Oh, HELLO 3rd trimester.

I seriously cannot believe we are in the last trimester. This pregnancy has been insanely quick, although the exhaustion at times makes it seem never ending. But our baby will be here in 90ish days.
It's so funny because I do not want this babe to come til his/her due date. Vincent has a school christmas play 2 days before the due date so I am praying that the baby either comes a few days earlier or on time so I can see my little guy in his first ever program. I mean I literally cried at the thought of me missing it when I saw what the date was. I cannot miss that thing. So come hell or high water (or breaking waters) I will be there to see my little guy! (Gosh I got teary eyed typing that....)
Anyways, we are pretty much all set to go. I have pink and blue outfits ready. I have the hats being made for the baby's newborn pics, I have it all planned out. All we need is a baby! :)

Here is a peek at the bumperoo! 
Here is a peek at some comparison belly shots with the boys.
Vincent 25 weeks. I gained SO MUCH that pregnancy. I was huge by the end! 
28 weeks with Luke, you can see my belly is also HUGE with him. 
and 27 weeks with Jude, about the same size as now! As you can see I got smarter with gaining! 

Now for the facts.....

How far along are you? 
27 weeks baby!!! So glad to be in the last trimester! 

Total weight gain: 
up 17 lbs, hoping to even out around 30 for final gain if possible but let's face it we have Thanksgiving stuffed in there so I might pass 30, oh well! 

How big is baby?:  
The baby is around 2 lbs....getting BIG!! YAY!! 

Maternity clothes: 
Hell to the no!! I have a new sure fire way to not wear them. I will do a post on it soon! Let's just say I love jeggings and buying Medium Tall shirts from Gap. By far the comfiest pregnancy thus far.

Stretch marks?:  
No more than before! 

Yea right, my bladder has other plans. I am up every few hours using the ladies room.
Best moment this week?:
All the kicks. I just love feeling him/her move! The boys are also becoming very excited for the new baby. Vincent actually "gets it" this time around.  

Lots and lots! Mostly at night!  

Food cravings?:
Oh yes, anything bad. I have been frequenting Panera (we have a drive thru....score!) for their Chipotle Chicken Panini! Holy yum! 

Food aversions?:
Not really 

Labor signs?: 
No way thank God! 

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, it has never popped 

What I miss: 
My energy, I just want to not feel like a zombie. 

What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting our sweet baby. Seeing the boys reaction to our new sweetie. Seeing my husbands face when we welcome the new baby. Hearing my husband yell out "It's a boy/girl", the first snuggles, the first days at home.....there is so MUCH to look forward to! 

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Delivery...haha! The last 3 have been completely natural but anytime you go into labor anything can happen. I just get scared of all the what-ifs and things that could go wrong. Just very intimidating. 

No idea. I do know the baby is either William or Charlotte though! 
Although Samuel is also in the back of my mind.
I am completely set on Charlotte though.

There you have it!!! Third trimester is here and we are rocking it out as best we can!! I have been so insanely busy with having the boys in school and all that stuff. Photography has also been very busy lately. I am so insanely grateful for everything amazing that has been happening in our life. I know God is surely shining down on us!

So after seeing the pics of my bellies through pregnancy.
What's your gender prediction??


  1. Girl! :) I'm praying for you...haha

  2. Looks a girl bump to me! So glad you are back :)

  3. Girl! I can't believe you are already in the 3rd trimester!

  4. Yay your blog is back!!! You're bump look like the one with Luke so I am stumped. I hope for your sake GIRL, :) I am anxious to hear!!! William Samuel flows well and sounds nice but let's face it you may want to keep both names open in case you have 3 more boys ;)

  5. you look great and I'm gonna vote GIRL!

  6. omg those chipotle chicken sandwiches will be the death of me! (and im not even pregnant lol)

    my bets a girl! but im not sure if thats because of ur symptoms or if i just want a girl for you so bad! ;)

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  7. Woohoo for your blog being back! I missed you! ;)
    I LOVE our Panera drive-thru...best invention ever! You look adorable as always and I'm thinking that looks like a GIRL bump!!

  8. Love the baby names and I hope it's a Charlotte :)

  9. Boy for sure. The only pink room I think that you will have in your house is the downstairs bathroom, better leave it pink :) xoxoxox

  10. I can't believe I have "known' you though two pregnancies now! I'm still thinking boy!