First Appointment

Yesterday I woke up and got all ready for our first appointment, only to arrive and find out I was indeed a day early. Go freaking figure. I come home to even look at the calendar (which I should have checked first) and it was for sure the wrong day. Idiot alert!

Well today I arrived for my actual appointment. It was such a long appointment because I am at a new office so I had to go through all the wonderful questions and long talks that make me want to stab my eyes out. They were a tad stressed when I told them just how fast Jude arrived. Ya know the amazing delivery where he came within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital, that one.

Well they said it will be even faster this time. YAY. NOT.  We live about 10 mins from the hospital so who knows what will happen. I just need to be on top of any pains I have near the end of pregnancy.

We did our ultrasound and everything looked fab. The baby had a strong heart rate in the 170's and he/she was sucking their hand. I love hearing the heart beat and seeing the flutter, makes everything more real. Its still a miracle to witness it, whether it's your first or your fourth. It never gets old. I know it's our fourth pregnancy but this baby is just as special and unique as our first, second and third. I think that is what is so cool about being a parent, none of your kids will ever be the same. I love how God makes us all different. It's so neat and unbelievable how small a baby starts out in your womb and grows before your eyes into sassy toddlers. 

Anyways. All went well. My only concern is the EXTREME exhuastion that I have been experiencing. It is HORRID. The moment I wake up I am tired. I just feel like I am going to fall over at any minute. I am praying to God that it passes in the second trimester. I started an iron supplement just in case in the meantime while I wait for my blood results.

Here are a few pics from the day.
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Thank you so much for all your sweet prayers and praise about our sweet blessing. We are extremely blessed (I may be a tad overwhelmed, Jordan isn't phased one bit haha) but very very excited about welcoming another little one into our family this December. 

And I for sure think it's a boy. Again. Mark my word. :)
I am digging the name Samuel at the moment! 



  1. Have you thought about planning a homebirth? I don't know if you have any complications in your past but I know many women decide to plan a homebirth for the "my babies come out SO quick" reason". Glad everything is going well!

  2. I have LOVED the name Samuel since baby #1 but Luke never went with it. Good luck, you're giving me a little bit of baby fever...wait...I hate being pregnant! :)

  3. I bet women show up at their office on the wrong day all the time...hello pregnancy brain! haha And thinking about the first time I saw Seren on the ultrasound is making me get the itch for another baby! I like the name Samuel as well, it reminds me of our friends who have a son Sampson. :)

  4. Oh my goodness - congrats! Very exciting, friend!

  5. do you find out ahead of time what you're having or wait to be surprised? if I haven't said congrats, well, congrats!

  6. Allie, I'm glad everything was well at the appointment!! I like the name Samuel! I think it fits well with the other three! It is so hard to pick a name. We are kind of struggling to find names for our baby. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that this one is a girl!

  7. I second the home birth suggestion. Since you've gone natural three times, you'd be perfect for it! Of course, I might be a little biased because I just had a home birth (amazing!).

  8. Looking great!! So glad to hear the first scan went well! :) Lids came really fast too which scares me for next time because the hospital is 1hr 20min from here and I felt like pushing for most of the drive last time!! :/ Can't wait to hear whether you are adding another boy to the gang or the first little girl!! :)

  9. Although I'm really hoping you're having your girl, I must admit, hearing you were digging the name Samuel brought a smile to my face. Samuel was Erik's first name :)

  10. How exciting!!!
    I'm pregnant with my fourth, too, and I agree that it's just as special as all the others.
    I had extreme exhaustion this time around. I do have hyperemesis and anemia, but I had it with my other three, and I never had exhaustion like this. I feel for you! The exhaustion did ease around 14 weeks!
    Good luck to you!