A list of things I am awesome at....(sarcasm included)

Obviously I confessed the other day that I cannot do it all and how humbling it was to say that.
Then I was thinking there are some things I am really great at. 
If you know me, you know I am full of sarcasm so this list will be no different.
It was actually fun to make the list and giggle at the truth of life.
So here we go.

Laundry- I am really rocking at laundry. We now have a clothes chute in the house which means I can throw every item of dirtiness inside that chute and forget about it. The sad thing is sometimes I think I am done with laundry since there is none upstairs, then Jordan will open the chute door on the first floor and see it's backed up :) I am really good at this. So if you come to my house and notice no dirty clothes, you better believe that the laundry chute is full or damn near full. Luckily though I did find a new setting on our washer for a quick wash so I can bust through 2 loads in almost an hour which makes those catch up days a tad less painful. Gosh I love laundry (stab my eyes out)

Putting Laundry Away- Geesh Jordan should be so happy he married a laundry pro. I am really good at folding the laundry. The problem is taking it from the baskets and separating to our rooms. I even spread it into piles on our bed to take to the appropriate rooms and then I will have something else pull me away like a poopy diaper or Vincent and Luke needing something and I will come back at bedtime and just shove it all back in the laundry bin to put away tomorrow. Except tomorrow never comes. Hence why there are 2 baskets of clean clothes in our room. 

Devouring Gelato- I am actually really good at this task. Have you guys tasted this stuff. Holy freaking smokes. The Mediterranean Mint is beyond amazing. I can't have wine so man this stuff is my happy stuff during pregnancy. I always say I will just have a few bites and then BAM. It's gone.

Knowing the Real Housewives as if they are my best pals- Okay this could also go for Nashville's cast of characters too. These are my guilty pleasures but it's funny I will sometimes mention them as if  they were my friends. Totally normal right. I mean who wouldn't want a table flipping Teresa as your best pal? I feed off their silly drama. Makes me feel so much better about myself bahahahaha

Changing a diaper standing up- I just had to add this because EVERYONE thinks it's so weird. When Vincent was a baby I read a tip about changing them while they are standing if they won't stay still once they learn to walk. Well it's my go-to changing position for the boys. Please tell me I am not the only one who has mastered this? Its so much easier to grab Jude while hes playing and change him standing! Such a breeze.

Before party cleaning fest- I clean my house so amazing the day before a birthday party. My mother in law came over the day before Vincent's party to my house literally looking like a train wreck and I said you just wait til tomorrow ;) I am not sure how I pull it off maybe it's bc I shove everything in the clothes chute but damn I am good at cleaning before guests. Too bad I can't carry this out daily. 

Procrastination- I am really superb at starting a project and not finishing it. (Jude's nursery art is still sitting along his walls) I just get side tracked or bored and skip to another project. Maybe I have some attention problems. That would clear up a lot of things that don't make sense about me haha. But man I am great at procrastinating! 

Wearing tights as pants- I really can't stand jeans. They annoy me and restrict my movement haha so I seriously always wear tights. 
I feel more free kind of like prancercising 
(please google that it will change your life, funniest thing ever) 
But in all seriousness, I might own a few pairs of jeggings. Yes, I am a toddler. And guess what I don't care!:) It flies in yoga class so why can't it fly in my daily life of chasing kids and running errands. Gosh I rock those leggings.

Child Bribing- I am not sure if that is the correct term. Maybe using my children as anchors. Let's say I want ice cream and we dont have any. I will ask Vincent or Luke if they want ice cream and they of course freak out and want some. Then I have a case in point of WHY it makes perfect sense to fun out at 7pm to get ice cream because the kids want it. 

What amazing things are you good at?? 


  1. Oh my gosh! I freaking love you!! I am really good at eating a whole bag of PB M&Ms without breathing. I am also an expert train track maker. Bc Godzilla comes and destroys the train table at least once a day I can put that thing back together in no time, with no directions!! Super Mom haha

  2. LOVE it!!!I have been changing babies as they crawl away from me, since my oldest was born!!!My girls do NOT sit still!I'd like to share this with my husband, so that he may understand that he is not the only guy married to a true treasure of a wife ;)

  3. The before party cleaning fest is one of my favorites, my husband calls it the freak out, clean and shove things in closets hour lol

  4. i wish i could change the kids while they're standing up!! it always ends up lopsided or falling off lol.

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Prancercise! I am going to Prancercise Trot around my office and see how many weird looks I can get ;)

  6. I love this post! I always get the diaper crooked, but have attempted the stand up change and I really really want a laundry chute, if for nothing but to hide the massive amounts of laundry that piles up. Love your humor!