Hospital Pack List....

I guess since we are about a month away from baby #4 I should pack for the hospital!
Last time I literally barely packed and was cramming stuff in my bag a mere 30 minutes before Jude arrived, so this time I think I might pack ahead of time. 
I remember the first time, Jordan and I had everything packed and ready and by the door.
We had every little thing you could possibly think of and MORE. 
I remember I did not use half of what we took.

Here is a more simplified list of what I actually use and need for the hospital.
Hopefully its a good starting place or just what you will need!!!

Underwear (not anything fancy), you want lots of room for the monster pads they give you and also the ice pack pads (those are heaven) but honestly I always buy a large size cotton panty, or granny panty! They will most likely be stained so don't break the bank, I always throw mine away after the wonderful postpartum bleeding stops.

Slippers/Socks. It gets chilly in the hospital!! So don't forget these. Try to make sure they have slip grips on them so you don't face plant in the middle of the night! 

Toiletries Bag- Think of everything you need to get ready and pack it, hair ties, brush, toothbrush and paste, shower stuff, make up, hair dryer, straighter, after labor you will definitely want to get prettied up! 

Camera, Video Camera, Laptops, iPads- any electronic you will need to capture the moments! Bring along any power cords you will need also! I am THAT mom who stays up editing pictures of my sweet newborn so you won't want to forget any of those goodies! 

Granola Bars/Snacks- Depending how long your labor is you might want a quick snack, hidden from the doctors of course!! Labor is no joke and you will want some energy. Also snacks from after delivery are great! 

Loose going home outfit- Keep in mind your body will still look pregnant, so you will want to be comfy, especially with the giant pad in your pants, so nothing too tight or restricting is good!! 

Robe/Night gown- If you aren't a fan of wearing the hospitals gowns I suggest bringing your own. Plus it's always nice to have some cute and cozy stuff to lounge around in! 

Nursing Tanks/Bras- Oh my heavens nursing tanks are the best, I get mine at Target! They make breastfeeding so much easier and manageable. 

Rice socks/Labor items/Birth Plan- The rice sock was a HUGE help in my first labor, my doula pressed it on my lower back when I was in transition and it helped tons. We also used the exercise ball at the hospital to help aid in labor. You can also bring your birth plan but keep in mind it is just a plan and sometimes can not be followed perfectly. 

Now onto your sweet baby....
Coming Home outfit- We will be bringing pink and blue, since we do not know the gender. But newborn size is the best, everything else has been too big at the start.

Swaddle Blanket- Sometimes the hospital blankets are a bit bulky so swaddle blankets come in handy!

Car Seat- It should already be installed in your car and ready to go, just un-clip and bring it in when you are getting ready to discharge from the hospital. 

Boppy Pillow- If you plan on breast feeding this always comes in handy. I use it every time at the start, it's shocking how frustrating it can be trying to hold and position your newborn AND try to get them to breastfeed. No regular pillow will come close to the boppy!

Hats/Headbands- I am a sucker for newborn hats. We have a little bear one that we always bring and I just love the personal touch it gives our little bears. Headbands are also an amazing touch! 

Warm outfit- We have used the same outfit (pram) to bring home all of babies, it's a brown fleece bear, yes, I love babies dressed as bears clearly! haha but it keeps them toasty as can be! It will be perfect for our December babe. 

Some other things you may need:
Pacifiers- I think they give you some at the hospital though but some people pack them
Bottles- I am not 100% sure but I think they give you bottles for newborns but you might want to pack some just to be covered.
Diapers and Wipes- They usually give you a pack of newborn diapers and also wipes but if you want back up bring a few of each!

Now, let's see if this actually motivates me to PACK!?!?! hahaha!
If you can think of something I missed please let me know!
Pregnancy brain sometimes causes me to forget. A. LOT.


  1. I am so excited to find out if you have a little girl or boy! How fun! :)

  2. A giant water bottle! The nurses never seem to refill mine as fast as I drink it.

  3. Good tips as I need to start packing my hosptial bag soon, just 10 more weeks till I am full term :)

  4. Thanks for the tips- we must have a similar due date because I am 4 weeks away too! Good luck with L&D! And great list- looks a lot like mine :)

  5. So exciting! I'm about 6 weeks away and keep thinking I have more time than I do!