Summer Time fun!

I am so happy to be able to hit the great outdoors (aka my backyard) once again.
The Ohio winter kills my soul a tad. But I think if I lived in the south I would bitch about the heat.
Jordan says I am never happy with the hot or cold. But I do think SC would be the perfect fit!:)
Anyways here is a tiny photo dump.

I started refinishing a table and chairs for our eat in kitchen. I know it will look fab in the end. 
(Let's see how long this takes me hahha)
I am doing the table white and Jordan is also building a bench along the wall. I will give full updates once it is done. I have a gorgeous vision in my head. Hopefully I can make it happen! 
 The boys playing nicely while I paint haha 
 Outdoor painting. It was a tad breezy so it was a hot mess. 
 I was craving onion rings and was too lazy to go get some, so I made my own first batch ever.
I made them a tad better than the recipe. I used organic flour and also coconut oil to fry them in.
Instead of salt I also used McCormicks steak seasoning (we put it in our pepper grinder) so yummy!
 The boys new favorite thing. PARADES. Vincent wants us to have one daily lol
 The sky was beyond amazing the other night on our drive home. Looks like sherbert! 
The go-to outdoor activity, the kiddie pool.
Jordan's grandpa brought one over and the boys love it! 
 And the cheapo slip and slide Vincent begged for. Totally worth it! 
 Luke is obsessed. Crazy man! 
 All in all summer is good so far! 
Hope you all are having a fab summer!

Belly updates will begin next week (or at least I will try my best)
We are a little over 11 weeks now and doing good. Minus the tiredness.
I am praying to regain some normal human energy in a few weeks.
If not, this will be the world's longest pregnancy. It is WORSE than the after baby tiredness. 
It's seriously so weird. I have played the whole sleep deprivation game but dangit this is overwhelming.

PS Whats your fave summer activity? I could use some to add to our list!


  1. Sounds and looks like a fabulous summer so far! The boys are getting cuter by the day, as usual!

  2. Those onions rings look heavenly!! Yum yum yummm- I've never attempted making them at home but maybe I'll get adventurous one of these days ;)

    Jared and I LOVE the Carolina's and talk/dream about moving there all the time :)

  3. Those chairs look so cute! I can't wait to see the finished product. Love that the boys all have matching swimsuits! Totally doing that if we have another boy. Did you see our summer bucket list? I was telling Curtis last night that I need to get a slip and slide soon before I get pregnant.

  4. I'd have to say making home made ice cream!!! I love it and I'm sure Connor will too since this is his first summer being able to try it.

  5. you're in for so much fun with your boys so close in age and being buddies!!! i'm happy when anna pats baby iggy on the head. before she swipes his toy lol

  6. That pic of all 3 of your boys in the kiddie pool = adorable!

    We have a little blow up pool for the backyard and C got a water table for his birthday so I'm excited for those! :)

  7. SC would be a great place for you to be!!!! Just sayin'!!!

    We have plans to be on the lake hopefully every weekend!!!!! And I can't wait!

    The boys are absolutely precious too btw!