Mistresses...Guilty Pleasure!

No don't worry we don't have any mistress stories in this family.
Or at least I hope not, but trust me with a husband in sales I hear a lot of wonderful stories and some of these sweet women are also hitting on my husband, so adoring of those wonderful girls.
Well that is neither here nor there because I am not worried in the least. 
It just disturbs me to the core that women cheat on their husbands and vice versa.
Hello, why get married in the first place, people?

Anyways. I am a huge ABC fan....Nashville anyone???
I always watch their shows on the ABC app before bed. I had noticed the new show Mistresses a few months back and got instantly annoyed.
Great, highlight these skanky girls who cheat on their husbands, that will be great for the sanctity of marriage, since being faithful in marriage is already sinking like a ship in the US. 

I knew I would instantly hate the show and I had no intentions of even watching it....
Then one night I could not sleep at all, which is happening a lot lately and I watched the first episode.
I instantly got sucked in. The characters stories are so good and it's shockingly a great show. 
It always leaves me hanging on the edge of my seat.
Now not everyone of these girls is a mistress haha some of them have been effected by mistresses sleeping with their husbands, so its cool to watch all sides of it play out. 
I am shocked and a tad ashamed to say that I love this show. 
I just rank it up there with my love for the crazy Real Housewives.....

Now I need to know....
Am I the only one who has been sucked into the show!?!?


  1. I'm hooked with the show too :)

  2. I watch the show as well and like it. I like Savi and Joc the best and I really want to find out who the baby daddy is.

  3. I am beyond hooked and the fact that is off for 3 damn weeks is sad :( boo hoo

  4. I haven't watched it but if it's on Hulu, I might try it. Nashville, love that show!

  5. Just goes to show you, don't judge a show by it's title, right? I love ABC and Nashville AND Mistresses. There is a lot more depth into the show than what I was expecting. I love Alyssa Milano, so I had to check it out ASAP.