I am still semi in shock that Luke is three!
He just turned 3 officially yesterday.
I reread his birth story that morning, reliving all those magical moments of his entrance into the world. I literally laid here in bed just thinking about everything. How amazing that day was, minus the horrid labor, I swear his labor was 10 times worse than Vincents, I just remember wanting to meet him so badly during those hours of intense contractions. The moment he was placed on my chest was heaven. I can honestly remember every detail about being in the hospital, I remember our friend Stephanie crying when she met him, I remember our friend Robbie hand delivering my favorite meal, I remember all the love that filled our hospital room for our sweet Luke. It didn't matter and doesn't matter still that he is our second son, he is our Luke and very very special. 

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr Suess rocks, am I right, I always think of this quote when the boys come to mind! They are all unique and their own beings! 

Nothing about Luke is similar to Vincent, they are complete opposites, which shocked me because I semi expected them to be alike. From the start his bright blue eyes stood out and melted a place into my soul. I can honestly just stare at his eyes all day. Luke is my wild child but also such a huge lover. I am so blessed to be his mother and to watch him grow into who he has become. 
I never imagined that we would have a blue eyed, bleach blonde boy! Sometimes I look at him and see my brother instantly. He resembles him as a child and I love that about him! Luke is smart as a whip, although he acts like a complete nut ball. He is always listening and learning. It's crazy because when we do prayers at night we will think he isn't paying attention and ask him questions and he knows the answer instantly! I remember being hesitant when Jordan wanted Luke to start saying the rosary with us, we usually wait longer for them to join in but man Luke has proved to be our little rosary king. He knows everything and sometimes I just sit there and marvel at those sweet words coming out of his mouth. Hearing him pray may be the best part of my day!

Luke has totally taught me that life is full of FUN. Vincent is a tad more reserved but Luke grabs life by the balls every morning and runs with it! FULL FORCE. He never does anything 50%, he is always 110% and I have learned so much from being his mom. He keeps me on my toes and keeps me fresh and lively. Sure, he tires me out but he pushes me to get out there and enjoy life. 

I sometimes worry about Luke being stuck in the middle but he could care less, he makes himself known to everyone and anyone. There is no missing Luke from the pack! Watching him play (and fight like a little girl) with Vincent is so cool, he looks up to his big brother and mimmicks him, then on the flip side, he is Jude's big buddy. We joke that Jude learns all his shenanigans from Luke which is semi true! I love watching him love on Jude, he is for sure Jude's protector, even though he sometimes feels the need to push him down. He can't ruin his style hanging with a baby, right!? haha! 
We will be celebrating Luke's birthday with all our family and friends next weekend. His theme was again is TRAINS. Homeboy loves his trains. It is semi sad because last year he called them "Dot Dot EEEEE's" and now he actually refers to them as trains. He wants a JAMES party not a Thomas though, because James is red, duh! Red is clearly his new favorite color also. If he could wear ALL RED, all day every day, he would. 

Luke, I love you more than you will ever know. I am so blessed to have you as my sweet son, I cannot wait to continue to watch your grow into a studly young man! You are my life! Thank you for being my son and cuddle buddy!!! I am so proud of you, always. Love you to the moon and back a million times! xoxoxo



  1. What a cutie and I love that shirt! Where did you get it?

  2. Aww!!! I love the blog, it brought tears to my eyes. Love to you, hugs and kisses to you my sweet 3 year old boy. Grandma loves you.

  3. Happy birthday Luke!! Such a handsome boy.

  4. He is such a handsome little boy! Happy Birthday Luke! Your kids growing reminds me of how fast life seems to be passing. Hope three is a great year Luke!

  5. He's adorable! Congrats on the one on the way, too!