Ch Ch Ch Changes....

Gosh there has been a whole whirlwind of changes around these parts.

One, I stopped blogging for a good 2 months due to a wonderful bout of post-partum anxiety madness that I will touch on here in the future, let's just say it was something I never want to go through again. So that is why I was completely MIA there for awhile. I hate even looking back on those horrible days a few months ago but you know me and that I am an open book, so I will be sharing those details with you all in hopes to help other women who are also going through the crazy hormone madness of those first few weeks and months after baby. I just need to take some time and write it all out. 

Two I have decided that after 5 years of the ups and downs of 4 pregnancies and the weight gain and weight loss that I would indeed claim my body back and get it back in shape. Yippie! I am so excited to push myself and see what I can do to my body. The only growth I have had is growing babies so I would love to grow some abs and see some tone!! haha! So I will be sharing a ton on my journey. I can tell you that I started working out last Wednesday, and 1 week in I am already seeing changes, GOOD changes!! The funny thing is I never thought it would be possible to workout at home with 4 kids and it is. I even made it through working out through the Darr Family snot plague that was ALL of last week, all 4 boys were insanely sick and I shockingly still fit in a workout, even though I semi wanted to just be lazy and eat chocolate (I still ate chocolate, lets not kid ourselves!) but it is possible to fit in a workout! 

Three, my sister in law and I have decided to embark on a journey together and start our own blog focusing on healthy lives. So you will can expect to read about fitness, healthy eating, creating healthy marriages and friendships, healthy tips for your children, pregnancy, pretty much every single aspect of your life will be covered. I am so excited to kick this off with her in the coming weeks. Right now we have our instagram set up and we will have more social media launching once the blog comes alive next week!! So for now you can follow us at @realhealthwives We will be updating our progress there. I may or may not have posted a before pic of my body last week. Oye. 

Four, our four boys are growing like weeds....
Jude turned two last weekend....I am still in denial!
Sam is 3 months old today. Not real either.
Vincent turns 5 next month, I think I will just pretend he is forever 4, 5 is way too old.
Luke, is still 3 and I love his age so much!! 

I am definitely going to keep this blog going for more normal family life blogging but I will definitely update with all things related to The Real Healthwives blog also! Once it launches I will let you all know! I would love for you all to join the journey with us as we navigate our way to the healthiest bodies and lives possible. It should be a fun ride!! 



  1. I know that I am helping with it, but I am seriously so excited about this site, I think it will be an amazing thing for so many women. I am looking forward to seeing the exercises you girls do at home and get some recipes from you.

  2. Yay, I can't wait to read the new blog! I've already been following your Instagram account!