House Renovations Part 1....

I have been totally MIA since Sam arrived, lots more to come on him and all the craziness of being a mom to 4 little men!!! Within all the madness we filmed again with HGTV for House Hunters Where Are They Now, they filmed all our renovations and updates and our house is ALMOST to where we want it! Everyone who saw the first House Hunters has been asking for blog updates so I will start in the kitchen....

The kitchen was a complete train wreck when we saw the house the first time, no appliances, hideous linoleum that was meant to look like brick, yet it was peeling up in various spots, really hot. The cabinets were two different colors and it was just gross. Thankfully I envisioned pinterest kitchens in my mind and all the things we could do to make the kitchen amazing. We were going to initially rip the entire thing out and start over but our realtor told us to live in it before we make such a huge investment and I must say that was the best advice ever. Jordan and I have changed our minds about 100 times on how we want the kitchen and it is not what I would of done had we renovated right away so I am glad we waited. In the meantime we made it with what we had. We bought all new appliances, did new floors, painted the walls and cabinets and just cleaned it up!!!

Here are some before pictures of what we had to work with....
 When I look back I can't believe we took this house on, with 3 kids haha!
 I even found this image on the MLS, that stove and the other randoms were not here when we looked.
The kitchen is HUGE, there are 2 eat in areas and we added a pantry as well!! 
Here is a look at the new updates! 
We painted the cabinets white and painted the walls a light grey. 
Since the appliances were missing we were able to pick out the exact ones we liked. We did a Thermador duel fuel range (obsessed with it!) and Thermador dishwasher. We went with a Kitchenaid Fridge which I also love, it has a cool touch screen on it! We also replaced the gross hood they had to match the range.
Our contractor built an amazing bench along the wall and I painted the table and chairs!
The opposite side of the kitchen has the boys little eating area
The kitchen connects in so many areas, to the dining room, to the office den and to the back door.
So there is the kitchen!! I love it!!!

Eventually we will get all new cabinets (ours are seriously so old and the drawers all stick) and all new counters but for now we are just living in it and loving it!! 

Next up are the is a sneak at the nastiness we had to work with....
Hello lovely master look so inviting....
 Oh my that green carpet and yellow bath really make a statement with the floral
 Oh and under said carpet (that peeled up at the corners was this lovely flooring....
I cannot wait to show you the afters of these two bathrooms...they are night and day!!!

Until next time!! xoxo


  1. Oh wow, you did have a lot of work to do, but my gosh, it turned out wonderfully. I LOVE the kitchen!!! Can't wait to see the bathrooms!

  2. I am dying to watch this episode! And I can't wait to see more afters!!

  3. Seriously in love with all these improvements!

  4. If only I could buy a new home that’s as spacious as your house, I’d be happy to update renovation progress, too! Anyway, hooray for the house renovations! I’m really excited to see the results of your projects, Allie! You might have lots of work to do, but I know it’ll dictate the fabulous mood in your home. Keep us updated with the progress. Pretty please? Thanks! :)

    Steve Jamieson