Nox-Toxic plug-ins for your house!

I have known for a few years that there was toxins in the Wallflower plug ins that I use, I just figured it couldn't be that bad so I just let it slide and focused on changing every other aspect of our lives to organics but then the other day it dawned on me that I have made all these changes from what we eat to what we put on our bodies that I have overlooked what we are breathing in daily. I have about 4 wall flowers on the main level of the house to keep it smelling fresh and yummy. I love a good smelling house so I think that is why I have been so lazy on making the switch, plus I figured it would be a pain! 
Well, it was so EASY. I hopped on amazon and ordered some essential oils, I ordered lemon, orange, lavender and cinnamon, I think I spent like $40 upfront but I can make A TON of natural refills. I mean 2 packs of wallflowers are 12.50 and I am guessing from all the oils I got I can make 20+ refills. 
Here is the EASY directions.
Take your old wall flowers and wash the bulb and also the wick. To get them apart I used a butter knife to pry it open and then let all the pieces soak in soapy water overnight. The colored dyes are hard to get out but I tried my best. Allow them to dry. You will need your choice of oils. I mix and match to make my own blends. You can use a syringe to make filling easier. 
The directions I read were to only fill the bulb 1/3 of the way with oil then add water, that worked BUT the next day it was seriously ALMOST empty, so I go with more oil. I even filled one with just oil to compare and contrast after a few days to see which goes quicker. You will see the oil and water separates. Fill 3/4 of the way with your choice of oil. I fll with about 3 tsp of orange and a few drops of cinnamon and the same with lemon and lavender. Next time I will get vanilla oil and add that to the orange but they smell great.
(update: the ones with water get sucked up way quicker. I would go pure oil)

I add a tiny smidge of water and then replace the wick and the lid and you are good to go. These bad boys are strong and go a tad quicker than regular wallflowers so my plan is to not leave them plugged in all day, everyday and just use them randomly.

The thing I like is knowing that it is all natural for the kids and us to breathe. It smells amazing and I just feel better about the house air!:) If you have any questions, let me know! Enjoy! xoxo


  1. How on earth did you get the top off? lol.
    So far I've snapped the wick top off and bent my butter knife!

  2. If you use a filler oil, like olive oil, instead of water, it will work much better :)