Chugga Chugga.....Progress Train!

As you guys know, or maybe you don't know.
I started working out and eating healthy last month.
I have always ate pretty decent but with all the pregnancies I allowed lots of bad things!
So on Ash Wednesday I made my lent goal to work out 30 mins a day and watch what I eat...
The working out part is entirely brand new for me.
I HATED working out, I just always chalked up the whole chasing my kids around and cleaning the house as a workout because honestly IT IS....A never ending workout!! But clearly those activities were not toning anything up so alas I decided to get serious!! 

We started the 30 day Body Rock Challenge on The Real Healthwives.
I won't lie, the first week or so was OKAY minus the soreness but the freaking workout would be 45-75 minutes. What the WHAT!?!? Yes, and it would vary, it had no consistency. 
Trying to fit in an hour plus with 4 little guys doesn't work so well. Its a train wreck.
And I was noticing my mommy patience went from struggling to pure bitch mode. 
I was TRYING my hardest to fit in this workout and I was so ANNOYED when they would interrupt.
It was honestly becoming more stressful than anything and I was hating it. Yes, I was starting to see results but yelling at my kids and being in a bitchy mood is not worth it!!! I want to LOVE what I am doing, not dread it!! Because if it doesn't make me happy, I won't stick with it!! 
Workout buddies and workout scene typically
 A few of my favorite mama friends were Beachbody coaches and I followed their journeys through instagram and facebook. They had mentioned the coaching thing to me randomly but I just blew it off because I was pregnant or it was the craziness of a newborn but once I decided to make the healthy change I started talking to them about it, it started with me just asking questions trying to find the IDEAL program for me since I don't have a large chunk of time yet I want to get fit!!! They filled me in on Beachbodys programs and the shorter workout programs like T25 and 21 day fix! I was all on board for these.

30 minutes or LESS has my name written all over it!!! They mentioned I could be a coach and also recieve discounts, and hello this mama likes discounts!!! Only way I shop!!

Well I was INSANELY hesitant, and of course said I didnt think it was the right fit for me. I never wanted to be one of those annoying friends on facebook only pushing products and I definetely didn't want to be TIED DOWN to some scheme. They sent me a video about beachbody and how it all works and WOW WOW WOW. Its not the typical pyramind scheme BS. There is no monthly quota, no inventory and no contracts, so basically its no loss to me. I STILL sat on the idea. I was all in for buying the 21 day fix but was on the fence about coaching. I kept questioning if I would make a good coach or if I had time for it.

I mean there I was with a newborn and 3 toddlers, and I also run my own photography business. Would I really have time for this coaching thing??? I finally decided to bite the bullet and just try, it was NO loss to be because I was already ordering the 21 day fix and I wanted to try out the Shakeology. So I dove in and joined as a coach, I literally just laid low the first weeks and took it all in. They give you all the tools to learn the business and it's so much fun. I have met so many amazing ladies already. Its a big family. Everyone helping eachother to succeed. I got my shakes and 21 day fix program and the mail and I tried them out FIRST before mentioning it to anyone. I needed to check this out and make sure it was the real deal before I post about it. The shakes, ummm holy hell AMAZING. And the 21 day fix workout....A DREAM....A freaking dream, going from the 45-75 min body rock videos to a 30 minute realistic workout was AMAZING. A FREAKING MAZING!!! We are also starting T25 this month which is only 25 minutes!!! I seriously can't get over how great these programs are for busy people!!! 30 mins is only 2% of your day. I can definetely find 2% of my day for working out! 
 Well I am ALMOST hitting my 1st month as being an official coach I am SO INSANELY excited!!! I went from being just a normal coach to EMERALD RANK!!!! That just means that I am growing my own team and I bringing on so many amazing coaches!!! You guys will most likely know who my newest coach is....Welcome my all time favorite mom blogger, RAVEN!!!
 I am so excited not only for Raven to grow as a coach but also to have another workout buddy. I know we will be teaming up for challenges are changing lives of women left and right!!! I love that blogging reaches you to so many more people! I would have NEVER found this "job" if it weren't for blogging! 
Our team is doing a FREE week long trial for people interested in coaching. You will be in a facebook group with us and we will just have a quick daily look at what coaches do. Honestly what we do is just share our personal story with others and the rest is handled by Beachbody. Its a breeze!!! 

Here so far are my results from doing Shakeology and working out!!
Sam will be 4 months this weekend and I NEVER EVER EVER thought I could be fit that closely after his birth!!! I mean honestly, this is me after Vincent....
PS this picture was saved in Jordan's files because I have deleted any unflattering pics of me :(
I literally remember cropping pics of myself just so I could hide my body. The weight after preganancy is so real and crazy!! Especially when you gain between 35-70 each time!! I have been VERY uncomfortable in my own skin these past 5 years and I can honestly say now I am in a GREAT PLACE!

Anyways, like I said if you have ever wondered about coaching or what it's all about I would love to get you guys in our free trial group!!! If you have any questions about any of the programs also just let me know. Like I said I tried the Body Rock thing and it was literally NOT for me. But these 25-30 min videos are way more realistic and shockingly fun!!!! 

Never in a million years did I think I would be a coach, yet alone succeeding only after being with Beachbody for less than a month!!! I am so excited to be an Emerald Coach now!!! (yes, I am a nerd) 
PS Raven and I are going to be trying the Shakeology 3 day cleanse this month!!!!! We will TRY it first and give our results!! We gotta make sure it works, but as far as I can say Shakeology is rocking my world!! I notice a difference in my mood and energy, and that is huge for a momma who only sleeps 4-6 hours a night, THANKS SAM!:)

Speaking of Sam, I finally got him to his well check, he is 4 months this weekend. He hasnt been to the doctor since he was 2 weeks old. #MOMFAIL

PS through all this I am still breastfeeding and Sam is still a chunk so no changes to milk supply!
Leave a comment if you want in the group. Starts Monday. If you miss this round we will be doing more!!
Or email me 


  1. I'm glad to hear this workout is good for a breastfeeding/pumping momma! I have the T25 DVD's from before I was pregnant and have been hesitant to get them back out again. I also had to have a c-section so I can't do any core workouts for another three weeks. I only gained 28lbs when I was pregnant (thank god) so I don't have a ton of baby weight to loose but I want to be tone and I want to get in shape!

  2. So with the Shakology, we've talked before about nursing...Do you use a shake and replace a meal with it or just as a snack? Do they keep you full for awhile? I guess I'm hesitant to try anything drastic in case it messes with my milk supply and have been tracking calories with MFP now. I'm trying to only eat 1800 a day, but now that I'm tracking it and eating healthy I've been eating a little under that. I haven't noticed a supply drop, but I am certainly trying to been really careful to eat enough too. Funny when you start watching what you eat, how careful you become you know? I almost feel like I'm avoiding anything bad just in case it tempts me to go back to the bad eating habits! LOL

  3. Oh, do they offer like a trial shake? I may want to taste one first before committing to buying a whole ton of them you know?