Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Renovations (Bathroom 1)

Well, well, well, here we are. Bathroom ONE!

The first bathroom gutting started on day one, it was seriously horrible, there was water coming through the ceiling of the shower and mold so that had to go ASAP. 
Bathrooms are so crazy to do, they are freaking insanely expensive.
This is a super tiny bathroom and it was crazy how much it cost. 
It really opened our eyes to this whole renovation game but made us realize we wanted every bathroom renovation to be done right ONCE. Which meant we didn't skip any steps or side step on any costs, we want these bathrooms to be built insanely well and with good materials so they dont fall apart like the one above haha!!Anyways it had to be ripped out completely, and built back up! 
We had originally wanted to save the marble flooring but sadly we couldn't because we had to move water lines to make the bathroom a tad bigger! Bye bye floor. You could see downstairs for a few days lol
We wanted to keep the house renovations in the 1920's era so we built it back pretty similar. 
We found a similar marble flooring and then did subway tile in the shower. All old school looking.
We went with a rain shower head to make it a tad more modern, and because I love rain showers!
We got a new vanity and toilet along with all new fixtures, clearly. 
 We had a seamless shower door installed and I LOVE it!! Feels like a spa. (a tiny closet sized one!) 
The was initially supposed to be the boys bathroom but we ended up switching them rooms so now it is our master bathroom. 
The boys in turn scored the bigger bedroom and bigger bathroom which we also just built. 
Lucky little suckers! But there is way more of them than us, so this tiny bath does us just fine.

Next up is my favorite bathroom in the house, here is a sneak at an after photo.


  1. Keep these posts coming! I love seeing before and after photos! Those bathrooms look amazing!

  2. Is there anywhere to watch your episode of House Hunters?

  3. I missed your house hunters episode. Do you know if there is a way to find it online? Your house looks beautiful!

    1. It's actually on Amazon House Hunters Season 77 Episode 4!

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