Top Pregnancy Reads...

Well I wanted to start doing belly updates but let's just say I don't really look pregnant yet, I just look chubby! It's so frustrating at this stage because I just look like I haven't lost Jude's pregnancy weight haha! But oh well in a few weeks I know that real bump will make its way to my midsection. I just love the 20 weekish bump. The one where you do not feel too giant yet, the one where you still feel semi sexy. I just love having a baby bump, it makes you feel better about any imperfection you have on yourself, because most people will be admiring your bump, not your horribly broken out face (in my case) or the fact that you may have drippings of ice cream on your shirt. Ya know, the normal stuff.

Well, we found out our new neighbor was expecting, their first baby. Insert visions of our kids growing up together and having neighbors their own age. We literally both moved into our new (old vintage) homes this past fall and neither of us have plans on ever leaving so this friendship could go a very, very good and long lasting one. Plus, they seem pretty normal (from what I can see from our windows haha), their windows may paint a different story as their kitchen window looks directly into the boys toy room, the room I barely ever touch and I let it be a hot mess 247. Yah, they probably think we are crazy people who never clean. I guess that is maybe a tad true at times. Anyway, I wanted to give her something meaningful since it's their first baby and they don't know the gender yet so I figured a book is a great place to start. I can write a cute message inside and then she will cherish it throughout pregnancy, that or just sit it on the bedside table. Either or, but when she looks at it she will think of the coolest neighbor ever. 

I knew instantly what book I would give her, Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy, it was hands down my favorite during mt first pregnancy. I will now share my list of favorites because I know first time moms and even second time moms are always looking for a good read during their 9 months. So here we go, my personal list of favorites.
(35 weeks with Jude)

What to Expect....
I know, I know. This is the book everyone mentions but I don't care, I love it. I still have mine from Vincent's pregnancy and I still read it. The pages are so tattered and worn but I read it every pregnancy. Knowing the week by week of what our little bean is doing makes everything so much more real. Plus, I am crazy town so the tips in the book calm me down when I think something is wrong. I also like to know everything that could happen during pregnancy so I felt like this book helped me hit every topic and know my terms, when the doctor would ask questions. It's nice to know What to Expect....bahahahaha. 

Belly Laughs....
Hands down my all time favorite. Any book that can poke fun at huge pregnancy boobs and talk about how she actually weighed hers, with a kitchen scale just to see how big they were, has my name all over it. HILARIOUS stuff inside the book. She hits on topics no one wants to bring up like poop stuff, stomach problems, you know the ones we like to pretend don't happen but do. It makes you feel more human and not so much like a random big boobed creature. This book is perfect for any pregnancy, whether it's your 1st or 8th. I promise you will read that bad boy in 1 day! 

Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy 
(Surviving the First Year is also good)
I ordered both, and was not let down one bit. These ones rank up there with Belly Laughs, it is an honest look at Pregnancy and motherhood. The authors talk to you as if you were a best friend sitting around drinking coffee (or wine for you non preggers). You will laugh your butt off and learn A LOT. The one thing that you have to remember when reading books is that the author has their point of view on things and not to get ruffled feathers if she pokes fun at something about natural childbirth (which is what my next book is on), so these books are take it as it is types. It's meant to be a fun read, and it truly is! It fills you in also on what you REALLY might need for baby, not the mile long list they tell you at your nearest baby registry.

Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way.
If you are considering natural childbirth, this is a MUST HAVE. I read this book cover to cover and back again in preparation for birth. I really believe in this book. We did not take any birthing classes because I felt so prepared for birth, and 3 natural births later, I still swear by it. The Bradley Method is a husband coached method, and man oh man, if it weren't for Jordan each delivery I do not know where I would be. This book gives you both the tools and tricks of how to get through the delivery. I really encourage you and your husband to sit down and read this and practice the techniques that they give you. I really owe a lot of my mental state of mind during the deliveries to this book! 

YOU Having A Baby.
I literally just bought this book this pregnancy and I love it. It's kind of like What to Expect but even better. It also gives a more scientific look into pregnancy which is really cool to understand how your little person is formed into their own unique being. There is also great info about nutrition and actually eating healthy and organically which I am all about. It's less of a week by week also which is nice since I already read What to Expect for the weekly stuff. It just looks broader into pregnancy and hits every single topic with great advice. I really advise this one, for any pregnancy!

There you have it. That is my list. I probably own 10-15 books on pregnancy (yes, thank that to me being the crazy anal mom) but these are my faves. 
What are your faves? Did I miss one?? 


  1. I just got belly laughs and I have what to expect as well (I'm expecting my first). I'm very interested in the Bradley Method as well as books by Dr. Ferber. I need to hit up the used book store this weekend!

  2. Great recommendations, I haven't read Jenny McCarthys yet (I will for next pregnancy) but LOVED girlfriends guide. I also liked Happiest baby on the block (to help prepare for what to do when the baby arrives and screams non stop lol) and Moms On Call.

  3. Can't remember what books I read when I was pregnant, but I do remember reading books about having twins when I had Alex and Jordan - but that was almost 28 years ago :)

  4. Good picks! Belly laughs, Bradley Method & What to expect are definitely helpful in many aspects.