As you guys know, I am mostly blogging over at The Real Healthwives, it's a nice change of pace!
I will still be here updating on more Allie only stuff like house stuff and kids stuff but I wanted to invite y'all to our first challenge group on the blog. Jamie and I have found out that having a partner in crime while doing workouts REALLY helps!! You have someone to push you daily and someone to talk about how sore you are the next day. We are starting a challenge group to do t25 this month! We will have a private group on facebook of awesome ladies and we will all encourage and support each other through the journey!! 
Here are the details!! I hope you guys will join us!! It will be fun and just think, we will all come out of this journey healthier and with some hot summer bodies!:) 
Hope to see all you hotties there!!!! If you don't have t25 we will be doing other workouts in the future so don't you worry my little pretty!!:) xoxo

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