DIY Camera Bag

I searched high and low for the perfect camera bag. 
I needed an upgrade from my first bag, which I loved and totally recommend
::The LowePro Sling::
The bag was perfect at first and fit my Rebel and a few lenses just fine! 
But, I now have a lot more to drag along with 2 camera bodies and 4 lenses and all the gadgets that go along with it and I was out of space. I searched all over and honestly did not find anything that I loved!
Everything I liked was well over 200 bucks. 
I decided to just do it myself and get an insert and a bag that I love and be done with it!
I searched high and low through totes from every company and found a travel tote on Coach
that would be perfect. The fabric was also water repellent which is a huge bonus with kids!
I can fit 2 camera bodies (Canon 5D/Canon Rebel), 4 Canon Lenses, and all my chargers, flash, business cards, suckers for kiddos and even make up or diapers within the bag and insert!
 Snug as a bug in a rug!! It's nice because it zips up so the boys can't get in too easily!
Like I said it's water repellent so I don't feel bad about sitting it down in the grass or dirt.
So far I am in love with it. It hangs nicely on my shoulder and is super comfy!!
Hope you enjoy my easy semi-DIY camera bag!!!


  1. Love this! are you loving the 5D? waiting for your comparison blog :)

  2. Great idea! I've been wanting to order one of those bags from the coach outlet for awhile!

  3. Hi :) I used to read all the time, but have been gone for a while (guess I missed a lot!). Congrats on the new baby! We're having our 4th as well (end of November, but hopefully earlier because I have 2 born in December already!). We decided to find out this time and were VERY surprised that we are having a boy (we have 3 girls). Hope everything goes well for y'all! I'm glad I remembered you. I am trying to get back in to using my camera (that has been broken for over a year) and I came here to look for tips, etc :)

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