Instagram Dump....

I swear I update my instagram more than my blog.
Maybe because it's so much easier and doesn't take time to think about haha!! 
I have so many blog posts started and then I just get busy with work and life.
Anyways I figured I would grab some pics from instagram to update my blog!
PS if we are not following each other yet my instagram is @alliedarr 
Ahhh vacation time, the boys loved the ranch week yet again! They even enjoyed canoeing in 1 foot water, aka we were feeling too lazy to take them out far. They could have cared less! haha
Cowboy boots on my tiny cowboy! :)
Finally had a chance to get some 4 year old pics of Vincent on vacation! 
Not sure if I even shared the progress of this or even mentioned it but one day Jordan decided he would BUILD the boys a playset, and he did not hesitate one bit. Him and his grandpa built this baby in like a week or so. It is Jordan's own design! We still have some more touches to do, but I am still in shock how amazing it turned out! The boys love it! 
Pregger issues. Everytime I go to the store a new flavor will spark my interest. My cravings are so freaking random, but my main go to is still Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint! Holy yum! 
Self explanatory! He is will be 3 in 9 days!! Where the heck did the time go!?!? I am dying over it!
Peeks at the new bathroom remodel! I am obsessed with it. We still have some finishing touches to do but a whole post on this will come. This bath was HIDEOUS. It has green carpet and a yellow tub when we moved it! We had it gutted and ripped a wall out to create our dream vintage bath! 
Speaking of the house. You will get a peek inside it VERY soon!! It will be so fun to watch us see our house before we moved in. I can't wait! I literally wanted to gag myself over how ugly it was!! I will update when we get closer to the air date!! 
Yet another project, we have two spots for an eat in kitchen and this side of it was dead space so I had a wall bench built and am almost finished with the table and chairs to go with it! Can't wait to reveal this space as well! 
Cookies and Cups posted this recipe and I had to make them. HOLY CRAP. These are amazing. They were gone in 2 days. I can not even explain how good they are. You have to make them! 
Oh hello, 20 week bump!!! We have the big ultrasound Tuesday but have no intentions of finding out the gender. If you have followed me for awhile you will remember that I found out with Luke and Jude and Jordan did not want to know and my BIG MOUTH spilled the beans twice SO I cannot find out this time because my history of keeping secrets is not good! Gotta do this for Jordan!:)
Here is a daily dose of Jude birth control! bahahhahaha!:) Such is life ;)

That is all for now!!! One day I will blog again, I actually have a week or so with no photography sessions so I can get ready for Luke's party so I am hoping to blog it up then!!

Hope all is FAB with you guys!! 


  1. my little guy is turning 3 in 10 days! we didn't find out the gender for our first and our third. with our second we did. I liked not knowing better!

  2. First of all, I VOTE GIRL! haha. SECOND of all, I can't wait to see before/after pics! THIRDLY, I have been wanting to put some little/big play area in our backyard since we have the room - I'm kind of thinking about a challenge for the hubs. lol. :) y'alls is so cute and nice! and I'm also an insta person myself - it's way too easy to snap a picture and post it! I'm headed that way to follow you now :) yay for a new bloggy buddy!

  3. Ice cream is my craving too! But I usually make the hubby take me to UDF because I can't ever decide what I want!!!!

  4. That playhouse is amazing. Your guy is quite talented!
    I don't know if I could NOT find out the gender. It would drive me insane!

  5. Your pictures are amazing. I put the HGTV airing date on my calendar- I might just be more excited than you are. I still think you should have the tech put the gender in the envelope just in case you catch Jordan during a weak moment (or incredibly drunk) and you can convince him to open the envelope and find out.
    Brandi blogging @

  6. Majorly catching up on your blog (and boo, I want to see your episode but don't have cable!), and saw the town you live in, which I won't mention here just in case :), but that's where my dad is from! I wish I could remember the street my grandma used to live on when she was alive.... spent many good summers there! My dad still goes back every few years for CASES of Rudy's chili lol. When it was frozen, he'd fly and check a cooler. Now that they sell it canned, it's easier. An obsession I tell you! Anyway, do you know any where to see the episode w/o cable?