Friday Instadump!!!

I am honestly on Instagram the most out of anything! It's just so easy to update!!!
If you aren't following me, shame on you!! haha Joking, but I also post from @realhealthwives too!
Anywho, here's a look at the past week or so of our lives. Enjoy!
Jude turned two last month, yeah forgot to update that!! I decided to do a HUGE birthday bash for all the boys this summer vs having 4 parties, genius I know! :) So that is why there was no birthday party post! We just are going to celebrate with just us on their birthday! PS that is how he pees....yeah it's a messy transition!
I NEVER paint my nails because it chips horribly!!! I signed up for Julep because the first box is free  (code is MAVENBFF or FREEBOX) so I figured what the hell, and OMG it is AMAZING!!! Lasted 3 days, that is huge for me!! I am going to keep the box coming monthly because the quality is great!! So my first box was free and I added two additional polishes, so I got 4 polishes shipped plus some cuticle cream for $11!! Holler! 
We have been posting all our healthy recipes over on The Real Healthwives blog
Sam attack. Homeboy is getting so BIG!! He will be 4 months in a few weeks. Insane!!! 
Thanks to instagram I find the cutest kids clothing!! Say hello to @threelittlenumbers I am obsessed with their tees. They had them buy 3 get one free so I had to bounce on it!! Very good quality!! 
The workouts are going amazing!!!! I have been working out 30 mins a day for the past month and it is paying off my friends, losing inches and pounds all over. Still need to get rid of my love handles but it's progress!! Speaking of working out, Forever 21 has workout clothes! Those yoga shorts, $7!! They are amazing! They also have tanks and sports bras, the whole shebang!!!

We are starting a T25 Challenge in a few weeks if you wanna join! It will be a private group and we will all check in and be accountable! It will be so much fun and so helpful!! Message us if you want details!!
Also if you have ever been interested in Shakeology let me know!! I am obsessed, I have been doing it also for the past month and I have gotten such a boost of energy and I think it has also helped with the weight loss!! Its very tasty and yummy!

Well that is about it!!! I am going to type up a post for homemade cheezits for this blog since they are not technically a healthy snack for the other blog! But holy hell they are yummy! That to come next week!!

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  1. My word, Sam is such a chunk and so adorable!!!! My little lady is just about 10 weeks old and I swear she changes every day (she probably does). Love the photo updates as I have been MIA from blogging since having the baby, but I'm back now!