Check in!

The past few weeks have been crazy, I feel like every week is always a little crazy with 4 kids. Such is life.
I am blogging way more over at The Real Healthwives but I want to keep this blog because this is where I started and met so many of you and created so many amazing friendships! 

Anyways here's what we have been up to!!
I started really working out on Ash Weds so 6 weeks ago! 
 My back is my main area. I think things are moving in the right direction!! I feel like all my pregnancy weights settled in my lower back and thighs, I have stretcth marks on the INSIDE of my thighs!??! Anyone else? I guess better there then my stomach!! 
I dropped my last 10 lbs within that time frame. 
I was so nervous to take on being a Beachbody coach. At first I was like no thanks! But man I am so stinking glad I took the plunge. I LOVE helping people! I love seeing people get happier and healthier and most importantly, more confident! Moms lose so much of themselves when we have kids, its such a rat race to keep up with our families, let alone ourselves. I mean seriously the past 5 years I did not at ALL make working out a priority!! I am shocked how amazing I feel from taking the small steps towards being healthy! 

If you guys wanna follow my Allie Darr Fit & Healthy page I would love to have you! 

I really think my problem is because we went about it wrong! We joined a gym after Jude, and it was a HUGE fail! Taking all the kids to the gym is ANNOYING. By the time we even got there I had NO desire to workout, hence why we never went! Great waste of money! We dumped $75 a month to the gym. Yeah thats a tough one to swallow when you add up a year of that! UGH! Anyways when you find a program that works the whole thing is easier!! I started out doing just simple stuff like this at home...
That was a great place to start! Just get your body ready, you can do that workout anywhere. I would even do it in the bathroom while the kids took a bath! 

After that I welcomed the 21 day fix!! 30 minutes a day!! This is by far my favorite program yet!! Its great for beginners but also tough that you are feeling a great burn!! I had amazing results with this!! We just started T25 and WOW!! It's intense! I am excited to see my results from it!!

Anyways back to why I love coaching!! It doesnt even feel like a job!! I am sharing my story with others and helping them! It is so insanely rewarding!! I have welcomed a group of amazing new ladies to my team and I am so excited to watch them grow and help others! We can make people healthy and kick the obesity epidemic in the butt!! 
My team is seriously full of amazing women!! Each one of these ladies is passionate and I know they will do great things and touch so many peoples lives!! 

I am trying this year to pull back on Photography. I do LOVE it but last year I got a little burned out! I was doing it every single weekend. I LOVE capturing families but I also have to be realistic since my kids are so young. Its not as easy to sneak away on the weekends now that we have four little ones! But nonetheless I am trying to create a happy medium between being a mother, a coach, a photographer and a wife. 
But honestly these cute kids and families make it all worth it!! 

The Real Healthwives was featured over at Binge Magazine this week!
I loved the article!! 
 We tried snagging a few family pics since I have the boys on the couch....yup this is life...
 Vincent turned FIVE.....I am still in freaking shock!!!
His birthday was on Easter so it was a huge party anyway. I am forgoing birthday parties this year and doing just ONE BIG blowout this summer, mainly because 4 parties is way too many when you include in holidays. So one party is best for all of our families!!

I did the shakeology's pretty much the bomb! I cheated bad the first time but did it again this week and lost 3 lbs!! I did not follow it perfectly because I am breastfeeding but I did the best I could and my milk supply was not harmed at all!! I will definitely be doing it again! 
I do have trials and samples also because I know some people want to TRY them!! 

 It's finally semi nice here in Ohio so we can play outside!!
Juder is getting so darn big!! Him and Luke are honestly twins! 
 Sammer is still growing like a weed. Slowly starting to sleep a little longer sometimes at night! 

Him and Jude are also best buds.
Its nice because Vincent and Luke are homies so now Jude has a pal! 
 Awesome baby product alert!! Phil & Teds Lobster chair....OMG....I am in hooks on to any table or counter!! I wish we would have had this for every baby!! It comes with a carrying case so we can take it anywhere!! Plus he just looks so darn cute in it!! 
 And last but not least, the perfect MOM shirt!! Hello brand makes one but I found this one on etsy for cheaper, I am all about saving a buck! And its made in England, which is my all time favorite place so it was a win win win!!! 
PS if you guys have any health or fitness questions let me know, you do not have to be a Beachbody customer for my help haha!!! So don't you fret! I am here to help you regardless of beachbody! Any workout you can do is better than nothing, walking your kids, playing at the park there are so many options to get your body moving!!! So ask away!! 

I think that is all for now!!! Time to take on the weekend....yippie!! 


  1. You have a such a beautiful family! I need to get back into my workout routine, I was really trying to take it easy after having a c-section but now I'm three months out and feeling great!

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