31/32 weeks

I am a tad in shock that our little one will be here in 2 months. 
I have been so busy trying to fit in photo sessions before my maternity leave. 
I thought having the boys in preschool would free up a lot of time and man I swear we are busier than ever. I am looking forward to being done with photography here in a few weeks so I can soak in the last month or so for our family of 5! 

In other pregnancy news, I failed my 1 hour glucose test, no shocker there, I failed with Luke and Jude too. I just took my 3 hour test this morning so I am praying that I passed but I have a bad feeling I am going to fail. I had to go to the ER last week because I woke up to crazy vision and lost a part of my vision for about 20 minutes. All was fine, they checked the baby for about an hour and my blood pressure was solid but my doctor is a tad concerned so I have a feeling I may be doing weekly visits from here on out. But this all could be blood sugar related so I should know about my glucose tomorrow and that should have this all figured out. If it's not that they are chalking this up to a migraine with an aura. I have never had a migraine or an aura, so this is what freaked me out. Loosing vision is not cool at all. I literally was just waiting to pass out or fall over. Thankfully that did not happen. Other than that I am just exhausted haha but the baby is doing great and we are all good!!! 
Now for the facts.....

How far along are you? 
31 weeks

Total weight gain: 
23 lbs. 

How big is baby?:  
The babe is about 3.5 lbs. Getting chubbier :)

Maternity clothes: 
Nope, still my good ole leggings and jeggings. I ordered tons of stuff from Gap in Medium Tall and it ROCKS. It's long enough for leggings and also very loose and fits the bump well! 

Stretch marks?:  
No more than before! 

Not so much. Just preparing for late night feeding that will start in 2 months. That or the lack of sleep is because Jordan and I just started watching Breaking Bad last week. We are now in the 4th season which shows HOW MUCH we have been watching at night when the boys are asleep. 
Best moment this week?:
Vincent and Luke LOVE the baby. Last night Vincent asked what color of eyes our baby will have! He is hoping for green or RED because he likes red! haha

Lots and lots! Mostly at night!  

Food cravings?:
Oh yes, anything bad. I have been frequenting Panera (we have a drive thru....score!) for their Chipotle Chicken Panini! Holy yum! 

Food aversions?:
Not really 

Labor signs?: 
No way thank God! 

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, it has never popped 

What I miss: 
My energy, I just want to not feel like a zombie. 

What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting our sweet baby. Seeing the boys reaction to our new sweetie. Seeing my husbands face when we welcome the new baby. Hearing my husband yell out "It's a boy/girl", the first snuggles, the first days at home.....there is so MUCH to look forward to! 

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Once again. Delivery. All my labors have been so different so I am just hoping for another with no complications! 

Still no idea. I can tell you, it's either a BOY or a GIRL. 50-50 shot!! 
William or Charlotte

Say a few prayers the gestational diabetes testing is negative. If not, I guess it's not the end of the world but will prove to be another obstacle to add to my last 2 months. 

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. oh my gosh your pregnancy has just flown by. I cant believe your already 32 weeks!!

  2. Holy moly cannoli - you're still so tiny!!!! I just failed my glucose test too... womp womp. Terrified I'll fail the 3-hour test since I barely, barely, barely passed it with Benjamin. Also terrified because if I fail, that means DIABETES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. That would be a sad fate indeed.

    I get migraines with aura! The vision loss is wicked scary but once you know (or hopefully you'll know soon) what's causing it, it's less scary.

    A huuuuge good luck to you on the 3-hour test!!!!

  3. You look so great! I hope you start getting more energy towards the end! Hang in there.

  4. You have got to be the CUTEST pregnant mama there ever was! you are amazing! You are so positive and it's inspiring! SO SO SO excited for this baby to come!

  5. We got really into breaking bad last year and I ended up hating it!! I know the point is watching Walter go from good guy to bad guy but it ruined it for me and I stopped watching it lol. It's kind of the same thing with Sons of Anarchy but I'm still watching it for now.