37 Weeks

I am still in shock we are at 37 weeks. It felt like this pregnancy was dragging around week 30 and then BAM, here we are, weeks away from meeting our newest blessing. So surreal. Having this baby mixed in with the holidays is sheer insanity! Lots more planning to get done and make happen. 
The baby will be here Dec 13 or 14 whether he/she likes it or not! haha! I am so excited to have an actual date to plan for. We are choosing to induce because of how quickly Jude arrived. He came in less than 45 minutes of my first real pain. We barely made it to the hospital, so having enough time to make it is very important. If it were just Jordan and I this would be so much easier but with 3 other kids a sudden labor like that is not so easy. We have to orchestrate a whole game plan and have people here. I really pray he or she doesn't come sooner or else I may be the woman giving birth on the side of the road. Eeeek. Better safe than sorry. Also this is not my first rodeo with "induction", Vincent and Luke were also induced, by induced I mean breaking waters. That is all the interventions we have ever had thankfully. I really pray the same happens with this labor. So much stress thinking about the what-ifs for delivery. Trying to stay positive.

Anyways enough about that. Onto the 37 week stats!
 Yes, I swallowed a watermelon haha. I think the white shirt makes me look even bigger! 
How far along are you? 
37 weeks

Total weight gain: 
33 lbs. Woops :) 

How big is baby?:  
Over 6lbs and around 19 inches. 

Maternity clothes: 
Still not happening thanks to the jeggings, sorry to you all who may hate seeing pregnant women in jeggings, the only comfortable thing! 

Stretch marks?:  
No more than before! 

Yeah right. 
Best moment this week?:
I got to meet my nephew. It got me all excited for all the wonderfulness of newborns!! 

TONS, mostly some giant kicks and punches, probably trying to break out! 

Food cravings?:
The normal nothing good for me. Panera's Fontina grilled cheese and tomato soup top the list at the moment, then all the desserts that are to come for the holidays. 

Food aversions?:
Not really 

Labor signs?: 
I am 2cm dilated, and the baby is getting nice and low!
Just the wonderful feeling of the baby falling out of me.
Braxton Hicks.

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, it has never popped 

What I miss: 
My normal sized clothing, so excited to get back to normal Allie size! 

What I'm looking forward to: 
Snuggling our new bear! 

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Delivery, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH....
and after labor when they push on your belly to get rid of the clots, 
hands down worst thing ever. I cannot stand it. Grosssssssss. 

Still up in the air. As is the name (post to come)
We had decided on Charlotte and William early on but not too sure now.
This is the first time we have not had the exact name picked out.
It's so weird. haha.

So there you have it! 37 weekeroos!
2cm down, only 8 to go!!! Praying to dilate as much as possible before we induce!


  1. Can't believe your little one will be here so soon!!! Can't wait to see photos! :) You are still looking great!

  2. I am so excited to see if it's William or Charlotte. Obviously pulling for pink for you! You need another girl in your house!!

  3. You look amazing and adorable!!!!

  4. Yo would be a perfect candidate for a home birth. Can't believe you're so close! It went by so fast!