ;) I am not sure how I pull it off maybe it's bc I shove everything in the clothes chute but damn I am good at cleaning before guests. Too bad I can't carry this out daily. 

Procrastination- I am really superb at starting a project and not finishing it. (Jude's nursery art is still sitting along his walls) I just get side tracked or bored and skip to another project. Maybe I have some attention problems. That would clear up a lot of things that don't make sense about me haha. But man I am great at procrastinating! 

Wearing tights as pants- I really can't stand jeans. They annoy me and restrict my movement haha so I seriously always wear tights. 
I feel more free kind of like prancercising 
(please google that it will change your life, funniest thing ever) 
But in all seriousness, I might own a few pairs of jeggings. Yes, I am a toddler. And guess what I don't care!:) It flies in yoga class so why can't it fly in my daily life of chasing kids and running errands. Gosh I rock those leggings.

Child Bribing- I am not sure if that is the correct term. Maybe using my children as anchors. Let's say I want ice cream and we dont have any. I will ask Vincent or Luke if they want ice cream and they of course freak out and want some. Then I have a case in point of WHY it makes perfect sense to fun out at 7pm to get ice cream because the kids want it. 

What amazing things are you good at?? 

I can't do it all....

That is a huge thing to actually say.
It's a very honest and raw statement because obviously we all like to think we can do it all.
I can't. I just can't.
Sometimes I wish I could but it's just not me. 
The past year 2 of my friends and I started doing a morning segment on the news. 
It was fun, but then it turned into more than that, us helping a lot with a charity movement which is beyond amazing and so cool, but when you add that onto the whole stay at home mom and running a photography business it just started to pile up.
The problem is that if I am going to do something, I want to give it all. 
Every single ounce of my being needs to be all on board to what I am doing.
If not, then truly what's the point?! 
I want to do things that correlate and make my life as a stay at home mother better.
Well I was noticing a bad side of me coming out.
(a bitchy rude side)

A mom who had little or no patience with my children which is not okay.
In the week before our first big charity event I cannot tell you how many times I hushed my kids, or walked away from an activity to check my email or check this or that. Fully tossing my stay at home mom responsibility to the side. Tossing my most important job and the people I love most to the side. I noticed my patience thinning every single day. I noticed a person I did not want to be.
It was dwelling on for the next few weeks after our first big event and was just bothering me.
The morning show was once a week at 5:30am but it would throw off my whole schedule. 
I would be tired and cranky and just not myself. (I need sleep or else it's not good)
You may think the whole once a week 5 am thing is a breeze but throw that in with 3 kids, my own photography business and a husband who travels and it gets hectic quick. 

Well once I found out we were pregnant I knew something had to go. I needed to focus on myself and this new baby inside me and most importantly on being a mom.
I quit the morning segment and in that kind of took a step back from the charity.
(Insert sigh of relief, then insert panic)
In the midst of that Jordan sat down with me and had a talk about my patience level.
The fact that in the past few months there had been little or no patience between me and the kids.
The fact that my whole dream of homeschooling might not be a reality with the news of another baby added to the mix.
Initially I was crushed. I was hurt and I was caught off guard.
I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream, I wanted to push back and yell that I could do it and how dare he even question me, hello I am a mom? I can do it all, right???

I didn't do any of those. I just thought about it. Weighed all the options. Took a good hard look at myself, which isn't always easy to do. 
But Jordan was right, I was losing my patience, I was getting upset over the littlest stuff.
I was letting the outside world effect my relationship with my kids.
I was letting silly stuff get in the way of me being a mom.
I might not be the best capable person in the midst of being pregnant and having another baby to be able to fully focus on the boys, the house, my husband and homeschooling.

That is when I fully accepted the fact that I cannot do it all. 
I would be a complete idiot to pretend that I could. 
I would be not only hurting myself but hurting the ones I love if I tried to pretend that I could do it all.
The whole homeschooling post will come in the future with our choice to try out our local catholic preschool for the boys next year, but just being fully aware of who I am and what I want is so refreshing. 
I know I am a good mom. I know I am a good wife but dangit I cannot do it all.
As much as I want to be the super mom who can be on the board of a charity and make the world a better place, I just can't. Not at this time in my life. I need my freaking sleep, I need my sanity, I need my family. I need to immerse myself fully in these boys and soak in every sweet memory I can,
Not to say that I will not rock the crap out of this stuff in the future, I might, but right now there is no way in God's green earth that I can add one more thing to my life without it effecting my family.
The way I am paying forward is by giving these boys the best childhood I possibly can, by trying to shut out unneeded things and focus on what matters, my boys.
I am fully happy to confess I cannot and will not do it all. 

First Appointment

Yesterday I woke up and got all ready for our first appointment, only to arrive and find out I was indeed a day early. Go freaking figure. I come home to even look at the calendar (which I should have checked first) and it was for sure the wrong day. Idiot alert!

Well today I arrived for my actual appointment. It was such a long appointment because I am at a new office so I had to go through all the wonderful questions and long talks that make me want to stab my eyes out. They were a tad stressed when I told them just how fast Jude arrived. Ya know the amazing delivery where he came within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital, that one.

Well they said it will be even faster this time. YAY. NOT.  We live about 10 mins from the hospital so who knows what will happen. I just need to be on top of any pains I have near the end of pregnancy.

We did our ultrasound and everything looked fab. The baby had a strong heart rate in the 170's and he/she was sucking their hand. I love hearing the heart beat and seeing the flutter, makes everything more real. Its still a miracle to witness it, whether it's your first or your fourth. It never gets old. I know it's our fourth pregnancy but this baby is just as special and unique as our first, second and third. I think that is what is so cool about being a parent, none of your kids will ever be the same. I love how God makes us all different. It's so neat and unbelievable how small a baby starts out in your womb and grows before your eyes into sassy toddlers. 

Anyways. All went well. My only concern is the EXTREME exhuastion that I have been experiencing. It is HORRID. The moment I wake up I am tired. I just feel like I am going to fall over at any minute. I am praying to God that it passes in the second trimester. I started an iron supplement just in case in the meantime while I wait for my blood results.

Here are a few pics from the day.
If we are not following eachother on instagram get on it @alliedarr 

Thank you so much for all your sweet prayers and praise about our sweet blessing. We are extremely blessed (I may be a tad overwhelmed, Jordan isn't phased one bit haha) but very very excited about welcoming another little one into our family this December. 

And I for sure think it's a boy. Again. Mark my word. :)
I am digging the name Samuel at the moment! 


The skinny on Pregnancy Weight....

Well friends, this ain't my first rodeo at the wonderful world of pregnancy and since all my weight gains have been drastically different I would call myself somewhat of an expert on it.....

Let's look back at my weight journey....

Vincent's Pregnancy
 I took the whole eating for two game SERIOUSLY. I think I may have actually ate for 3 or 4. I packed that weight on like it was going out of style. I look back at how freaking swollen I was those last few weeks and it pains me. I just ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Back then we weren't eating near as healthy so I ate a lot of carbs and grains and pretty much anything I craved that was unhealthy. Looking back I was a complete idiot. Not just for my own health but for the health of Vincent, he is totally fine, but still, a mother's eating habits trickle down to the baby and I was filling him with junk! Sorry bud! I gained a whopping 60-70 lbs with Vincent. I no joke weighed the same as my husband. I look back and cringe. (I literally die at this pic)
I mean come on that is not the same person as me now at 8 weeks with babe #4
Luke's Pregnancy
I thought I had learned a thing or two from Vincent's but I still ate more than I should have. I was chasing Vincent around so I think I was a lot more active for Luke's pregnancy but I still ate a lot of carbs back then. When it was all said and done I think I gained about 50 with him.

Jude's Pregnancy
 We had already made the switch to Paleo before I got pregnant with sweet Jude. Lucky him getting the best nourishment of them all (sorry Vincent and Luke, mommy and daddy were not as wise in the eating department back then!) I still didn't have a strict workout routine or anything crazy but I watched what I ate and I felt amazing the entire pregnancy. I gained 40-45 with him. It was so much easier to handle and not as horrific to stare at the aftermath of my body post delivery.
I was very comfortable in my skin with Jude's pregnancy. I felt wonderful 

So ladies, I have played every game of pregnancy weight gain there is. This time around I am going to try again to stay near 30 lbs with healthy eating and all that jazz. The only problem is this baby is due after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas aka the best time for YUMMY food and desserts so I will have to watch myself extra close near the end. 

The good news is that no matter what I gained it all came off my friends, I think that is mostly thanks to the wonderful world of breastfeeding. But seriously, it comes off. I am shocked that it came off after Vincent because like I said we ate horribly. (slams head into desk)

I read some great advice about the weight gain last night and a great rule to follow....

You are eating for 1.1, which means you only need 10% more of what you usually intake for your sweet like baby. When it's put like that it makes much more sense. So throw out the eating for two garbage of the past. You and your baby will be much happier if you do! Have an extra serving of fruit or veggies, or a handful of chips if you need to fulfill your salty craving. Crap have a cup of ice cream if you fancy. Because let's face it, you all know I have a tub of Half Baked Ben & Jerry's in the freezer for those ice cream craving moments!:)

Here are some great snack options:
(I need to eat every few hours or else I hit a wall)
Baby Carrots with yogurt or dip
Breakfast on the Go nut packs are my fave
Cup of your favorite fruit
String Cheese or cheese cubes
Smoothies- You can make a large on in the morning and split it up for the day.
Apple Sauce (so easy to make homemade too)
Your favorite chips/crackers (split into small serving bags so you don't over eat)

In the grand scheme of things the numbers did not matter because I ended up back where I started each time but for me I am a huge number person so I like to know what I need to lose at the end of the road. It helps me stay focused but at the same time I do not obsess if I accidentally go over by a few or 5 or 10! haha! Just stay healthy and happy, that is fully what matters. 

But looking back the happiest I was, was when I gained the most healthy about with Jude. So here's to hoping I stick to the same route with baby #4!

What tips or tricks do you have???
PS any tips on arm toning while pregnant, I could use some toning badly :)

UPDATE....I have been noticing this post getting TONS of love lately!!!! So here I am 6 months after BABY 4!!!! I gained about 40 lbs with his pregnancy and have lost all of that and then some THANKFULLY with the help of 21 Day Fix and also I just started PiYo!
On the left is now. Somehow by the grace of God I weigh what I did in high school. It is INSANE to me. On the right is when I started working out about 3-4 months postpartum I was 20 lbs heavier!

I would love to help you reach your goals!

Check In!

I have been MIA like crazy around this blog but I swear once I get an ounce of energy back I will be doing house and baby #4 updates!! Things have been slightly nutzo with us lately clearly but we are managing.

Pregnancy- I literally feel like death. No puking (never have, thank God) but my body feels like sheer death. I feel like all my limbs are limp and my energy level is squat. I sleep 8-10 hours and feel like I did not even sleep. I am not sure if it's this pregnancy being different or just the sheer fact I am pregnant with 3 crazy hyper boys running around. Probably the later of the two! Next week we have our first appt and ultrasound so I am excited to finally FEEL more pregnant. Plus after miscarrying before Jude I am always a tad weary until I hear a heartbeat and see a wiggly gummy bear inside me. So prayers on Tuesday that all is well!:)

House Stuff- Our first bath remodel is complete and I am in love. I told you guys that our house only had 3 bedrooms when we moved in, well it originally HAD 4 but the previous owner made a giant master bath out of the 4th bedroom, making 3 FULL baths upstairs. TOTALLY not necessary. So we are taking out the giant master and moving to the boys old room which has a tiny bath but we gutted it and made it as masterly as we could with the space. We start of the main bath, which will be amazing and huge next week! Here are pics of the new small master bath. We will move our bedroom to the room hopefully this weekend. It's funny because one of the walls is RED per Vincent's request so now we will have to repaint at some point! Oh the joys! ;)
Our contractor made a cute cubby to give us a little more storage space...
 The rain showerhead is the best thing ever. Plus since the shower is small having the water from above give you more space! 
I am obsessed with the tile job. I love subway tile. Clean and classic look.
 You cant see the lighting fixture but it's cute 
 The marble floor is my favorite. I had all intentions of going with just normal ceramic but the marble really gives the bath a cooler more vintage feel. 
 The vanity had gaps on both sides so he built it in a little but to give it a more completed look.
All in all I am VERY happy with the results.
I also planted some flowers to give our house a more welcoming feel.
I can't wait for the ones up above to start cascading down the balcony.

Mother's Day- We celebrated Mother's Day with a Coldstone cake (my favorite) and just hung out. It was perfect! Notice only one kid looking. Pretty classic ;)

Vacation- I will do a full post but Jordan and I got away 2 weeks ago for a quick trip to FL, it was a little reward from his company for him winning HOTTEST Sales Rep of the Year.
First thing we did was get 2 Pina Colada's (virgin for me)
We enjoyed dinner and some shopping alone in silence.
 The resort was pretty fab! 
 Repping #4!;) 
We did not just lounge at the beach because my husband is more adventerous and I got burnt the first day so we CANOED a river with some gators. Yeah, pretty mother freaking horrifying.
They were like 10 feet from us. We saw like 30. I don't like them. EEEEEEK!

I think that is all. 
I have a whole TON of stuff to fill you guys in on in the coming weeks.
One being the hardest decision I have made as a mom thus far in regards to schooling. 
I am still taking it all in on our decision and still uneasy about it but I will fill you all in.
Until next time!

Help....Booster Seats?!

As if owning 6 car seats is not enough we now need more! 
(we have a set in each car lol)
We decided that we are just going to move Vincent into the booster seat next since he is 4.
Now, I need your help before we make the purchase. 

I know everyone raves about Britax and they have an amazingly priced one.

Product Image
But I kind of like the idea of still having the 5 harness? I just want extra protection!
Frankly thinking of my kids as old enough to just have the normal strap makes me sad.
Product Image
We have had really great luck with Evenflo products so I kinda like this one!

But obviously I am just starting my search so fill me in! 

I cannot believe we will have 8 car seats now. Holy moses.
This is sheer insanity.
Hopefully we can get some PINK in the mix this time around!!
(fat chance)

Beans spilled....

Being a sucky blogger can mean a few things.....
One of which is growing a human being inside your body and chasing 3 boys.
That is the one I am very guilty of.....
The only bikini pic where I will probably not look pregnant this year.
Now that the beans are spilled I can finally update you on all the freaking changes. 
Obviously we were not "trying" but clearly we cannot keep our hands off eachother.
I wanted to wait til after Lasik and we found out 2 days AFTER Lasik.
Hence why I think my eyes are so slow to adjust fully.
There you have it all you who have been asking when baby #4 will come.
December 2013.
Holy Heavens.

(and yes, I am a tad nervous but excited)
This baby is sucking every ounce of energy from me so I will probably be missing from the blog until I regain some sense of strength.