The Name Game....

I must say this is the first time that we have went into this without a for sure name.
We have always had the name picked out months in advance.
I think it must be because we do not know the gender that the name is still up in the air.
Early on we had decided on William and Charlotte.
Gosh to be 17 weeks and not as huge again. hahaha.
Anyways we were set on those 2 names until recently.

We have always picked strong names and tried to keep it in the family. 
This time is no different. We chose William, my great grandfathers name and Charlotte my great aunts name.
But something happened with William, you know how a name can be ruined by one bad egg, well that is kinda sorta what happened. Let's just say Jordan referred to someone with the name he knows and it truly tainted it for us. I hate when you hear a name and get a bad taste so right now William is not on the top of my list, Jordan still loves it but I just cant not think of that person, darn them!!!

Charlotte is still my fave. Charlotte Rose. I love it and everything about it. It is after my great aunt who was hands down the coolest person alive. She had red hair and was a complete southern spit fire. Rose is also a family name from Jordan's grandmother's side so our girl name is pretty rock solid. BUT Jordan walked in the other night saying he really liked Catherine. I love the name too and know the MOST amazing girl named Catherine so I am honestly fine with either Charlotte or Catherine at the moment but more leaning towards Charlotte.

The other boy name that is floating around is Samuel. Samuel is also a family name, my great great grandfathers. So right now going into the home stretch we are between William and Samuel for a boy. I have never known a bad Samuel so that is why I am obsessed with the name. It's funny because Jordan loves William but I love Samuel. The middle name we have chosen at the moment is Clarence, a family name from Jordan's grandmother's side. Its such an old school name and I love it. My mom knew the sweetest older man with the name Clarence and I always remember her talking so fondly of him, so I am good with our middle name for a boy.

In a few short weeks you will be meeting....
I also included the first name meaning under..

William Clarence or Samuel Clarence
(will, desire)                         (name of God)
Charlotte Rose or Catherine Rose
(tiny, feminine)                           (innocent)

Obviously Samuel dominates all the names. Baller.

PS I totally think it's another boy. I think we are totally good at raising the madness that is boys. I honestly think I will be a tad overwhelmed by a girl after 4 years of boy. Obviously I would GO CRAZY over all the pink and clothing but I just have a gut feeling we are destined to have all boys. If that is the case you better believe I am raising them to pick the most fabulous daughter in laws. Which most of these marriages have already been arranged with friends and bloggers. We know what's best for them, right? 
That or we will need them to be priests. Either or.
So my mind is set going into this that Jordan will announce "It's a BOY!" and holy smokes if he doesn't say that I will probably pass out on the table! A few short, short weeks my friends.

Which names do you like best??


  1. I love William and I think I might like Catherine better! Really hoping you finally get your girl!!

  2. Hard decision I love all of them!!!!!

  3. I love Samuel! I think it goes so well with your other boys' names! It's a hard choice between Charlotte and Catherine. I have an Aunt Charlotte and Catherine was my grandma! I also have a cousin named Rose Catherine! I can't wait to see what you have!!!!!
    P.S. Names are sooo hard. We're pretty torn over here too!

  4. How funny, I wanted the name Charlotte Rose for a girl but it was tainted after hearing it a few times like the name William for you. I love Samuel. Seems a little less popular among other babies right now. I hope you get a girl!