Help....Booster Seats?!

As if owning 6 car seats is not enough we now need more! 
(we have a set in each car lol)
We decided that we are just going to move Vincent into the booster seat next since he is 4.
Now, I need your help before we make the purchase. 

I know everyone raves about Britax and they have an amazingly priced one.

Product Image
But I kind of like the idea of still having the 5 harness? I just want extra protection!
Frankly thinking of my kids as old enough to just have the normal strap makes me sad.
Product Image
We have had really great luck with Evenflo products so I kinda like this one!

But obviously I am just starting my search so fill me in! 

I cannot believe we will have 8 car seats now. Holy moses.
This is sheer insanity.
Hopefully we can get some PINK in the mix this time around!!
(fat chance)


  1. Is he 4 and 40 pounds? That is the law in most states when it comes to boosters.

    Personally, I would go with the Evenflo. I avoid moving them to the next level. Going up on the next size seat is kind of like going down on the safety. (As I see it.)

    Technically a child who meets the age and weight for a booster is no more safer in a harness than in a booster if used properly.. But for some reason, to me, it seems like a booster just isn't -as- safe.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and hopefully it's a little girl this time.

  2. Check out the Britax Combination Harness-2-Booster. We have the Frontier 85 and it is amazing!!

  3. I second the Britax Frontier.. stay with the 5 point harness for sure!

  4. We have the Radian carseats. They go from 5-80lbs. My 6 1/2 year old is still in hers and it's a 5 point harness. LOVE these seats! And bonus, they're made narrow to fit three across a seat if need be.