Homemade Cheez-Its!!

I love cheez-its but honestly a few years back cut the normal brand out and went with an all natural brand. Annie's cheese crackers are just not the same as Cheez-its, sometimes going more natural just does not have the same taste mainly because it has less junk in it! haha! That is pretty much what it boils down to. Therefore when I saw a cheese crackers recipe from The Chew that was so EASY I had to give it a shot! AND I'm so glad that I did....THESE ARE AMAZING!! A freaking MAZING!!!
I could have rolled mine a little thinner but honestly they were crunchy and airy and FULL of cheese flavor! 
 You will need:
1 cup flour
4 TBS butter (cut into tiny squares)
8 oz cheese shredded
4 TBS Ice cold water
(whatever spices you fancy, I sprinkled in garlic and onion powder)
A food processor
 Mix it all in the processor
 Make into a flat-ish ball
 Wrap in saran wrap and put in the fridge til it gets a tad hard.
 Once it is firmer roll it out.
 A huge secret I learned is to put dough between two sheets of parchment paper. This is so genius and helps a TON. I did this for sugar cookies this past Christmas and it saved so much time and drama with dough getting stuck to the rolling pin. Roll out until it is pretty darn thin.

Use a pizza cutter to cut into strips then into 1x1 inch squares, or whatever is easiest. 
 Place on your baking pan. I always use parchment paper, less mess. You can use a fork to make the edges look like Cheez-Its but honestly that is way too time consuming. I did these two then quit!
 Bake those babies at 350 for 10-15 minutes until they look lightly crispy! 

Let them cool a tad and you are DONE....
 The only downside is that they were GONE in like 20 minutes!!! They are so amazing! 
 I love how CHEESY they taste!! And much LESS junk in them than the real ones from the store! 
Next time I want to try different cheeses and spices. Spice it up a little!! 
They are so customizable so have fun with it!!! 

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