Visiting Home...

I always talk on here about how much I love where I am from.
Funny because I always wanted to break free and live somewhere cooler.
Now, I would give anything to transport our new house to my old town.
Its a slow paced lifestyle, you can drive a few minutes out to the country and see real hard working people, plowing their fields, horses pulling their buggies, a much more beautiful picture than what you see in a real city, where people are begging for money/food and you don't feel comfortable getting out of your car, man, where I am from is so much more beautiful NOW than ever.
We have a tradition every year with my parents and my best friend and her family to attend this super small town fireworks and festival. It is 80% amish, and I love every thing about it. They have a huge chicken BBQ and homemade ice cream, it just screams SIMPLE! Everyone is happy and content, and no one is trying to impress anyone, it is PURE happiness. 
The only downside this year was that we got poured on at about 8pm, sending us running for the cars and home! I was literally carrying Jude, and Vincent in the pouring rain sprinting to the car, it was a hot mess. But up until the downpour the night was FABULOUS! Here are some pics from our weekend and the Amish Fest, ps this year my sister in law and nephew joined us, they had to see what all the fuss was about ;) I think they are now locked in to being part of "The Amish Fest" crew!
 The goods, the most amazing chicken EVER. I am not kidding. It is magic! 
 Chrissy's adorable Claira, one of my boys will hopefully marry her one day ;) 

 Seriously, isn't she the cutest! 
 My little stinkers, who are growing SO BIG!:( 
 Jude devouring ice cream. It's funny because I eat mine the same way. haha. 
 Cousin Cael giving Luke a pony ride! 
Pop-it's time! I love that Claira gets down and dirty with the boys! 
The hubs and I, I swear we never get pics together, I just love him! 
 and the fact that we are complete nerds together ;) 
 Obviously had to give the baby some ;)
 Chrissy and I, I just LOVE HER! 
Chrissy is also pregnant, she is 10 weeks ahead of me, doesn't she look fab!! 
 Just an awkward belly shot ;) We like to keep it fresh! 
 Chrissy, me and my sister in law Jennifer, they were dressed EXACTLY the same. 
Clearly, I missed the memo. 
All in all it was a FUN night even with the rain!! 
A few more pics from the weekend. 
My dad and Jordan are like two peas in a pod. Their new found love is rockets, they built this and took the boys out to the country to shoot it off. They crack me up! They wanted a picture of their rocket for the record books....haha nerds and I love them both so much!!
 We also hit up the zoo while we were in Cleveland area. 
 I love Jude's chubby legs, I swear he just keeps getting fatter. I love it! 
 My parents got the boys a marshmellow shooter. It is hilarious. Vincent thinks he is so legit! 
Pants on backwards and the face of determination. 
 This is how Jude rides a trike, rides a trike, rides a trike....
 And LuLu Lemon hamming it up! 

What happens when the rockets and other flying toys hit the roof. Numerous times. 

And that is all. WHEW. Holy photo dump.

Hope you guys are having a fab summer! 


  1. There is nothing better than Amish chicken and noodles!!! I have been begging my husband to go to Amish Country (we aren't too far from the northern Ohio Amish area), just so I can have some noodles and then a nice big piece of pie! YUM! Looks like you had much better weather than we did in Ohio.

    And per your suggestion, I ordered the Bradley child birthing book and read all of your birth stories over the weekend :) my book should arrive today!

  2. Hi Allie!Glad you had a nice 4th of July! The picture dump was fun :) Loved the pictures of you and Jordan. Beautiful!! One thing I love about your blog is the way you talk about Jordan. It is nice :) Just something about it makes me smile :) Thank you for sharing your love with us!

  3. Shoot! That was me Karri. Not Ryan. I didn't realize it would come up him. Guess since it's his computer and not mine. Ha. I'm sure he would like it too though. Hahahaha.

  4. The picture of Jude and the little girl holding hands kills me! I love the picture of you and Jordan and of you and your friend. I wish we lived closer!

  5. Have you ever heard of the Ox Roast in Mesopotamia, OH? It sounds sort of like the Amish Fest. I LOVE going there and we plan our yearly vacation home around the 4th so we can go.