Fitness Sweet Spot!

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Looking back even in my best shape of doing cheerleading and gymnastics 4-5 days a week I HATED running and anything super cardio. It just wasn't my thing. I literally would freak out when our college coach made us run a mile. I hated it. It made no sense to me because hello I did not sign up to do track I signed up to tumble and cheer co-ed. I get a tad snarky when I don't like things in fitness haha.

I am the same way still. After we had Vincent and Luke I figured I would give running another shot. I honestly thought it would be the ONLY way to get back into shape after 2 kids. I mean gymnastics and tumbling that had kept me in shape was not on the horizon again after kids. I bought new hot pink running shoes and we even got a jogging stroller, all to get me in the running mindset. I actually did get up to running a mile around our neighborhood, but still I did not like it! It just wasn't my thing. Then I got pregnant with Jude haha so running went down the pie-hole. 

Now here I am with 4 kids, and when we started this journey I looked to everyone else for advice on what programs they liked best and what worked for them. I looked to Jamie who loved Body Rock and T25 and figured if she can do it, then so can I. I went head first into Body Rock and after a few weeks HATED it! Mainly because it was so heavily focused on cardio. I would despise the workouts and it honestly was making me bitter. And that bitterness was spilling over into my life, cranky moms and wives are so not cool. Thank God I had ordered a new program, insert the 21 Day Fix, the 30 min or less workout, I tried it one day and it was like it was MADE specifically for me. There is not too much cardio and there are moments of rest. I can actually take a drink of water without hitting pause. Hallelujah!  Some days its pilates and some days are yoga. Some days are upper body and the next lower body. There is a few cardio workouts and I can ALMOST hang with them but those are the days where I push myself with the mindset that the next day will be better. haha! It was a great mix for me and has worked wonders. 
(this pose is not in 21 day fix, its just me on a Sunday playing around with yoga) 

Last month we decided to take on T25 for a challenge group on our blog, hello it's only 25 minutes, I can hang right? WRONG. I was right back at the hating it stage. T25 is legit hard core cardio for 25 minutes, aka 25 minutes of hell for me. Jamie and a few of my friends LOVE IT. It works wonders for some people, just not me. I went straight back to my 21 Day Fix after a few days of trying. Full blown cardio and running are not my friend, and you know what, they don't have to be.

Through starting this blog I figured out, I don't have to be doing the same exact fitness and eating regime as others to get results. Fitness should not be something that you hate, just like eating shouldn't be. The only way you are going to actually stick with something is to make it work within your own lifestyle. If you hate something there is no way you will stick with it. I have still had amazing results by doing my own thing and a workout that I love. I don't have to keep up with my blog partner Jamie on her cardio loving lifestyle, it just isn't me. And trying to make your life someone else's is always going to back fire. 
So I urge you to find your own fitness sweet spot. Find a program that works for you and only you. Yoga is honestly my favorite thing. Because I spent many years balancing on a guys hand up in the air, everytime I do yoga poses I envision being back up there in cheerleading. I squeeze my muscles and body the same way I used to to hold perfectly still. So yoga is great for me. I am a lower impact lady at the moment. One day I may work up to doing higher impact cardio but for the time being the 21 Day Fix is my sweet spot for fitness. And for 30 minutes a day it just works perfect for me. Hence why I keep repeating the program. Maybe one day I will work myself back up to T25 but for now I am happy. 

"No matter where you are at. START THERE. It's really your only option!"


  1. Thank you so much for this. I am also not a runner and always get down on myself for all my friends running marathons, they don't work for me! I need to find my fitness sweet spot on my own and stop worrying about everyone else. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for this! I never really had to exercise until I had my LO and like you I am not a runner and loathe hard core aerobics. I am still trying to find my sweet spot. I may try the 21 Fix because I get bored doing the same thing every day.