Home Renovations (Bathroom 2)

This is hands down my favorite bathroom.
I truly wanted a old school clawfoot tub but there was really no logical space for one in the current bath layout, so my husband got clever and found a way for us to make room for one. We knocked out an existing cabinet to free up a space for the clawfoot beast to go. It also allowed us to create a cool spot for the sinks.

Here is what we started with.
This entire bathroom also had to be gutted. THEN since the house is so old the floor had shifted so that also had to be built and reconstructed underneath, they also had to reinforce the floor under where the clawfoot tub would go because that thing weighs a ton!!

We put the new bathtub where the old cabinet was and where the closet came out.
Since I am in a house full of boys, I wanted a chandelier for a girly touch! 
We put the two pedestal sinks where the old yellow tub used to be, I love the arch detail! 
I had our contractor build a shelf behind the sinks because pedestal sinks clearly have no room
Jordan let me pick out all the fixtures in this room and I love them. I went with vintage looking for everything.
We did a hexagon marble and had a border added to give it a little more detail. I love it!
We also picked a vintage looking toilet to add more detail in.
Although I must say I am not a fan of the new toilets!
They are Kohler "comfort height" ones and when you are 5 foot 2 they are NOT comfortable. 
I must say it is by far my most favorite room, even if I have only taken 1-2 baths in it!! haha
I still need to fully decorate the walls but it's getting there slowly! 
This in my eyes is the best transformation room! 
Here is also the kitchen and bathroom 1....
Still more to come now that I FINALLY got around to taking pics of the place haha!!


  1. I love it! I dream of having a tub like that one day!!

  2. ALLIE!!!!!!!!! THAT BATHROOM IS SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC! Oh my good googly moogly. You guys nailed it. I love it so much!

  3. Gorgeous!!! LOVE those floor tiles! And putting that shelf/ledge behind the sinks is brilliant! I love the way pedestal sinks look, but they never have any space for anything!

  4. I love the old claw foot tubs. The renovation looks amazing!!!