Fitness Sweet Spot!

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Looking back even in my best shape of doing cheerleading and gymnastics 4-5 days a week I HATED running and anything super cardio. It just wasn't my thing. I literally would freak out when our college coach made us run a mile. I hated it. It made no sense to me because hello I did not sign up to do track I signed up to tumble and cheer co-ed. I get a tad snarky when I don't like things in fitness haha.

I am the same way still. After we had Vincent and Luke I figured I would give running another shot. I honestly thought it would be the ONLY way to get back into shape after 2 kids. I mean gymnastics and tumbling that had kept me in shape was not on the horizon again after kids. I bought new hot pink running shoes and we even got a jogging stroller, all to get me in the running mindset. I actually did get up to running a mile around our neighborhood, but still I did not like it! It just wasn't my thing. Then I got pregnant with Jude haha so running went down the pie-hole. 

Now here I am with 4 kids, and when we started this journey I looked to everyone else for advice on what programs they liked best and what worked for them. I looked to Jamie who loved Body Rock and T25 and figured if she can do it, then so can I. I went head first into Body Rock and after a few weeks HATED it! Mainly because it was so heavily focused on cardio. I would despise the workouts and it honestly was making me bitter. And that bitterness was spilling over into my life, cranky moms and wives are so not cool. Thank God I had ordered a new program, insert the 21 Day Fix, the 30 min or less workout, I tried it one day and it was like it was MADE specifically for me. There is not too much cardio and there are moments of rest. I can actually take a drink of water without hitting pause. Hallelujah!  Some days its pilates and some days are yoga. Some days are upper body and the next lower body. There is a few cardio workouts and I can ALMOST hang with them but those are the days where I push myself with the mindset that the next day will be better. haha! It was a great mix for me and has worked wonders. 
(this pose is not in 21 day fix, its just me on a Sunday playing around with yoga) 

Last month we decided to take on T25 for a challenge group on our blog, hello it's only 25 minutes, I can hang right? WRONG. I was right back at the hating it stage. T25 is legit hard core cardio for 25 minutes, aka 25 minutes of hell for me. Jamie and a few of my friends LOVE IT. It works wonders for some people, just not me. I went straight back to my 21 Day Fix after a few days of trying. Full blown cardio and running are not my friend, and you know what, they don't have to be.

Through starting this blog I figured out, I don't have to be doing the same exact fitness and eating regime as others to get results. Fitness should not be something that you hate, just like eating shouldn't be. The only way you are going to actually stick with something is to make it work within your own lifestyle. If you hate something there is no way you will stick with it. I have still had amazing results by doing my own thing and a workout that I love. I don't have to keep up with my blog partner Jamie on her cardio loving lifestyle, it just isn't me. And trying to make your life someone else's is always going to back fire. 
So I urge you to find your own fitness sweet spot. Find a program that works for you and only you. Yoga is honestly my favorite thing. Because I spent many years balancing on a guys hand up in the air, everytime I do yoga poses I envision being back up there in cheerleading. I squeeze my muscles and body the same way I used to to hold perfectly still. So yoga is great for me. I am a lower impact lady at the moment. One day I may work up to doing higher impact cardio but for the time being the 21 Day Fix is my sweet spot for fitness. And for 30 minutes a day it just works perfect for me. Hence why I keep repeating the program. Maybe one day I will work myself back up to T25 but for now I am happy. 

"No matter where you are at. START THERE. It's really your only option!"

As of late....

This month has been insanely busy....I was no joke gone for 3 weekends in a row. It was NUTS!! I must say I am glad to have a pretty clear schedule most of the summer as far as traveling goes. 

We had our 10 year reunion this month....its still insane that I have been out of highschool for 10 years. 
 I must say, I don't miss it one bit. I was so immature. If I could go back I would have never dated any of the boys and I would have just hung out with my friends and family and doing cheerleading. 
But life is all about learning and so cheers to 10 years!

The boys also closed the chapter to their first year of preschool. They each had a fun filled last day of school full of outdoor fun, juice boxes and tattoos (in the middle of the forehead is coolest)
 The boys learned so much this year and I LOVE their teachers! Luke will get Vincents teacher next year and then Jude will follow suit the following year! I love that these teachers will be all 4 boys teachers! 
 I honestly cannot say enough about Luke's teacher. She cried saying bye to Luke. I almost died. She is hands down the sweetest most inspiring person I have met at our school. She is mother to 6 children, 4 boys followed by 2 girls. She is so amazing with the kids and you can feel the love pour from her. I was a tad nervous about Luke going to school, he was a tad rough around the edges, a bruiser if you will so I was on edge sending him and he did perfect. She said he was so sweet the entire year. He is in love with his teacher also, I asked him who he wants to come to his birthday party this summer and she was the FIRST and ONLY person he named!! This year let me know that I made the right decision sending the boys to preschool. Next year Vincent is going to Kindergarten and that will be the true test for our family. But all was rainbows and butterflies in preschool!!! What a great year! 
Sammer Jammer is growing like a monster. He has become such a great addition to our family. When Jude drives me up a wall and I want to scream I just cuddle this sweet little guy up to me and all is well!:) 
We have some more home projects going on....never a dull moment in this ole house.
The kitchen cabinets were driving me up a wall. We painted them white when we moved in and it backfired. Nutella handprints and messy boys caused them to be a never ending cleaning mess. We just painted them yesterday a dark gray on the bottoms. I am hoping this calms my nerves. 
Jordan and his grandpa are also building a stone patio!! I am so excited. Our backyard is huge but we had no designated eating/lounging area yet. We have a lot of work to do back there but we are looking forward to being able to enjoy the patio this year and eat outside a lot and read books and cuddle by the fire! 
Memorial Day weekend was fun!! We hit up the Walleye festival (adults only) haha to get our fried food annual binge on. We included some plastic cup to go wine for our walk down to the festival. FUN TIMES!! Family bonding at it's finest! We had a great time!

I am going to be writing a post on marriage here soon and will be opening up the floor for any questions for Jordan and I as we are about to celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss. We honestly have a pretty damn good marriage. We rarely fight because I dont hold grudges and if we get into any tiff I just move on, Jordan claims that is one of my best traits! It works out well for us. He on the other hand is a dweller and let's things build up. I know we all have issues in our marriages so I can't wait to talk about our ups and downs. Thankfully we have a lot more UPs than downs but it all has to do with trying and then trying some more and ALWAYS always ALWAYS respecting each other and your relationship! 
This is a great song by Sanctus Real which is so great for marriage. It really hits home and is a great reminder to all married couples....we need to lead eachother and help always. 

Last but not least, as you can see by memorial day pics I have falled off my healthy eating bandwagon a tad. No biggie because I have the tools to get right back on but I would love for you guys to follow my fitness page on facebook!! As you know I am an open book when it comes to everything. Being healthy is a lifestyle change. I make bad choices sometimes. Okay maybe more than just sometimes. But I still make smart decisions. I still make PROGRESS. I don't give up. I keep on going. Every single day. This is a journey. This is an adventure. This is a LIFESTYLE. I am here to help you see SUCCESS without giving up your non negotiables! It has to work for you forever...not for a week, or just a month! Join me over there! 
Also I am opening up 2 intern spots for my fitness team for June!! If you would be interested let me know. If you are on the fence we are opening a FREE 5 day coaching group to give all the inside info to coaching! I am honestly so glad I started coaching. I have been 10 times more confident in myself!! I also LOVE helping people, hearing how they have changed not only their bodies but their outlook on life. It's amazing. Leave your email or message me if this sounds like you!! 
Happy ALMOST June friends!!! xoxoxo

Beauty and me....

I have always been a super outgoing person, always.
I honestly just LOVE people and getting to know them and how they tick. 
But in reality I have usually been pretty insecure. Actually I am not sure if insecure is the right word, I just have never felt 110% complete with myself. You know when you are second guessing yourself and the things you say or the person you are. I feel like that was always me in a way. I was always trying to keep up with the rat race of what I thought others wanted me to be. I was always trying to paint the picture of what I thought beauty was. 
I remember hating my nose. Honestly. HATING IT! I remember once someone told me I had a big nose, as if I could not see it in the mirror people. I am almost positive they referred to it as a "negro" nose. Yeah, that one haunted me forever. I also remember someone in high school pointing out my teeth were not straight. I always tried to position my smile just right to not show my crooked teeth. Trying to portray something that is not true make your insecurities even worse. Its always the worst when someone else picks up on your flaw of insecurity. PS thank you to Invisalign for helping that problem a few years ago. SCORE! 

Anyways we all have our insecurities. So many issues have went to rest since I became a mom. The nose that I once hated and tried to hide is now present on my kids and I have learned to embrace the Schreiner nose. It represents my dad and my grandfather and our family. It marks that my kids are clearly carrying my features, especially Vincent. I love that he has my nose. The nose that I once hated. It marks that Vincent is all mine, him and that nose!! 
Beauty is such a funny thing. We have this idea of what "beauty" is, you know the perfect skin, the flawless hair, the perfect white straight smile. But it's not at all about that. I see beauty in peoples imperfections. I see beauty in the fact that my boys have ALL chipped their little teeth. I see beauty in the scar that Vincent has on his forehead from our vacation at the ranch. I see beauty in the scar that my husband has on his face from being bit by a dog as a child. I know that scar was very annoying to him growing up but I see these imperfections as our life story, as moments in our lives that we will remember. Moments that make us who we are. I get annoyed daily when scrubbing my face to see all the scars from my wonderful pregnancy acne. The old Allie would want to get something done to erase the marks, to hide them from people, but I am who I am now. This is me, acne scars and all. These scars are a reminder of my pregnancies with my sweet boys and they are a million times more important than any mark or imperfection on my skin. I have so many scars along my body as well from pregnancy, this belly will never once be back to normal and I am okay with that.
After 4 kids, the scale going up and down and seeing my body in so many difference sizes over these past 5 years I can now say when I look in the mirror I see beauty. I see myself, raw and real, sometimes with make up on but most of the times completely a mess and I can still smile. I smile at who I have become over these years. I smile at all I have been through, the crazy ups and downs of my hormones with pregnancy and post partum. I remember looking in the mirror just a mere 4 months ago amidst the post partum hell and wondering who I was. I was still there, behind the tired blood shot eyes and worn down body. I smile that I have found my place in this big ole world, that I have risen above any past issue or problem. That I am beautiful despite any imperfection or flaw. I now do not have a definition of what beauty is. 
There is no definition in my eyes. Beauty is so many things. There is beauty inside everyone, and most the time it has nothing at all to do with looks. 
Embrace the beauty in your lives from here on out. Embrace your big nose or your crazy hair. Focus on the "flaws" that may unite you to your ancestors. My nose is a trademark, when you see my father you INSTANTLY know I am his, and same with Vincent. I wouldn't trade that flaw for anything.

So step back and find your beauty. If you need help finding your beauty you just let me know haha I can see beauty in EVERY SINGLE PERSON I come in contact with. Always. I see it in the random man who rides his bike to mass every week who I once would have been terrified of, I see the beauty in his tattered clothing and in the way he receives communion from the priest. I see beauty in the mom who is clearly flustered with her screaming child in the store and praying no one is paying attention. There is beauty EVERYWHERE. EVERY SINGLE PLACE YOU LOOK. Find that beauty and try to embrace it!!


Family attempt!

We are so horrid with getting actual pictures. I am photographer so I usually just do the boys myself but getting actual ENTIRE family pictures RARELY happens!!! If it does they are just taken quick, mainly because the whole thing stresses me out!! The getting dressed, the smiling, the staying still...yeah it just doesn't work out so hot! Well last week my mom was in town so we ran across the street to the park quick for a 10 minute session. Here is a peek at them! I mean honestly Vincent the oldest most well behaved was NOT letting up any smiles, just not worth the fight but I honest love the pics! They are so...US! The reality of trying to get 4 kids under 5 to smile!! haha 
I was a tad defeated after the session so my mom and I took the ONE kid I knew would smile out front and snapped a few more!! I was so excited for just some Sammy and Mommy pics! This little man is so fab! 
 He has been such a huge blessing and such a sweet baby! The perfect addition to our family! 
I highly suggest capturing pics of your family, even if they are not "perfect"! :) 

To the normal mother....

I get asked almost weekly how I do it all? How I handle the pressures of raising 4 little boys? How I am a supermom? I really honestly feel like people think that we are perfect. That my house is spotless and we go through the day with no yelling and end the night singing kumbaya around a fire roasting marshmallows (organic if that is possible because we would never feed our kids junk, geesh) then we all tuck into bed and sleep a full nights sleep with no interruptions and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on a full day! Rinse, lather, repeat. Always perfect. 
That my friends never happens. 
I have learned through the years of our family changing that things will never be perfect. 
But if I change my way of thinking they can be PERFECT for us and we can have our own normal functioning level of happiness. 
Did I ever envision having 4 kids?? Heck no. I honestly thought maximum 2 but God had different plans for us. And each little man we added to the family involved a changing period. A whole new learning period comes with each child and you find your own new level of normalcy. It still gives me a little panic when I say we have 4 kids...a tad unreal still. 
Each night I lay my head down on the pillow. I wish I could fall asleep instantly but that never happens, I am either nursing our baby to sleep or battling the older ones to get back to their bedrooms. I lay there in the moments and do a run down of our day. Usually the negatives are what come into my mind first. 
I yelled too much at Vincent, will this make him hate me in future years.
I did not spend enough time with Luke at all today, will he remember?
What the heck did we eat for lunch? Crap.....did we skip lunch today!?
The kids didn't get a bath today....oh man it's been a few days! (Mom of the year)
I let them watch way too much cartoons today!
I should take the boys to the park but it's far too stressful.
I didn't read a book to them, crud I haven't sat and read a book to them in days.
All the negatives of the day come rushing in. Making me question what kind of a mother I am. I question all the time if the effects of the day will ruin my children for the future. I beat myself up mentally with worry when in reality what I should be focusing on is the good moments of the day. I am not sure why it is that we do this, beating ourselves up over moments that our kids may never even remember. 
Our nighttime thoughts change so insanely with each year that passes and with each number of kids. Before kids I would think of only happy thoughts, about the amazing mother I would be. I would think how easy motherhood would be, how my kids would never watch TV or eat sugar. I would think about how fun nighttime would be, bathing our kids, reading books and tucking them into their beds for a full nights slumber. How I would make the perfect meals and never miss a doctors appointment. How our house would be spotless and everything would be sanitized and clean for my sweet perfect children. 
After Vincent my thoughts started to loosen up, I started to lose the judgement that comes along with being a parent. So what if Vincent watched some cartoons today. So what that Vincent downed a Capri Sun, he is still functioning. Then with the addition of Luke, Jude and Sam I have lost any sense of judgement. It's a damn free for all over here. We rock out at our own pace and crazy lifestyle. We do exactly what works for us. Each day is something new. Some days are horribly boring, some days are full of frustrations (where I want to down an entire bottle of wine in my closet alone with an episode of Real Housewives) and some days are downright picture perfect (for a few hours), anything more than a few hours of perfectness must be broken by a child screaming or stomping is feet....((Jude I am talking to you!!))
I learned to redirect those negative thoughts at bedtime. Sure at times I do think about them. I do question who I am as a mother and a wife. But then I look at how far we have come. I choose to take a leap and focus on the happy moments of our days and weeks. I choose to laugh at the fact that my "me time" of a nightly shower is now taken over by at least 2-3 naked little men at my feet, all of us tripping over each other trying to get clean. I laugh at the fact that our kids 2-3 times a week make it outside on a bicycle butt naked. I laugh at the madness that we call life. I laugh at our new level of NORMAL.
I could choose to let the chaos beat my down. To cry over the fact that Jude destroys things every week. Literally every time I turn around he sneaks off and create a mess. He never ceases to amaze me. That Luke has chosen to use the words "I don't like you", I could take all the horrible messes and let them tear me down. I could let the boys countless screaming matches at each other and the pushing and wrestling that they do break me down but it's not worth it. I have to be strong. This is our life. God will never give us more than we can handle. Sure some days I want to scream "SERIOUSLY GOD....." and throw in the towel. I know we all have those moments. But those moments do not define us as mothers. That is normal. 
The chaos is normal.
When we try to control every single moment that is when we can get beat down. When we try to control the exact way our children act that is when it backfires. When we compare our children and families to other peoples lives it is NEVER a good idea. We are all different. What's normal for us is not normal for you and vice versa. We have to let go and let our children grow and our families live. We can not control it all. Worrying about these things only breaks us down. We are normal. The chaos is completely normal. Embrace the wild and rock it out. 
When you lay in bed push those negative thoughts away. Remember that you are a great mom regardless of what you fed your kids for lunch, how many stories you read to them, whether or not they are wearing pajamas to bed or still wearing the same outfit for days. They don't care, the only thing they go to bed knowing is that they are loved. That you are there for them. They are not keeping count.  The look and smile on their faces each morning proves that in their eyes I can do no wrong. I am their mom. Flawless in their minds and I need to give myself a break and so do you.
Just be their mom. They don't care if you are a Pinterest queen, a CEO of a million dollar company, a pizza delivery driver, a waitress, or an actress. All they care is that you love them. They aren't keeping track and neither should you.
Let's all kick to side any judgements and stop beating ourselves up over being a perfect mom. Stop focusing on other peoples lives and focus on your own family and children. Let's all be NORMAL moms. The moms that our kids already see us as! xoxo