Boy or Girl??

Well it's not our first time around the block of the big 20 week ultrasound
If you have been following you know that the past 2 pregnancies I have found out and accidentally leaked the gender to my husband who did not want to know.
Well that is not happening this time around. We went for our 20 week ultrasound today.
No gender news to share. I know, you all hate me now, better you than my husband haha
 We will definitely be able to share the news when the baby arrives in less than 20 weeks!!
Holy smokes, we are getting closer!

Anyways, every single time I have seen the pink lines on the pregnancy test I have always envisioned a daughter, I have envisioned the perfect relationship with her, being best friends like me and my mom (unless we're both PMSing, then all bets are off haha) and getting to do all the girly things with her! Taking her to gymnastics and dance, getting to go shopping with her for prom and her wedding. I swear there are just endless things that moms and daughters do that I have always daydreamed about and every time I have seen that pink line those thoughts instantly danced into my mind. 

As things have played out I have been blessed with 3 sweet boys. I never really envisioned being a mom of 3, let alone 4. Crazy how things happen, but I never envisioned myself as a boy mom. The funny thing is that when I got pregnant with Vincent I was a nanny, and surprisingly enough I was nannying for a family with 3 boys the day I found out we were pregnant. I thought of my gosh will I be the mom with 3 boys, needless to say those men gave me a run for my money so I wanted nothing to do with boys. I know nothing about sports, I would much rather slam my face into a wall than watch football or baseball, take me to a gymnastics or dance competition and I would be in heaven but sadly as a boy mom I don't foresee the last two haha unless they chose to show interest and then you darn well better believe I will get my boys in gymnastics. Hello, Blaine Wilson anyone?? Stud alert.

Anyways, like I said I never in a million years would have thought we would have all boys thus far along. I mean 3 in a row. Really? How does that happen!?  But I must say that I have been completely blind sided by all things boy! I can't get enough of these little boogers, they are just the sweetest darn things. Sure they don't get to wear dresses and cute bows, but you can find other fun stuff for boys to fulfill your shopping needs such as bowties and suspenders, hello! :) Sure they are dirty as can be and love to do things that I think are gross but just watching them explore and learn is so rewarding. When I see a bug I want to run away but when they see one it is so fascinating and new and seeing that love for the small things in life is really so cool. It is totally like opening your eyes up again for the first time to everything in the world. 

They have taught me not to be so uptight, to let loose and have fun. To grab life by the horns and run wild with it. They are rough, they are tough, but man they are huge lovers. And they love their momma and for that I can say being a boy mom is so fabulous! I know there is a reason God has made me a boy mom thus far, He has great plans for me and these boys and I trust in Him by blessing me with them. Maybe it's been this way because he knows I can't handle girls? haha I am grateful at this moment that baby #4 is healthy and looked happy as could be kicking their feet and sucking on their hands! 

I know that no matter what gender this baby is, he or she will fit perfectly in this family. It may be rough with 3 older brothers running wild but I just foresee so much happiness and a lot of craziness when we welcome this little bear in December. I wish we had a gender reveal and really if I had to guess my gut still says boy, because that is what I know thus far into motherhood. But I could be completely blindsided and let me tell you I would be going crazy shopping *that could be trouble*, ps if you know me, you will already know I have a girl drawer full just in case anyways!

So here's to the next 20 weeks being quiet and calm within the pregnancy. For the next 20 weeks I will continue being a boy mama and loving every moment we can squeeze in as a family of 5. Yes, I sometimes have a nervous breakdown when I say "FIVE" and in a few months we will be a family of 6, S-I-X. Holy smokes, I am just as nervous as you are hahahaha!
These men are my reason for being. LOVE.
PS Also I am entering the role of preschool mom, who the heck knew we would have so much to do for the first week before and first week of preschool. My calendar went from quiet to INSANE. I guess that is what happens when you have two kids enter at once, all I know is that we have two picnics to meet and greet the kids and parents and they requested desserts, let's not screw this one up!! I am totally busting out the nutella cookies I made last week! Pray for me!:)


  1. I love this post. I love it so much. My husband & I would like 4 children. We've been blessed with one so far & can't imagine having a small family. It just doesn't suit us & we certainly want a big, loud, wild & loving group to raise & teach us what life is really all about. I firmly believe that our children teach us more than we teach them! Well, before we had our son, Carson, 3 months ago, I thought for sure I wanted at least one of each & the rest I didn't care either way. Now, I know without a shadow of a doubt I don't care if I ever have a girl for myself. I'd be totally 100% content as an all boy momma. It's crazy to think that even in just 3 months he's taught me to just let go of the little things & embrace the beauty we're given each day. Congrats on baby #4!! So fun to not find out what you're expecting! I can tell you this! I think you're having a BABY ;)

  2. Such a sweet post. Isn't it funny how you assume one thing will happen, and God has other plans for you. I always thought I would be a boy mom. My 1st was a boy, and the second time around I thought it would be a boy too (even though everyone said it looked like I was carrying a girl), and sure enough it was. I always saw me as the only female in the house, maybe because deep down I thought I wouldn't make a good mom to a girl. But with one of each already, I can't wait to see what the next ones will be in the future!

    Have you noticed any differences in your pregnancies, with how you feel or carry? You know all those old midwives tales that aren't always true, but sometimes are. I know lots of women who have had very different pregnancies, but had all boys or all girls. Me, I follow the tales of carrying out front for boys and carrying wide for girls...

  3. This is how I felt the second time I saw the pink lines on the pregnancy test :) visions of a girl danced through my mind. But I've been blessed with two boys and couldn't be happier!

  4. This is so fun for me to read because I'm also just about 20 weeks and due in December! We are finding out though--I don't think I'm patient enough to wait, and my husband is fine either way! It's funny how the boy or girl question changes the family dynamic so much! I have one girl and can't wait to find out if we're having more pink and tutus or a baby boy!

  5. OH-EMM-GEE!!! i love that first pic of the whole family!!!! you guys looks so happy (and in love!)

    Isnt it crazy how life plays out? Ive always imagined myself having little girls too, but my hubby seems to think that since boys run in his family (and technically the man gives the chromosome to determine the babys sex) that we will end up with all boys! Of course we dont know how things will play out yet considering we only have 1 son so far, but i cant wait to see whats in the future for our family as well as yours!

    (and ssshhhhh i have a couple of girl outfits in the back of matthews closet too that i just couldnt pass up, and they were bought even before we got pregnant with matthew lol)

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  6. I've always envisioned myself having a daughter one day but so far just one little boy and I have to say I love being a boy mom much more than I thought I would. I would be thrilled if I eventually do get a little girl but I also can say honestly that I would be very happy with another little man so long as he's as sweet as my first :)

  7. This is what Vincent shared with me about spiders. "Run, Grandma, it is a pider." Regarding bumble bees when we were walking, he told me that the bumble bee was going to bite him and he would turn into a bee :)

  8. That will be one of the best surprises! Some day over the rainbow I'd love to talk the mister into doing team green.

  9. I love these pictures and love seeing your sweet family grow! God bless the rest of your pregnancy!