The Real Healthwives...coming soon!!

I mentioned quickly yesterday that my sister in law and I are starting a new blog, The Real Healthwives. 
I am so excited for this venture not only to get healthy but to grow closer to my sister in law, we had a not so optimal start which we are going to openly talk about on the blog and I am just so pumped to be working on not only her and I's relationship but just for myself growing as a person, wife and mother. The past 5 years I have really put off the whole exercising thing mainly because I have been pregnant the entire time, so I just basically tried my best to eat healthy. I would lose my baby weight but still wasn't feeling that great. Food can do a lot for you but exercise is also key. 

I am entering this thing with a body that has been up and down the past 5 years, through the weight gain of 4 pregnancies ranging from 35-70 pounds each time. I have watched the scale go up and down and back again. The whole time I kept telling myself, "this is just a season" and it is so true. You can get your body back and you will, I have no doubt about it, but beating yourself up over it is not the key. I am very laid back about it all, just let it all settle and work itself out, I do not get too invested or beat myself up over the scale or what I look like in the mirror, it's all progress one way or another. 

On the blog I will talk a lot about just trying to fit it all in, I never thought it would be possible to fit workouts in with 4 little boys. Crap, I never thought it was even possible that we would HAVE 4 little boys, I always envisioned 2 or 3 kids, max! haha! But I love every minute of the madness. I am just starting out like I said, my push ups are on my knees, I grunt doing ab workouts, and don't even ask me if I like running. I am a beginner, so this will be a real and raw journey.

I also am a huge foodie, I love cooking and baking and I refuse to give that up! So I will be looking for recipes to allow myself to eat the way I love and not be restricting my guilty pleasures. I refuse to let go of Starbucks frappucinos and Panera's chipolte chicken panini and Chick Fil-a nuggets*this list could go on for days*. All in moderation, baby!

So I really hope you all will join us, Jamie will also be sharing her story, which is completely different than mine. She has so much amazing advice and her journey is great! We are honest, real and raw about it all, which makes this even more exciting. We will also have be having guest bloggers share their stories so if you know anyone who would be a good fit let me know!! 

I will post the link when we go live!! 
Until then you can follow us on Instagram @realhealthwives  


  1. Can't wait to read it, I have two of the best daughters-in-law in the world. Don't worry, Allie. I do my push ups on my knees, running, what a joke, I grunt horribly doing ab workouts, but I am continuing on. You are my inspiration, when I read that you were starting exercise for Lent, I thought, I can do the same thing. I want to be around for a long, long, time. Love to both you and Jamie - xoxoxoxo

  2. Looking forward to the new blog! I need some inspiration to get my pre-baby abs back! :) Also excited to read about both of your journeys and I love the honesty of discussing your not so great start.

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