Teacher Gifts....

I am all about having an excuse to buy gifts, so obviously a "start of the year" teach gift makes perfect sense. Plus, I want these ladies to know just how important they are to us. I mean hello, they will be a part of our family in a way now so showing them that we care is a big priority!

I searched pinterest for the perfect idea, but I did not want to have the same one as everyone else. The one I loved was a reusable straw cup filled with snickers that read "Two things to help you survive the first week of school, chocolate and coffee!" I loved the idea but decided to switch it up a little....here is my final product for the boys teachers back to school gift!
Cute and simple, nothing over the top! I hope that they love them! I found the cups at Meijer and then just grabbed a chocolate bar and a starbucks gift card. Easy as pie! 
I have been tempted to eat the chocolate but then the gift wouldn't make sense haha!!
I just love the cups. 
I also grabbed some cute little reusable bags at Micheals.
 And there you have it. Back to school gifts. I think this will be my "go-to" idea through the years.
Vincent starts next week and Luke starts the following so be ready for a ton of pictures!
I can't wait to see them with their little bookbags on! 

Good Luck to all your kiddo's, I know most of them have already started!
Hope they have an amazing year!
PS if you have any cute gift ideas, spill them lol with 4 kids we will need LOTS of ideas!

To the future....

Every time I look at my boys learning and exploring I see so much at their fingertips. 
The future is theirs, all theirs and it's our job to make it the best and brightest future possible.
The decision to send the boys to preschool was kind of last minute for us and for me it still hasn't fully settled in. I still feel like we are living our own little happy bubble and I soon know it's about to change.
The boys will be on an actual schedule here in a few weeks and going to preschool.
It's really not a huge deal since it is just 2 hours a few days a week, nothing too intense but still.
We had intended on homeschooling as you all know and when the news of baby #4 came the idea of me homeschooling and being sane diminished pretty quickly. I wanted to always make sure I had the boys on schedule in case we were to send them to school so I knew I wanted to start this fall since Vincent is 4 and Luke is 3. But the thought of tackling a newborn, a toddler and two preschoolers homeschooling was just a tad too much. Frankly, I was terrified that I would not be able to do it all and I just accepted it (after a few tears) and we decided to try out preschool, because what's the worst that can happen?
I know they are going to love it and make new friends, I trust the teachers and the school. 
It is our church and they hold the same Catholic values that we do, so it's a win-win.
At the end of the year we will revisit and go over our options for the next year.
It may be to continue with Catholic school or to homeschool.

I really do not know, but I know that Jordan and I will know when we get there.
Who knows, maybe our baby making years will be over and I can fully devote all my energy to being the boys teacher and homeschooling for a few years, I can't tell you what the future holds really but for now we are just holding true to our values, and our faith, praying that this whole preschool thing goes smoothly and is rewarding not only for the boys but for us. 

At the end of the day, we are their parents, our values and faith is instilled in them and will always be reinforced in our home at the end of the day. I think in a way it does scare me that I will lose my boys to the teachers and the classmates, but I refuse to let that happen so I can't let it scare me. I will want to know everything that happens, every single day, I think that is important for parents, to not lose their kids once they head to school. They are still our children, forever and always. 

So here's to our first year of entering a school system. 
I really think it will be great, I cannot wait to watch the boys grow and learn with their peers.
I will be updating along the way obviously but for now, let's do this baby! 
Bring on the preschool years!
Here's to the future my sweet boys, I cannot wait to be with you every step of this journey!

Cleaning: The Evolution of me not caring.

Last week Jordan was out of town for sales meetings all week.
I planned ahead and had my mom come visit so I could have a little relief to make it through the week, sane and whole! haha! We had Luke's birthday planned for Saturday and Jordan was not due to arrive until 2am Saturday meaning he would be exhausted as all get out so I needed to have everything done.

Well my mom and I are different, she thinks everything needs to be done early, way ahead of time, well I on the other hand know exactly what I can and should get done and when before a party. I have my party planning days down to an art (finally)! The week before I get all the weird odds and ends done craft wise, making banners, wrapping plastic silverware, pretty much all the small details I knock out a week before. The week off I slowly get things done around the house that I put off, those fun things like scrubbing the tile grout because I forgot to seal it the last time I cleaned it. 2 days before the party I grocery shop and also make any treats that I can ahead of time for party food. Well anyways, I am smart enough to know that you cannot really CLEAN until the day before because 3 little men will destroy it all and truthfully what's the point of cleaning early just to follow your kids like a hawk to make sure they don't make a mess? No thanks, I want to have fun with my kids, not watch for them to make a mistake and misplace something or get fingerprints on something.

On Thursday my mom walked into the kitchen and asked what my plan for the day was since the party was in 2 days. To me it felt like the way she said it was more of a "Ummm Allie, get your ass in gear" so I got annoyed. I told her that I knew what needed to be done and had my plan ready. I've thrown enough parties to know. She then in turn got annoyed with me, shocker right? Moms and daughters getting annoyed with each other?

She looks at me and says "Well have you seen your back door?" 
I smartly say "Oh the one I walk in and out of daily, the one with dog nose prints and dirt from our genius dog clawing at the door??? That one??"
She, of course says "Yes, it's a mess"
Pregnant, tired, annoyed me rolls my eyes and says "Umm okay, you are concerned about the BACK DOOR? Is this a joke!?"
Her reasoning of course "Well you have guests coming over and it's not okay for the door to look that way" 
I am beyond annoyed and say "Well guess what? If my guests, who are all friends and family have a problem with there being dirt on my back door maybe they should clean it themselves. Actually if a friend comes over and has a problem with the cleanliness of the OUTSIDE of a door, maybe they shouldn't be my friend? Who even notices the outside of someones back door? I have 3 kids and a dog and am pregnant, really mom!??!"
She then rebuttals with some smart comment in return about how her door would never look like that, again we just eye roll back and forth....
The conversation ends with "Well if it bothers you THAT much, clean it because I could care less, this house is a HOME, we LIVE in it, it is NOT a show home"
Anyways, we stop talking for awhile and cool off, meanwhile I take a freaking magic eraser and clean the door, I make sure to make it shiny white just for my mom! Now when I look at the door I just laugh! If you are anything like me and my mom we can have these arguments and then just move on. I am totally a person who gets over things in .5 seconds, so this was just one of those moments.

But then it brought me to the full and utter conclusion that I just don't care.

When we had Vincent I remember being anal about everything. About the house being clean, about every dish being put away, about nothing being left on the counter, about everything. I would let myself get so WORKED up if something was not perfectly put away. It was actually annoying how annoyed I would get. It was a vicious bitchy cycle. I look back at that and LAUGH! 

Over the years I have loosened up and realized. IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER.

I try to keep our house pretty darn clean, but sometimes life gets in the way and the first thing to get pushed away is cleaning or organizing. Hence why I have 2 junk drawers (okay maybe 3) in the kitchen, but guess what, I know exactly what's in those drawers! Keeping the kids and Jordan happy and healthy are my number one concern, not making sure my floors are sparkly clean. Plus having a dog and 3 tiny messy monsters around the house just ruin it all. You would probably never believe me if I said I sweep daily because of dog hair! I do and it's still messy. 
Every once in awhile I will clean the toyroom like a crazy person and EVERY single time I just get annoyed. I will separate everything anally into their perfect bins and nothing will be out of place. i put every tiny piece back where it goes and then guess what, the kids come in and PLAY, because it is indeed a play room. I will then come in and find, God forbid, a train in the block box, umm hello, this is NOT where it goes. I will grow annoyed even when the boys have picked up because things aren't where they go. Jordan even points out how anal I get and says I need to chill because it does NOT matter. It is a toy room, just let it go.

So here I am, a mom to 3 kids, another babe on the way, a dog who sheds and brings his muddy paws all over the floors and a husband. My house is far from perfect, and I am fine with that. One of the reasons I fell in love with this house is because it has flaws, just like we all do. The house represents us, it is quirky, charming and a bit worn. You can clean her up and dress her down and she is still a house. It is our house, it's a family house not a show home. As long as we are happy and smiling when our heads hit the pillow I have done my job. The boys will never remember how clean my bathroom tile was, but they will remember how much I played with them or how we would cook together and make a huge mess of the kitchen and end with yummy warm cookies in our belly.
So moms, don't beat yourselves up over your house. Rate your happiness on your kids faces and smiles, they are only young ONCE. When my boys are in school I know I will have silence and time to clean alone and MAYBE have a clean house but for now I am savoring the fact that they are here and they are allowed to live in our house, as kids, not as tiny anal cleaning robots. 

I want a happy home, and maybe just maybe we one day we will have a perfectly clean AND happy home but for now I am perfectly content with just a happy home, and if you come over and don't like it, pick up a sweeper and start cleaning!
PS that backdoor, already has Verner nose marks and dirt again. Shocker. 



I am still semi in shock that Luke is three!
He just turned 3 officially yesterday.
I reread his birth story that morning, reliving all those magical moments of his entrance into the world. I literally laid here in bed just thinking about everything. How amazing that day was, minus the horrid labor, I swear his labor was 10 times worse than Vincents, I just remember wanting to meet him so badly during those hours of intense contractions. The moment he was placed on my chest was heaven. I can honestly remember every detail about being in the hospital, I remember our friend Stephanie crying when she met him, I remember our friend Robbie hand delivering my favorite meal, I remember all the love that filled our hospital room for our sweet Luke. It didn't matter and doesn't matter still that he is our second son, he is our Luke and very very special. 

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr Suess rocks, am I right, I always think of this quote when the boys come to mind! They are all unique and their own beings! 

Nothing about Luke is similar to Vincent, they are complete opposites, which shocked me because I semi expected them to be alike. From the start his bright blue eyes stood out and melted a place into my soul. I can honestly just stare at his eyes all day. Luke is my wild child but also such a huge lover. I am so blessed to be his mother and to watch him grow into who he has become. 
I never imagined that we would have a blue eyed, bleach blonde boy! Sometimes I look at him and see my brother instantly. He resembles him as a child and I love that about him! Luke is smart as a whip, although he acts like a complete nut ball. He is always listening and learning. It's crazy because when we do prayers at night we will think he isn't paying attention and ask him questions and he knows the answer instantly! I remember being hesitant when Jordan wanted Luke to start saying the rosary with us, we usually wait longer for them to join in but man Luke has proved to be our little rosary king. He knows everything and sometimes I just sit there and marvel at those sweet words coming out of his mouth. Hearing him pray may be the best part of my day!

Luke has totally taught me that life is full of FUN. Vincent is a tad more reserved but Luke grabs life by the balls every morning and runs with it! FULL FORCE. He never does anything 50%, he is always 110% and I have learned so much from being his mom. He keeps me on my toes and keeps me fresh and lively. Sure, he tires me out but he pushes me to get out there and enjoy life. 

I sometimes worry about Luke being stuck in the middle but he could care less, he makes himself known to everyone and anyone. There is no missing Luke from the pack! Watching him play (and fight like a little girl) with Vincent is so cool, he looks up to his big brother and mimmicks him, then on the flip side, he is Jude's big buddy. We joke that Jude learns all his shenanigans from Luke which is semi true! I love watching him love on Jude, he is for sure Jude's protector, even though he sometimes feels the need to push him down. He can't ruin his style hanging with a baby, right!? haha! 
We will be celebrating Luke's birthday with all our family and friends next weekend. His theme was again is TRAINS. Homeboy loves his trains. It is semi sad because last year he called them "Dot Dot EEEEE's" and now he actually refers to them as trains. He wants a JAMES party not a Thomas though, because James is red, duh! Red is clearly his new favorite color also. If he could wear ALL RED, all day every day, he would. 

Luke, I love you more than you will ever know. I am so blessed to have you as my sweet son, I cannot wait to continue to watch your grow into a studly young man! You are my life! Thank you for being my son and cuddle buddy!!! I am so proud of you, always. Love you to the moon and back a million times! xoxoxo


HOW many?

I get asked that question a lot.
How many kids do you want?
I think people are semi cringing when they ask me, thinking in the back of their heads, do these people know what birth control is?, they have got to be out of their frigging minds! 
And, while I assure you we do fully know what birth control is, we do NFP for anyone wondering :)
I still do not have an answer to the question of how many.

5 years ago Jordan and I went on our first trip as a couple to the ranch. It is our now yearly tradition with his family. The ranch is more than just a destination it is a marking point for where it all began. 5 years ago it was just us and our fluffy crooked eared puppy, back when we thought we had life figured out to a tee! (weeks after that first trip a pink plus sign appeared) propelling us into the REAL world! Fast forward to this year and us at the ranch with our 3 boys and another in the oven.
{out take from family pics at the ranch} haha

 Did that really ALL just happen in 5 years? Sometimes I am a tad in shock when I look back and realize ALL the things that have happened. But then at other times I am just a tad impressed that we are still rocking it out and taking this life we have by the horns and running with it! 

Back then if you would have asked I would have told you in 5 years we would have one, MAYBE two kids. MAYBE.

I grew up with just a brother, 2 of us. Jordan grew up with a sister and 2 brothers, and when his dad remarried another brother and 2 sisters joined the group. Funny side note is that my dad is one of three boys, they are even closer together in age than ours, but my grandma obviously didn't dare try for more than 3, maybe she knew something I am missing! haha So obviously we came from different number of siblings family but for us the number was really up in the air from the get go. I think we have just went with the mentality of we will know when we get there. 

For us, 3 kids works, I will let you know about 4 in a few months! haha! I actually found 3 kids to be an easier transition than 2! I think mainly because you are so used to having your hands full, what's one more? I am hoping the same transition for baby #4.

Really when it comes down to it, we just leave it up to God. He has never steered us wrong thus far into our lives. Even with the craziness we have been through aside from just having kids; Jordan starting and completing his MBA, switching jobs, relocating twice, me starting a business, God has really been there running the show. We have been so fortunate, truthfully.

I love my boys, they are the best thing about me, they represent Jordan and I's love. I truthfully do not know where we will draw the line on number of kids. I think we will slowly figure it out. What I do know is that it's not as crazy as you think, or maybe I am just insane, trust me I never imagined so many kids so quickly and if I were watching from the outside I might say, wow these people are nuts. But when you are living it, it's not as crazy as everyone makes it out to be. You get in a rythhm and figure out how to make it all work. Shockingly enough, we do more now than we ever have. With just one kid I was so nervous and hesitant that I pretty much didn't get out and experience life. And now, we are always on the go, trying to get these boys out to explore the world ahead.

So, maybe 4 will be the magic number, I really can't tell ya. Jordan and I are still very young, I am only 27, so truthfully saying we are going to stop is semi laughable. At the end of the day any time I say "this could be it", we end up pregnant. At this point it's truthfully up to the Big Man, like I said, He has never steered us wrong and at the end of the day raising the future generation of God loving little people is so important. We need strong-faithed, hard working people in this country now more than ever so maybe God just sees Jordan and I as great parents and wants us to raise them well so they can change lives in the future, at least that is what I tell myself when I get stressed haha!
(please check Vincents outfit, he is wearing Jude's shorts and a backwards tee bahaha)

The future is ours and it is still undecided. What I do know is that we will be happy. And at the end of the day that is all I can ask for. Happiness, maybe some craziness but deep down, lots of happiness no matter how many kids and cars we need to transport those kids. 

You don't get rich by writing checks (or swiping your card)

Before Jordan and I met, I was very busy, working 3 jobs and loving it.
I had extra money out the wazoo and was living very comfortably, or so I thought.
I was buying pretty much anything I wanted and making all my bills on time but I was missing a few key points in the game of life. I was only paying the minimum on a few student loans and my car.
I figured that was good enough, I was doing fine, or so I thought.

When Jordan and I sat down after moving in together our finances were one thing we wanted in order.
Jordan was semi annoyed by my not paying down my debts and told me we needed those gone stat!
I thought he was crazy because I was making the payments and all that jazz but he told me that I needed to be over paying and to start knocking the interest down. I needed to get serious about the little debt that I did have for our future. Jordan also had debt as well with student loans but man did he pay those bad boys down as fast as he could.

Fast forward to now.

I am happy to say that Jordan and I have paid down every student loan, his MBA, our car and we have no standing debt. Minus our mortgage, which will most likely be there for awhile! Our monthly payments are so easy, we pay the house, the utilities and the credit card all off each month. Yes, I said credit card, I know a lot of money people say not to use them but hello we make 5% on our card, so we only spend our budget amount so we never run a balance on the card. Makes us some extra money.

How did we get here?

My husband has a spread sheet for every dollar we spend, it sounds crazy but it keeps us on track! His spreadsheet is the law in spending in the house, it shows us every day where we are at, and gives us a look at where we need to be smarter and it's so much easier to have it all in front of you rather than waiting for your bank statement to come.

"You don't get rich by writing checks"

If I had a dollar for everytime Jordan has said that I would be a millionaire. Okay, he hasn't said it that much because usually when he starts the sentence I chime in with "by writing checks" with an eyeroll and sigh. haha

Here are some things that we have done to get financially more stable.

Cash Budget....
At the start of the month Jordan gives me a wad of cash. That cash is my budget for the month, he leaves it up to me to spend it wisely and cover groceries, anything I need and anything the boys need to make it through the month. I don't take the cash with me to the stores because I use our credit card which gets me 5% on groceries, so I will shop for the week swipe my card and then give Jordan the cash when I get home. I can physically go into my wallet each day and count the cash and map out in my brain where the cash will go. I will usually make piles of what I think I will spend on groceries and then look at the calander and see what activities we have coming up and where the other money will go. Having that cash in hand and having the give it to Jordan is much more emotional then swiping a card.
At times I will sometimes go a week or two without cashing out and OUCH it hurts to see my balance that I owe Jordan, lol I have a bad habit of online shopping so when he tells me the balance I sometimes cringe. Thankfully my photography money (which I use half to pad my monthly budget) helps out a lot. The benefits to a side job!:) But anyways I swear by the cash budget system. If you don't have cash you don't spend, easy as that.

Cut your costs....
Sit down and look at your monthly bills. Where can you cut? Can you turn off a few extra lights? Can you turn the heat down or AC up a few degrees and still be comfortable? Could you use fans instead of the AC? Do you need the fastest internet package? Do you really watch TV enough to justify it? Can you cut your cell phone plan?

Sure, some of those you may say no to and that is fine but we have done a lot of those. My cell phone plan, less than $40 a month, and I will actually be switching to one that is $20/a month, yes you are reading that correct. I was with Verizon forever and we finally broke my contract when it was up. They are INSANELY priced and I barely use my phone anyway. I use Page Plus, it has the same coverage as Verizon, crazy right!? And yes I pay $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and some data, being that I am home and close to internet I don't NEED data on my cell. So right there we are saving at least $50-$100 on my cell phone plan! 
PS the new company I am switching to here soon is Republic Wireless- $19/month

We also just recently cut cable. I was only watching the Real Housewives anymore and I'm sorry as much as I love them they are not worth $100/month! I was always using my iPad in bed and watching through the apps on there so it was not painful at all to cut cable. We bought a bluray player for less than $100 bucks that streams Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, so we have ALL of the shows they have and are paying maybe $20 a month. So with that and the cell phone savings we are right near $150 off a month.  That's almost 2,000 a year. That is a lot of money people! Money I would rather put in savings or towards my boys schooling!

Gas- We are fully blessed because my husband has a free car and gas through work, so that really helps. I usually only need 1 fill up every 2 months or so in my car because I rarely drive that. But for that we use gasperks from Giant Eagle, you know the ones you accrue through buying groceries there. Well we have lucked out because anytime we spend a large amount of money at a store we will buy gift cards, we have had a lot of big purchases from home renovations and every $50 gives us 20 cents off a gallon, so the free gas we have gotten has filled my car for months on end. Obviously we have been lucky having to buy all new appliances and tons of home stuff for renovations so we have racked up free gas like crazy since we moved. 

Do you really need it? 
I have gotten so much better at answering that question with NO! I can't remember the last time I bought something full price. I just refuse to, everything goes on sale eventually and if you don't get that item, it's not the end of the world. The world will keep spinning if you don't get that pair of shoes. My favorite place to shop is the outlets. Gap Outlet is amazing, I can not tell you how many items I have gotten for my kids for less than $5 there, brand new. I always call ahead to see if they are doing any sales, sometimes they do 40% off clearance which makes things INSANELY cheap and when they do that, I STOCK UP! I buy ahead for the next year and it saves so much money.

I am also maybe one of the cheapest women ever, you're welcome Jordan. I maybe get my hair cut twice a year, and when I do I just hit up Great Clips, my hair looks fine! I also stopped coloring my hair about 4 years ago because it was more of an annoyance and waste of money so I save huge there by letting it go natural. I love my hair and it's easy to maintain! I also cut all the boys hair, including Jordan, he always hated those awkward hair cut chats anyway at the salon!:) Win-Win!

We will never buy anything that we can not afford. If you can't pay it off that month you do not need it. People get in over their head by allowing their credit cards to carry balances. Try to stop that. You want to be able to pay the ENTIRE bill off each month and if you can't you better believe you are paying EVEN MORE for that item with interest and fees, so I hope you enjoy it! haha! 

Another thing is that we eat at home a lot. Going out to eat is more of a hassle and more expensive for less quality food. As you know we are very anal about organic and buying local so eating at home helps us not only save money but stay healthier! And yes, we still fit organic meats and food into our budget because that is our top priority on the budget, what we eat, that is one area we will not cut costs.

Also, shop around. You can always find a better deal. I buy a TON of stuff on Amazon, I buy all our shampoos, soaps, diapers, wipes, even some of the boys snacks there! I save ton!! There is always someone with a cheaper price so shop around! 

We are very blessed with my husband having a great job and my photography doing so well but that does not give us an excuse to spend like crazy people. We are tighter now with our budget than we were 5 years ago. We want to be prepared for anything life throws at us, and truthfully that is a lot harder to do if you do not have your finances in order.

I thank God for a smart husband, sure at times it might annoy me when he says "Do you really need that" or the good ole "You don't get rich by writing checks" but he is so RIGHT!! I am much more happy with the way I spend now vs when I was single! I am sure I missed a ton of things but if you have any questions let me know! I will have Mr Money himself answer them! haha!

Happy Spending!!! xoxo

Boy or Girl??

Well it's not our first time around the block of the big 20 week ultrasound
If you have been following you know that the past 2 pregnancies I have found out and accidentally leaked the gender to my husband who did not want to know.
Well that is not happening this time around. We went for our 20 week ultrasound today.
No gender news to share. I know, you all hate me now, better you than my husband haha
 We will definitely be able to share the news when the baby arrives in less than 20 weeks!!
Holy smokes, we are getting closer!

Anyways, every single time I have seen the pink lines on the pregnancy test I have always envisioned a daughter, I have envisioned the perfect relationship with her, being best friends like me and my mom (unless we're both PMSing, then all bets are off haha) and getting to do all the girly things with her! Taking her to gymnastics and dance, getting to go shopping with her for prom and her wedding. I swear there are just endless things that moms and daughters do that I have always daydreamed about and every time I have seen that pink line those thoughts instantly danced into my mind. 

As things have played out I have been blessed with 3 sweet boys. I never really envisioned being a mom of 3, let alone 4. Crazy how things happen, but I never envisioned myself as a boy mom. The funny thing is that when I got pregnant with Vincent I was a nanny, and surprisingly enough I was nannying for a family with 3 boys the day I found out we were pregnant. I thought of my gosh will I be the mom with 3 boys, needless to say those men gave me a run for my money so I wanted nothing to do with boys. I know nothing about sports, I would much rather slam my face into a wall than watch football or baseball, take me to a gymnastics or dance competition and I would be in heaven but sadly as a boy mom I don't foresee the last two haha unless they chose to show interest and then you darn well better believe I will get my boys in gymnastics. Hello, Blaine Wilson anyone?? Stud alert.

Anyways, like I said I never in a million years would have thought we would have all boys thus far along. I mean 3 in a row. Really? How does that happen!?  But I must say that I have been completely blind sided by all things boy! I can't get enough of these little boogers, they are just the sweetest darn things. Sure they don't get to wear dresses and cute bows, but you can find other fun stuff for boys to fulfill your shopping needs such as bowties and suspenders, hello! :) Sure they are dirty as can be and love to do things that I think are gross but just watching them explore and learn is so rewarding. When I see a bug I want to run away but when they see one it is so fascinating and new and seeing that love for the small things in life is really so cool. It is totally like opening your eyes up again for the first time to everything in the world. 

They have taught me not to be so uptight, to let loose and have fun. To grab life by the horns and run wild with it. They are rough, they are tough, but man they are huge lovers. And they love their momma and for that I can say being a boy mom is so fabulous! I know there is a reason God has made me a boy mom thus far, He has great plans for me and these boys and I trust in Him by blessing me with them. Maybe it's been this way because he knows I can't handle girls? haha I am grateful at this moment that baby #4 is healthy and looked happy as could be kicking their feet and sucking on their hands! 

I know that no matter what gender this baby is, he or she will fit perfectly in this family. It may be rough with 3 older brothers running wild but I just foresee so much happiness and a lot of craziness when we welcome this little bear in December. I wish we had a gender reveal and really if I had to guess my gut still says boy, because that is what I know thus far into motherhood. But I could be completely blindsided and let me tell you I would be going crazy shopping *that could be trouble*, ps if you know me, you will already know I have a girl drawer full just in case anyways!

So here's to the next 20 weeks being quiet and calm within the pregnancy. For the next 20 weeks I will continue being a boy mama and loving every moment we can squeeze in as a family of 5. Yes, I sometimes have a nervous breakdown when I say "FIVE" and in a few months we will be a family of 6, S-I-X. Holy smokes, I am just as nervous as you are hahahaha!
These men are my reason for being. LOVE.
PS Also I am entering the role of preschool mom, who the heck knew we would have so much to do for the first week before and first week of preschool. My calendar went from quiet to INSANE. I guess that is what happens when you have two kids enter at once, all I know is that we have two picnics to meet and greet the kids and parents and they requested desserts, let's not screw this one up!! I am totally busting out the nutella cookies I made last week! Pray for me!:)

Instagram Dump....

I swear I update my instagram more than my blog.
Maybe because it's so much easier and doesn't take time to think about haha!! 
I have so many blog posts started and then I just get busy with work and life.
Anyways I figured I would grab some pics from instagram to update my blog!
PS if we are not following each other yet my instagram is @alliedarr 
Ahhh vacation time, the boys loved the ranch week yet again! They even enjoyed canoeing in 1 foot water, aka we were feeling too lazy to take them out far. They could have cared less! haha
Cowboy boots on my tiny cowboy! :)
Finally had a chance to get some 4 year old pics of Vincent on vacation! 
Not sure if I even shared the progress of this or even mentioned it but one day Jordan decided he would BUILD the boys a playset, and he did not hesitate one bit. Him and his grandpa built this baby in like a week or so. It is Jordan's own design! We still have some more touches to do, but I am still in shock how amazing it turned out! The boys love it! 
Pregger issues. Everytime I go to the store a new flavor will spark my interest. My cravings are so freaking random, but my main go to is still Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint! Holy yum! 
Self explanatory! He is will be 3 in 9 days!! Where the heck did the time go!?!? I am dying over it!
Peeks at the new bathroom remodel! I am obsessed with it. We still have some finishing touches to do but a whole post on this will come. This bath was HIDEOUS. It has green carpet and a yellow tub when we moved it! We had it gutted and ripped a wall out to create our dream vintage bath! 
Speaking of the house. You will get a peek inside it VERY soon!! It will be so fun to watch us see our house before we moved in. I can't wait! I literally wanted to gag myself over how ugly it was!! I will update when we get closer to the air date!! 
Yet another project, we have two spots for an eat in kitchen and this side of it was dead space so I had a wall bench built and am almost finished with the table and chairs to go with it! Can't wait to reveal this space as well! 
Cookies and Cups posted this recipe and I had to make them. HOLY CRAP. These are amazing. They were gone in 2 days. I can not even explain how good they are. You have to make them! 
Oh hello, 20 week bump!!! We have the big ultrasound Tuesday but have no intentions of finding out the gender. If you have followed me for awhile you will remember that I found out with Luke and Jude and Jordan did not want to know and my BIG MOUTH spilled the beans twice SO I cannot find out this time because my history of keeping secrets is not good! Gotta do this for Jordan!:)
Here is a daily dose of Jude birth control! bahahhahaha!:) Such is life ;)

That is all for now!!! One day I will blog again, I actually have a week or so with no photography sessions so I can get ready for Luke's party so I am hoping to blog it up then!!

Hope all is FAB with you guys!!