Humbling Surprise...

The other day I was on Facebook and it popped up that the winner's for local favorites from Toledo Area Parent were posted. I always check to see who wins photographer just to know who is rocking it out there and kind of to see what the trends are for who parents are choosing for their photos. If you knew, last year I finally bit the bullet and turned my passion into a business and started my own photography business after I had Jude. It was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. It makes me insanely happy taking photos of people and their children and getting to know them and their lives. Like I said I have only "professionally" been at it for a year so I have leaps and bounds of growing and learning to do within myself.

I download the digital version (I really need to go pick one up to save) but this is what I see...
(top right)

Shut the front door. Actually SLAM the front door.
I would have never ever in a million years imagined seeing my name as RUNNER UP for Best Kid's 
Photographer in our area. I seriously started crying because I was so excited. That, or those damn pregnancy emotions were coming out, I blame the later of the two. But, seriously, to be even mentioned made me want to jump up and down and pee my pants with excitement. 

I know, I technically did not win and I don't mind one bit. I am just excited to be mentioned! There are so many photographers in the area that I look up to and to be mentioned as one of the top 2 is beyond amazing for me. I will keep treading on and doing my thing and maybe, just maybe one day I will win it but for now just being mentioned is more than I can even ask for. 

Getting to take something you love and do it as your job is the best thing ever. I am so thankful that I get to stay at home with the boys and then sneak away when Jordan is home to do my "job", it seriously works out perfectly. It is the perfect mix for me! It fulfills me so much and I am so grateful! If you are thinking of starting a business, I say go for it and never look back. 

There are times when I question things or compare myself to others but I always go back to where I started. I compare my pictures to my own. When you start comparing yourself to others things get bad and icky. So if I offer any advice, just keep to yourself and work on you. Do not do it for anyone other than yourself. I could stare at other photographers photos all day and wonder why aren't mine as good as theirs? Or how do they do that so great? But it will just be detrimental to me. You learn a lot about yourself and what works and what doesn't. I have found out as of now I am not good at newborns. I can rock older babies and kids but my newborn skills are not where they need to be lol, thank God I have a newborn arriving in December to practice LOTS on! I am always fine tuning what I do. I am far from perfect by a long shot but it feels good to read my name as runner up.

Here's to my second year of photography. Here's to making more memories with my past clients and also future clients. I seriously love watching their families grow and also watching the adults grow as parents. It's so cool. Here are a few of my favorites from past sessions....
And here was my attempt to have the boys hold a THANK YOU sign to post on my facebook page after I saw the results....bahhahaha
PS taking pics of your own kids. Not so fun haha. 
I always have a photographer friend of mine do ours haha

If you want to follow along here is my facebook page
If you are a photographer I would LOVE to follow your page as well, so leave it! 


  1. So cool, girl!!! Your pictures are so pretty, all of them! I love that black and white close up with the pursed little lips- too cute!

  2. Go girl!! I'm a photographer just finishing up my first year of business too - just another thing in common haha. My page is /

  3. Congrats, I wih you lived closer so you could do my kids.

    By the way, from your blog title I thought you were going to say you were expecting twins!

  4. Congrats! I actually just created a Facebook page last night to launch my business and I have been so nervous!! My page is

  5. Congratulations, I think that is awesome. I will help you that newborn, I love newborn babies as well as my older babies, toddlers, etc. I just love my grandsons to pieces. Grandma sends love, kisses and hugs to V, L, & J, and baby to be.

    Love to all.

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