Teacher Gifts....

I am all about having an excuse to buy gifts, so obviously a "start of the year" teach gift makes perfect sense. Plus, I want these ladies to know just how important they are to us. I mean hello, they will be a part of our family in a way now so showing them that we care is a big priority!

I searched pinterest for the perfect idea, but I did not want to have the same one as everyone else. The one I loved was a reusable straw cup filled with snickers that read "Two things to help you survive the first week of school, chocolate and coffee!" I loved the idea but decided to switch it up a little....here is my final product for the boys teachers back to school gift!
Cute and simple, nothing over the top! I hope that they love them! I found the cups at Meijer and then just grabbed a chocolate bar and a starbucks gift card. Easy as pie! 
I have been tempted to eat the chocolate but then the gift wouldn't make sense haha!!
I just love the cups. 
I also grabbed some cute little reusable bags at Micheals.
 And there you have it. Back to school gifts. I think this will be my "go-to" idea through the years.
Vincent starts next week and Luke starts the following so be ready for a ton of pictures!
I can't wait to see them with their little bookbags on! 

Good Luck to all your kiddo's, I know most of them have already started!
Hope they have an amazing year!
PS if you have any cute gift ideas, spill them lol with 4 kids we will need LOTS of ideas!


  1. Clever idea! The gifts look adorable. I am sure their teachers will really appreciate the gifts. You are so sweet. I am looking forward to seeing the priceless pics of the boys :)

  2. Those are just adorable and I'm sure much appreciated

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  5. Beautiful post. I was looking for some idea about teachers gifts and your made it easy for me. Thanks & keep the good work up.

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