Fall pics...

This year I completely slacked and didn't get any fall family pics done.
It might have a lot to do with the fact that I was busy as all get out every weekend with taking my clients pictures, but man I love capturing their families and kiddos so its an even trade.
 We had pictures done on vacation in July and if you know my husband or MOST husbands you only get one shot at family pictures per calendar year!! haha 

Anyways, I needed some new shots of the boys so I just ran them outside and took a few of each. Sadly Jude was sleeping when I did Vincent and Luke's but I just made cards with 3-4 pics so I could mix and match the pics. Here are a few of my favorites.
I could not get a smile from Jude at all. You would think that I tortured the kid by the next picture. We were outside MAYBE 5 minutes. Oye. 
Luke did by far the best. My little ham! 
Then the two best buds. 
Vincent was not offering up very many GENUINE smiles but we will work with it! 
So there you have it, our fall pics in a nutshell. Took a good 20 minutes all together to knock these out.
Next year I am streamlining my photography business and shooting less so hopefully I can fit in our own fall pictures, I already know exactly what I want us to wear and be doing in the pics. Yes, I am crazy haha!
Happy Fall....almost winter! :)


  1. I have to laugh at that picture of him throwing up his hands with that face! That's what most of our photo shoots end up looking like! haha