Tiny Troll....

Ahhh, you guys. 
I thought Jude was going to turn out to be a peaceful little guy.
He was literally the perfect baby, everything was easy and smooth.
(Sam is now too but now that I see how Jude turned out I am terrified)
Once Jude figured out the whole walking game he literally began trolling.
At first I thought troll was a not so perfect word for his actions but MAN he proved me that the word troll is actually the most AMAZING word to describe him and his behaviors.
Jude has got to hands down be my biggest challenge. Its insane because he can go from being the sweetest biggest lover to the world's tiniest tornado monster of a child. Its kind of like split personailities. Maybe I should have him checked for that? Wait that would involve me actually having to take him to the doctors which well he is LONG overdue, as always. Just to give you a glimpse, Sam is going TODAY and hasnt seen the pedi since his 2 week appointment, Sam will be 4 months this weekend. That is  how behind we are. With Vincent our first, this would have NEVER happened. I was there EVERY appointment with notebook in hand. Oh how things change from each child. 
Anyways, back to Jude and his personalities. 
He started choosing not to nap awhile back which is where all hell broke lose. He just turned 2 last month and honestly the kid still needs a nap. He just tries to go and go and go like the energizer bunny but he frazzles out half way through the day and turns a tad wild. 
Each day my friends will most likely receive snapchats from me of Jude's latest adventures. Which at times I just can't even believe. The kid never ceases to amaze me with what he does. I want to give you a few scenarios. I am not exaggerating on these. And honestly these situations do not even phase me now. I just shake my head and move on. I just can't allow myself to get upset, because IT IS WHAT IT IS.

1. Jude is learning to use the potty. 
He honestly rocks at it. The only problem is that WHEN he does wear a diaper he will take it off directly following a #2. He will then proceed to bring me the diaper. Sometimes he just goes on the floor. It's just literally a train wreck, I want to stab my eyes out. I mean honestly the other day I am folding laundry in the basement and Jude is trolling around. He sees Verner's water dish and proceeds to pee in it. I guess any small container of liquid equates to a potty. I just can't even handle it!! haha

2. The smoothie making.
 Bless my son's heart. He watches me cook and make smoothie so honestly he is just mimmicking me. But there is a reason Melissa and Doug created tiny kids kitchens and tiny little pretend appliances, and I thought by us owning these my children would do their "pretend" cooking there. Well Vincent and Luke do, but Jude...NOT.SO.MUCH. he wants to play with the big guns. This means the second he sees the kitchen empty he jets in there and begins cooking. He is tiny so he just disappears into the kitchen out of my radar. 
Last month he broke a few glass jars and also my blender. Honestly I should just move everything UP and half of this is my fault by having pots and pans in the cabinets at his reach but COME ON I never had these issues with Vincent or Luke. Jude is a different breed. 

3. The other kitchen fun. There is a reason we NOW have a lock on our pantry. Not because we are psycho parents who don't want their kids snacking on food but because we want our food to last more than 5 seconds. If there is food in reach of his little body he will find and destroy. Complete bags of apples will be found gone, then you will find half eaten apples all over. ALL OVER the house. Vincent and Luke are also to blame for this. But Jude is the biggest offender.
This photo brings us to chairs... 
4. Chairs...we have two tables in the kitchen. If you ever come over you will notice that when you go to pull your chair out, YOU CAN'T! Okay you can buy only a tad because they are tied to the table. 
This may seem a little extreme but rest assured it is not. It was the most genius idea my husband ever had. Now my little troll cannot do as much damage. But his smart little mind will use whatever it takes. And if that means bringing Thomas the train inside to use as a stool so be it. Obviously you can see Thomas above. That cheeky little prick helped Jude create that wonderful mess. 

I could go on and on about that little guy!!! At the end of the day no matter how crazy he is and how much trouble he causes I am still so in love with him obviously, he's still my baby! But man he gives the word troll a whole new meaning. You think the online trolls are bad, let me send Jude to your house!:)

Anyone else have a troll on their hands?? If so bless your heart. I will send over a bottle of wine!


  1. hahah oh my, so funny!!! :) It sounds like you have your hands full with that little guy!

  2. Oh, my gosh. This is absolutely hilarious. I do have to say, Alex and Jordan were never this bad, or maybe, I just blocked out the memories :).

  3. Oh my goodness I can totally relate. My firstborn is like this. He was literally the sweetest most easy going baby, slept great, rarely cried. Then he turned 18 months and all the sudden was into everything. I actually have a folder on my computer labeled "the Jackson tornado". I told my husband just the other day that he is going to be the death of me. He is 3 now and still going strong. Lets hope Jude's streak doesn't last this long....

  4. YES YES YES!!!! My 3 year old is exactly the same way. He seriously drives me nuts. I swore I'd NEVER have another boy and I won't. He's just too much most days. I feel for ya sista! I'm right there with you.