Working out & Breastfeeding

I get asked this almost daily, "does working out effect your milk supply" "can you do shakeology when you are breastfeeding" well we posted last week on Real Healthwives about it!!

Here is my paragraph on it 
"Allie chiming in here. I did fenugreek for awhile around month 2 and ever since I started working out I have not done Fenugreek or the teas. My milk supply is actually up!! I found it so interesting because every other post partum time I had never worked out in concern and here I am with an abundance of milk from just being healthier and working out!! I do drink Shakeology which a lot of moms say has upped their milk supply while working out but all I know is that I have NO problems and Sam is a CHUNKER!

I also did a Shakeology cleanse while breastfeeding and no issues!! I think fitness, eating healthy and breastfeeding go hand in hand!! Don't be nervous to try it! Your body will always let you know it's limits
Breastfeed on my friends!"

To read Jamie's breastfeeding story click here, we both have had NO issues at all working out and breastfeeding. I have honestly noticed an increase in milk supply!! So don't be too scared about it, as ALWAYS listen to your body and your baby for cues on if they are getting enough to eat. Sams happy smiles and chunky thighs assure me that he is content as can be! I am still in shock he will be 5 months in 2 weeks. Stop the clock!!


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  1. No reason not to workout just because of breastfeeding. I did it twice and had more than enough milk, its just important to keep hydrated. The only thing that made my mild supply drop was when I tried eating Paleo and wasn't eating enough carbs. It was weird my milk changed colors into this like dark yellow-ish color.