DIY Giant Moss Letters

I needed something festive for above the fireplace and I love the look of moss letters.
We had a few big cardboard boxes laying around so I decided to try to make my own.
It ended up being super easy! 
You will need:
Glue Gun, lots of glue sticks
Sheets of Moss (Hobby Lobby)
 I just free handed the letters, it doesn't matter how sloppy it looks because you are going to cover it with the moss. So draw as messy as you like. 
 Cut the moss and glue, glue, glue!!! Let it overlay and then wrap it around the edges and glue MORE. 
It won't look so hot on the back but no one will see it.
Finished product. They are indeed very messy to make but I love the look of them!
I think I will make more, maybe do our family monogram and make a larger D in the center with a smaller A & J to the outsides. It was definetely easy enough to want to do it again.

Hanging below is the DIY Advent Calendar I made for the kids this year. Holy DIY magic around here, aka my pregnancy nesting gave me some crafting nesting skills! haha!

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