This one's for my men....

Today is obviously Father's Day and if there is one hallmark holiday that is ever so important it is today. Celebrating our Father's is so insanely important, I think a lot of the time society thinks that moms are the ones who run the raising of kids and that dads just take the sideline and thank God for me that is not the case at all and why this day is so special. 

Since the boys cannot yet articulate the words to you about how special you are I will give you my thoughts on you being a Father.
When we first started dating we spoke exclusively about marriage and kids. We both obviously came from divorced parents and both wanted different for ourselves and our children. Hearing the passion in your voice over this very important aspect of the future made me know you were the one instantly. We clearly had many talks about the types of parents we wanted to become and I always held those conversations so dear to my heart and always knew that once we had kids you would be amazing.
I just did not realize just how amazing you would be. You have taught me so much not only about myself but what it takes to be a parent. You taught me how to change my first diaper. You calm my fears anytime I freak out about silly children related things. You take time and teach our kids things. Your level of calmness around them is unreal. You teach me and the boys patience. Each day you literally amaze me. You never miss a beat, ever.
Being a father is not just about being a cool dad and playing video games with them or playing catch, it is so much more. I know that you will not only teach these boys all those "boy" things but you will teach them EVERYTHING about life. You will teach them how to love a woman and how to treat them by them watching our relationship. You will teach them life skills (managing money, being organized...the ones I can't teach them haha) You will show them how to be a good friend and how to treat others. You will show them how to give whole heartedly to others and not think twice!
The funny and most amazing part is you will not even have to try. You do these things so well in your life that it will directly reflect down to them. I have no doubt that these boys will become amazing men, just like you. I know at times I get burnt out and the best part about it is that you step right in and keep chugging along. You make the wheels turn, always. I think my one favorite part about you being the boys father is you teaching them about God. You teach them about the greater picture in life and you never skip it, ever. I know sometimes I get lazy about daily rosary and prayers and I thank God that you are so disciplined about it because these boys are going to grow up with such a strong faith, a faith that I never had as a child.
Sometimes I get nervous, I never expected to have 4 kiddos so close in age. But, I trust fully in God and I know that He knows that with you as their father, all will be perfect and well. He just knows how kick butt you are and wants us to raise as many little Jordan's as possible. So I blame you for why we have ALL BOYS!:) haha

You seriously do so much my love. I could type all day about it. 
Today is all about you. I am so blessed to have you as my partner in this game of parenthood and the boys are oh so blessed to have you as their father. I can't wait til they can fully express is words how grateful and head over heels in love they are with you. You can already read it on their faces. You light up their life and also mine. Thank you babe.

A special shout out to my amazing daddy. Being a mom I realize just how much love you have for your children and it gives you a whole different level of love for your own parents. I look up to you so much dad and know that I can always call you with any problem and you will ease my fears! You will always be my prince charming and I love that Vincent takes after you so much and seeing you interact with them just makes it even more special. So Happy Father's day to the best Grandpa and Father around! 
We will be spending the day with so many special men.
We are going out of town and meeting up with my dad and stepmom and also Jordan's grandma and grandpa. It will be fun to celebrate with these amazing men and share some quality time. We are hitting up the Air Force museum Monday which will also be extra special as Jordan's grandpa was in the Air Force so we will get a cool inside look at the planes. We went last year but went through it quick so it will be cool to slow down and actually learn a little more.

Hope you all have a fab day with your amazing men.


  1. Great blog, Allie. It brought me to tears as I am so proud of Jordan and everything he has become :) He makes me proud and filled with joy to be his Mom. Love and kisses to all.

  2. Such a sweet, sweet post! I should be back into blog reading/writing a bit more and am looking forward to reading more about your boys and little one on the way! Praise God for that!