Bump Update & More Tidbits!

We have been insanely busy this summer, man oh man. 
Aside from growing a tiny human I have been the busiest ever with photography 
(I feel so blessed by it!)
We have also been traveling like crazy people any chance we can get on the weekends which will show in all the pics I have to share.
First I wanted to share a bump picture! I have really started to pop in the past 2 weeks, thank God because I was hating the "is she just chubby or pregnant" phase. Now I think the answer is pretty darn obvious and I love having a baby bump, I think it's the best part of pregnancy! 
We are now 15 weeks
The pregnancy is going a LOT better. I actually feel semi human now. 
My energy is not full but man it is so much better.
I mean for a few weeks I could BARELY make it to 5pm, now I can't fall asleep at night, 
you can't win em all I guess!
But all is well, I had a check up last week and the heartbeat was great, which is always relieving!
The reason we were so dressed up is we went out for Jordan's birthday.
There is a look at the decor we surprised him with after he went to the gym.
Funny and genius side note. I did the same balloon thing for when he won Sales Rep of the Year but I hung the balloons with two different colored streamers, the red streamers balloons held special notes inside them ;) Hence possibly why baby #4 probably arrived, if you know what I mean. It was a cool surprise and he got to pop all the special balloons, (I gave him a needle in his card)

Back to the photos. We attended the Bavarian Fest again earlier this month.
The boys had a blast. This is our second year going. Family tradition baby! 
We have been plugging away at the house. My brother is a fab painter and has done all our walls! Painting can seriously make things look a million times better. He even lets Vincent help!:) 
The second bath remodel is ALMOST done. I took a before video and I cannot wait to compare the two at the end. It will be insane! Here is the video if you wanted to see, semi boring but I wanted to have it on hand so when I film the after you can see a huge difference!
It will be so cool because Jordan and I designed it all by ourselves! Eeeeek!

We also made a trip down to Dayton to the Air Force Museum over Father's Day weekend.
We went with my step mom and dad, and also Jordan's grandparents. His grandpa was in the Air Force so it was really neat to hear and see the museum through his eyes and stories. I also got to spend some time with Jordan's grandma and hear the story of how they met. They were married within 4 months of meeting. Jordan didn't even know that story, so it was neat to hear the details! I love getting to spend quality time with our loved ones and learn more about them. There is always something new to learn no matter how well you think you know your family! 
Jude leading great grandma! Oh my! haha 
We dined at Cracker Barrel which I have never been to before, yes, true story.
I loved it haha, the store inside was so cool.
I am a huge fan of old fashion candy and toys so I was in heaven! 
The crew.
They do love eachother ;) 
Air Force Museum time, if you live near Dayton, it's a must! 
The boys loved it
Great Grandpa toting Jude around...haha
My little astronauts 
A peek into some hotel shenanigans.
Mouth full of crackers and grinning like a little stinker!
Kissy Face Jude 
 He is getting so freaking BIG. I mean I really cannot believe it! He looks so much like Jordan!
Hotel room yoga. Vincent eats it up! 

We are also still getting used to our new town. I am obsessed. We can WALK everywhere. We can walk to church, which reminds me why we haven't in awhile, last time we took the wagon and Jude no longer likes to sit so he stands, well standing while walking leads to him faceplanting the sidewalk. Yeah, not cool, kid needs to be strapped down at all times.

Anyways we have a new frozen yogurt place in walking distance....SCORE. 
The boys LOVE it 
Are you bored with all the photos yet? HAHA

Well I am done! I will be back soon enough for my belly updates and more photos of what we have been up to! I hope you all are having a FAB summer!! 


  1. awe, look at your cute little bump. Cant wait to hear what your having! Kendall wore your shirt today that you got her, she looked adorable in it. I cant believe how big Jude is getting. The boys are such cuties, love them

  2. Woohoo to a busy summer of excitement! Glad to hear that your pregnancy is going better & all is well.