As you guys know, I am mostly blogging over at The Real Healthwives, it's a nice change of pace!
I will still be here updating on more Allie only stuff like house stuff and kids stuff but I wanted to invite y'all to our first challenge group on the blog. Jamie and I have found out that having a partner in crime while doing workouts REALLY helps!! You have someone to push you daily and someone to talk about how sore you are the next day. We are starting a challenge group to do t25 this month! We will have a private group on facebook of awesome ladies and we will all encourage and support each other through the journey!! 
Here are the details!! I hope you guys will join us!! It will be fun and just think, we will all come out of this journey healthier and with some hot summer bodies!:) 
Hope to see all you hotties there!!!! If you don't have t25 we will be doing other workouts in the future so don't you worry my little pretty!!:) xoxo

Renovation Projects- Boys Bathroom and Reading Room

When we first moved in the boys now bedroom was originally ours and had a huge (ugly) master bath attached. It was seriously giant, you could work out in there. After living in the house we figured out that there was originally 4 bedrooms and they had closed off the 4th bedroom to make this master bath...This is literally the only picture I had of it! 
We decided that instead of spending a ton to make a giant renovated master bath that we would rather make a jack and jill bath and make a small 4th bedroom. I have ALWAYS wanted a jack and jill bathroom, I love them and how they connect two rooms together! 

We gutted the room and knocked out a closet to open up the doorway to the bedroom. Jordan designed the layout of the bathroom and we did the best with the small space we had! Here is a look at it during the renovation process.... 
Here is an after video of the rooms!
Now for some pictures! 
I love the glass tiles! We went with a different color scheme since the other two renovated baths are white, grey and black. Brown went well! 
 The boys room. It's still pretty blank, I want to do some gallery walls and pics at some point! 
We still want to refinish all the floors and touch up a lot of small things but we are FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! This house has came a long way in the past year and I am loving every minute of it! 

Here are the other renovations, the kitchen, small master bath and my favorite bathroom in the house.

The Real Healthwives is LIVE!!!

Hop on over friends!!!

The Real Healthwives...coming soon!!

I mentioned quickly yesterday that my sister in law and I are starting a new blog, The Real Healthwives. 
I am so excited for this venture not only to get healthy but to grow closer to my sister in law, we had a not so optimal start which we are going to openly talk about on the blog and I am just so pumped to be working on not only her and I's relationship but just for myself growing as a person, wife and mother. The past 5 years I have really put off the whole exercising thing mainly because I have been pregnant the entire time, so I just basically tried my best to eat healthy. I would lose my baby weight but still wasn't feeling that great. Food can do a lot for you but exercise is also key. 

I am entering this thing with a body that has been up and down the past 5 years, through the weight gain of 4 pregnancies ranging from 35-70 pounds each time. I have watched the scale go up and down and back again. The whole time I kept telling myself, "this is just a season" and it is so true. You can get your body back and you will, I have no doubt about it, but beating yourself up over it is not the key. I am very laid back about it all, just let it all settle and work itself out, I do not get too invested or beat myself up over the scale or what I look like in the mirror, it's all progress one way or another. 

On the blog I will talk a lot about just trying to fit it all in, I never thought it would be possible to fit workouts in with 4 little boys. Crap, I never thought it was even possible that we would HAVE 4 little boys, I always envisioned 2 or 3 kids, max! haha! But I love every minute of the madness. I am just starting out like I said, my push ups are on my knees, I grunt doing ab workouts, and don't even ask me if I like running. I am a beginner, so this will be a real and raw journey.

I also am a huge foodie, I love cooking and baking and I refuse to give that up! So I will be looking for recipes to allow myself to eat the way I love and not be restricting my guilty pleasures. I refuse to let go of Starbucks frappucinos and Panera's chipolte chicken panini and Chick Fil-a nuggets*this list could go on for days*. All in moderation, baby!

So I really hope you all will join us, Jamie will also be sharing her story, which is completely different than mine. She has so much amazing advice and her journey is great! We are honest, real and raw about it all, which makes this even more exciting. We will also have be having guest bloggers share their stories so if you know anyone who would be a good fit let me know!! 

I will post the link when we go live!! 
Until then you can follow us on Instagram @realhealthwives  

Ch Ch Ch Changes....

Gosh there has been a whole whirlwind of changes around these parts.

One, I stopped blogging for a good 2 months due to a wonderful bout of post-partum anxiety madness that I will touch on here in the future, let's just say it was something I never want to go through again. So that is why I was completely MIA there for awhile. I hate even looking back on those horrible days a few months ago but you know me and that I am an open book, so I will be sharing those details with you all in hopes to help other women who are also going through the crazy hormone madness of those first few weeks and months after baby. I just need to take some time and write it all out. 

Two I have decided that after 5 years of the ups and downs of 4 pregnancies and the weight gain and weight loss that I would indeed claim my body back and get it back in shape. Yippie! I am so excited to push myself and see what I can do to my body. The only growth I have had is growing babies so I would love to grow some abs and see some tone!! haha! So I will be sharing a ton on my journey. I can tell you that I started working out last Wednesday, and 1 week in I am already seeing changes, GOOD changes!! The funny thing is I never thought it would be possible to workout at home with 4 kids and it is. I even made it through working out through the Darr Family snot plague that was ALL of last week, all 4 boys were insanely sick and I shockingly still fit in a workout, even though I semi wanted to just be lazy and eat chocolate (I still ate chocolate, lets not kid ourselves!) but it is possible to fit in a workout! 

Three, my sister in law and I have decided to embark on a journey together and start our own blog focusing on healthy lives. So you will can expect to read about fitness, healthy eating, creating healthy marriages and friendships, healthy tips for your children, pregnancy, pretty much every single aspect of your life will be covered. I am so excited to kick this off with her in the coming weeks. Right now we have our instagram set up and we will have more social media launching once the blog comes alive next week!! So for now you can follow us at @realhealthwives We will be updating our progress there. I may or may not have posted a before pic of my body last week. Oye. 

Four, our four boys are growing like weeds....
Jude turned two last weekend....I am still in denial!
Sam is 3 months old today. Not real either.
Vincent turns 5 next month, I think I will just pretend he is forever 4, 5 is way too old.
Luke, is still 3 and I love his age so much!! 

I am definitely going to keep this blog going for more normal family life blogging but I will definitely update with all things related to The Real Healthwives blog also! Once it launches I will let you all know! I would love for you all to join the journey with us as we navigate our way to the healthiest bodies and lives possible. It should be a fun ride!! 


Home Renovations (Bathroom 2)

This is hands down my favorite bathroom.
I truly wanted a old school clawfoot tub but there was really no logical space for one in the current bath layout, so my husband got clever and found a way for us to make room for one. We knocked out an existing cabinet to free up a space for the clawfoot beast to go. It also allowed us to create a cool spot for the sinks.

Here is what we started with.
This entire bathroom also had to be gutted. THEN since the house is so old the floor had shifted so that also had to be built and reconstructed underneath, they also had to reinforce the floor under where the clawfoot tub would go because that thing weighs a ton!!

We put the new bathtub where the old cabinet was and where the closet came out.
Since I am in a house full of boys, I wanted a chandelier for a girly touch! 
We put the two pedestal sinks where the old yellow tub used to be, I love the arch detail! 
I had our contractor build a shelf behind the sinks because pedestal sinks clearly have no room
Jordan let me pick out all the fixtures in this room and I love them. I went with vintage looking for everything.
We did a hexagon marble and had a border added to give it a little more detail. I love it!
We also picked a vintage looking toilet to add more detail in.
Although I must say I am not a fan of the new toilets!
They are Kohler "comfort height" ones and when you are 5 foot 2 they are NOT comfortable. 
I must say it is by far my most favorite room, even if I have only taken 1-2 baths in it!! haha
I still need to fully decorate the walls but it's getting there slowly! 
This in my eyes is the best transformation room! 
Here is also the kitchen and bathroom 1....
Still more to come now that I FINALLY got around to taking pics of the place haha!!

Home Renovations (Bathroom 1)

Well, well, well, here we are. Bathroom ONE!

The first bathroom gutting started on day one, it was seriously horrible, there was water coming through the ceiling of the shower and mold so that had to go ASAP. 
Bathrooms are so crazy to do, they are freaking insanely expensive.
This is a super tiny bathroom and it was crazy how much it cost. 
It really opened our eyes to this whole renovation game but made us realize we wanted every bathroom renovation to be done right ONCE. Which meant we didn't skip any steps or side step on any costs, we want these bathrooms to be built insanely well and with good materials so they dont fall apart like the one above haha!!Anyways it had to be ripped out completely, and built back up! 
We had originally wanted to save the marble flooring but sadly we couldn't because we had to move water lines to make the bathroom a tad bigger! Bye bye floor. You could see downstairs for a few days lol
We wanted to keep the house renovations in the 1920's era so we built it back pretty similar. 
We found a similar marble flooring and then did subway tile in the shower. All old school looking.
We went with a rain shower head to make it a tad more modern, and because I love rain showers!
We got a new vanity and toilet along with all new fixtures, clearly. 
 We had a seamless shower door installed and I LOVE it!! Feels like a spa. (a tiny closet sized one!) 
The was initially supposed to be the boys bathroom but we ended up switching them rooms so now it is our master bathroom. 
The boys in turn scored the bigger bedroom and bigger bathroom which we also just built. 
Lucky little suckers! But there is way more of them than us, so this tiny bath does us just fine.

Next up is my favorite bathroom in the house, here is a sneak at an after photo.