Post Partum Hell....

I owe this post mainly to you all....a lot of you emailed after Sam was born and wondered where I is the story! I blogged about it over at The Real Healthwives....

Here is a tiny snipit of the story...

"But it was honestly such a horrible ride, it sucked so bad because Sam was a perfect baby.
He slept all the time and just woke for feedings. On top of the anxiety I felt guilt.
Guilt that I could not relax enough to enjoy my newborn and my older boys.
Post-partum can do a whole plethora of crazy things, but catching it and controlling it is so key.
Like I said I usually hate medicine, but man sometimes it is exactly what you need.
I could not control this monster on my own.
Anxiety is completely normal, sometimes you can handle it on your own and sometimes you can't.
That doesn't make you weak at all."

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