Watermelon Cake

My husband is pretty strict on his eating. Of course when it's a birthday I am a cake eating frosting licking fool. I love cake but I had to put my birthday cake love aside for my husbands requests. He loves watermelon. I mean LOVES it, we eat a whole one almost every single day in the summer. It's his go-to sweet thing so a few weeks back when we saw a cake made from watermelon we instantly knew that is what we would do for his birthday!

I looked at a few recipes but of course decided to just wing it! 
You will need
Watermelon, cut as best you can into a "cake" shape!
Organic Whipping Cream (2 pints)
Powdered Sugar

I prefer to make my own whipped cream mainly because store bought is full of hydrogenated vegetable oils, why that is in there puzzles me. But alas, I choose to make it from scratch and it's so easy and EVEN more tasty. I just pour the 2 pints into the kitchen aid with the whisk attachment, then as it starts to somewhat thicken I pour in some powdered sugar, maybe 1/4 cup? I just wing it, then all of a sudden it will turn to a thick whipped cream consistency. PS you will never buy cool whip after this! 
 I applied the whipped cream VERY thick, the sides were the hardest to get it to stick to but if you put it on thick it works great!!! Then I topped with some berries. 
 All my boys for Jordan's 29th watermelon cake celebration. The boys LOVED it!!
Next time I will make it not as thick because the whipped cream to watermelon ration wasnt the best. I needed way more cream! So I would suggest cutting it in half. We also decided that you could layer it and put berries in between to be the barrier. Nonetheless it was freaking awesome and definetely the go-to cake for my gluten free loving husband!

PS two more days to enter my PiYo giveaway!!!!!
I just got mine this week!!!
I also reached a huge goal in my fitness motivator "job" I cannot wait to share.
I literally ALMOST peed my pants at my weekly commissions statement.
Jaw is still dropped on the floor.
We are so blessed!!!
Happy weekend friends!

Beyond pumped....GIVEAWAY time!!

I usually try not to post on my blog too much about my fitness coaching. Honestly because I want this blog to mostly stay centered around my kids and family but in the past few months this fitness thing has become such a huge part of me and my fellow coaches have become my family. Through the ups and downs they have all been there, its pretty magical. It's like the world of blogging but these people without the downsides, we all build eachother up and push eachother to be better. I have noticed my whole mindset on life change since I took the step to become healthier and take on fitness coaching. I am honestly a more complete and happy wife and mother. Never knew taking this leap of faith would be so rewarding. But that is not what I am most pumped about....

PiYo releases today! I have been doing the 21 day fix since I started coaching and have had AMAZING results. On my birthday in February I was at 138 a few months post partum. Today I am down to 118. Which is honestly the lowest I have been since high school. My body has completely shifted and I can see ABS. Ab muscles, people. I am freaking out a tad!
This is so not normal for me. I mean, hello. I have 4 kids. 4 kids under the age of 5. I ate HORRIBLE during pregnancy. With Vincent I gained 70lbs, I weighed more than Jordan at one point so its not like I was super healthy the entire time. Babies 2-4 I gained between 30-50 lbs each time so I have seen the scale EVERYWHERE. I am so far from perfect still. You better believe I still eat some not so great stuff. Seriously, yesterday I was dipping chips in Nutella. Don't ask why, it clearly made sense at the time. But this whole healthy lifestyle is doable. I make my main meals pretty much meat and veggies, but fun meals like my favorite stir fry. This is honestly a HUGE go-to meal in our house!
I am obviously blown away by the fact that I can do all this with kids running around me daily. I wish I could say that I had someone to watch the kids while I got an hour alone to focus on myself working on but that will never happen. I just honestly make due with what i've got. I pop my dvd in my laptop and get my 30 minute fix of the day in! So the 21 day fix has been amazing to me. I have done it for 3 months, I have missed a few days in a row or here and there but I always go back to it. It's shockingly enjoyable, okay, minus the cardio but I can manage! haha

Today is a big day, they are launching PiYo, which is a Pilates and Yoga inspired workout. LOW IMPACT which means peace out super cardio workouts. THANK THE LORD. The program is 60 days, 8 workouts between 20-40 minutes. NO EQUIPMENT needed, yay! Every move has a modified version so it's the perfect workout for someone who is JUST starting out! It also isnt HARD on your knees. I noticed my knees aching a LOT when I do cardio. Obviously just another reminder that my body isn't what it used to be but I am all for a program that won't beat me up too much.
I am ordering it the minute it goes on sale today!! It is ONLY available through coaches now meaning you cannot buy it anywhere else. It will become available for everyone else in mid-July!

Because I am so excited I am doing a giveaway. I am giving away a 
PIYO workout to ONE lucky winner 
to help you jumpstart your fitness!!! 

To enter:
1. Join for FREE on Beachbody & I will add also you to our FREE clean eating group!! 

2. Leave me a comment knowing you did so and why you want to WIN!

*The winner of the PiYo workout will be chosen on June 29th at midnight!!!! GOOD LUCK!!*

We will also be starting a PiYo challenge group in July, so if you buy it and you want to join us for some accountability and fun let me know!!!

Also if you are ever interested about joining our amazing team let me know! xoxox

Who am I to judge?

I won't lie. The other day, my sister in law Jamie and I were texting and she said something to the effect of how she couldn't get anything done because Nick just started crawling and was into everything. She was frustrated because they were trying to get things done around the house and he was all over the place. I got annoyed instantly. 

I did the typical eye roll and thought, seriously, she is telling me how frustrating one kid is? Is this a joke? 

I of course started thinking and justifying, if she only knew what 4 tiny terror kids are like all day long then she would retract that statement so freaking fast. Who does she think she is telling me she is STRESSED. I am all over here trying to contain 4 kids, the second I start getting a minute to myself the baby cries and needs fed, or Vincent and Luke are fighting over the same damn toy for the 10th time in a few hour span. What I would do for just one kid who crawls. 

I did this a few weeks back too. We had a clean eating group and a girl commented on why she doesn't have time to eat healthy and plan meals. I am sure she did not have the intentions to be rude but when I read it I was instantly annoyed. She stated that she did not have time because she was a stay at home mom with one child and it was just too much to do. Oh really sweetheart. Insert the annoying things that came to my mind. 

See what I did there. I turned the situation around and got annoyed with her. Why?, I guess maybe it made me feel better in my head. I don't know why we do it, justify things and other peoples situations. Comparing our lives to theirs. Comparing our kids to others. Comparing clothing and cars. When it comes down to it, it is completely stupid and a complete waste of time.

This is something that I honestly need to work on. I don't think I am the only one who jumps to judgements and gets annoyed easily. We all consider our lives to be the HARDEST most complex situations that no one else would ever understand. The thing is we are all get it!
We all UNDERSTAND life.

We just have different lives. 

To Jamie at this moment this whole new world of a child is new and crazy. He just started crawling and is getting into things. This is the most she has known as a mother so who I am to judge and roll my eyes for her being frusterated. I need to take a step back and remember that I was there. I was once in her shoes trying to trudge along and figure it all out. 

We all live and learn and look back at how "easy" life once was. I always look back and laugh at how full I thought my plate was back then. Before I had kids and even met Jordan I thought working 3 jobs was tough. But IT WAS. It was all I knew. It was crazy with having a baby. It was crazy having 2 babies and so on. You are pushed and maxed out. I get it, I get it. Even if you do not have kids you can feel that you are at your max. We need to all give eachother a freaking break. Stop the comparing about why your life is harder than someone elses. A

I feel crappy for getting annoyed with Jamie, I honestly do. And its not just Jamie, I do this all the time, the justifying, the judging. It's something I feel like we all do. Does it help us to judge eachother? Probably not.

I need to work more on supporting my friends and family instead of getting annoyed. And this also goes both ways. Don't get in a rut if you only have 1 child and you spent the entire day on the couch watching Nick Jr while your friend with 6 kids took hers all to the park alone and even stopped to get ice cream, all with smiles on their faces. Don't compare it. At the end of the day, who cares.
I know Jamie does this too with me, saying well you know it all because you have 4 kids. Honestly, I don't know it all, I seriously have no idea what I am doing half of the time. It's pretty much a free for all everyday. BUT, what I do know is what works for me. What works for my family and our lifestyle. We do things to the beat of our own drum and that is how it should be. I am not saying that we shouldn't take advice and learn from eachother, because we should. We all have a lot to offer eachother in all aspects of life but comparing and judging is just a deadly round about. It's just toxic and accomplishing NOTHING.

I seriously accomplish nothing when I roll my eyes at other peoples woes. Shame on me honestly. I honestly hope this post is making sense. I am semi nodding off here trying to drink green tea to keep me awake. Thank you to a special boy for a 430 am wake up and thank you to my mind that would not stop wandering enough to fall back asleep. Starbucks anyone?? 

So where am I going with this....I need to just knock it off. I need to be there for my friends and family and listen instead of comparing. I need to comfort them when they are stressed instead of just justifying. I need to love everyone and their unique lives. We all different, we stress over different things. And that is fine. 

Keep an open mind as much as you can. Love each other and be there for one another. Life is not much fun when you are alone in the journey so embrace it all. Be there for your friends and family when they are stressed even if it seems small in your eyes. Remember that you once were in their shoes and needed guidance and love. Let them be comfortable enough to let you hear their stresses and dilemmas. And while I am sure I responded back to Jamie with a generic "tell me about it!" laced with an eye roll, I am sorry. I am sorry honestly to anyone who I do this to. I vow to keep trying to understand your lives and take genuine interest in them. 

This is me working on myself and embracing my family and friends with an open non judging heart, no matter how hard that may be at times. Who is with me? Who wants to try to stop the judgement and justifying!!? 

Summer Activities....

Man oh man!!! It's so funny before kids how much you looked forward to summer and now summer is so insane. The 2 oldest were in preschool this past year, which was only 2 hours a few days a week but hot damn without preschool the days are just so much longer. I used to think it wasn't a huge thing the have them gone since it was only 2 hours, but you also loose all the time you spent getting them ready and also driving to and from. So that was a good 3 hour chunk of your day that was burned quite nicely. 
The past 2 weeks I have adjusted to having all 4 boys all day long, aka complete full on crazy town! I wish I was more of a go-getter with getting us out of the house but it's honestly such a drag (literally). Packing up all 4 kids is just not my idea of fun, so I just stay home 9 times out of 10 and we play inside or in the back yard! I have found so much peace with spending most of the day outside. Hello cleaner house ;) Jordan has been working on our patio for 3 months, so once that is done I plan to honestly LIVE outside, and take all the sticky watermelon mess outdoors. 
(Cosmic Kids Yoga on youtube. Sanity Saver!)

Is it bad that I am looking forward to vacation bible school in a few weeks. I really think they should consider taking kids 2 and under though. I mean Sam and Jude also need to learn about God! Doesn't seem fair to me, haha I do not know what I would do if all 4 boys were occupied for a few hours. It would be a freaking vacation for me. But alas, I will get a lot of stuff done just having the older gone that week for a few hours at bible school. 

I also signed the older 2 up for soccer starting next week, 1 hour every Friday, should be interesting to say the least. Reminds me I need to order them shin pads....yippie!! 

What are your tips for summer fun? What activities do you do?? 

Birthday Gifts- Pay it FORWARD!!

I am in the process of planning the boys birthday bash for this summer. We decided to trade in 4 separate parties for one giant summer bash! It's not doable for all of our family and friends to make 4 separate parties in a year so this way each summer we will just do one big she-bang with all our peeps and be done with it! Don't worry we still do something special with each boy on their real birthday but lower key with just us! 

The one thing about birthdays is that there are SO MANY gifts! SO FREAKING MANY. It is semi overwhelming and I just don't care for it at all. My kids have plenty as is and I don't want them to be spoiled honestly.I don't want them thinking it's my birthday what did you get me? I want them knowing that they are loved by family and friends, the real gift is that. So as I have done in the past we have picked one local charity for people to make donations to instead of buying our kids toys! I would honestly rather my friends and family money go to someone who needs food than buying my child another toy that will just be thrown into a toy box and played with a few times. 

So I encourage you to pay it forward with your kids birthdays or even your own. There are so many people that are less fortunate and that need help! I know the boys party will be a freaking blast and honestly they will know no different presents or not!! Here's to the rest of the exciting party planning for their party.....the food!! My favorite part! I am already fantasizing about the cupcakes! YUM!
PS I used to order invites but have since switched to just making my own. I made this little one on PicMonkey in just a few minutes. I will email to our friends and family and also print a few for our grandparents that do not use email! Cheap and easy!! I am all about simplicity!