Birthday Gifts- Pay it FORWARD!!

I am in the process of planning the boys birthday bash for this summer. We decided to trade in 4 separate parties for one giant summer bash! It's not doable for all of our family and friends to make 4 separate parties in a year so this way each summer we will just do one big she-bang with all our peeps and be done with it! Don't worry we still do something special with each boy on their real birthday but lower key with just us! 

The one thing about birthdays is that there are SO MANY gifts! SO FREAKING MANY. It is semi overwhelming and I just don't care for it at all. My kids have plenty as is and I don't want them to be spoiled honestly.I don't want them thinking it's my birthday what did you get me? I want them knowing that they are loved by family and friends, the real gift is that. So as I have done in the past we have picked one local charity for people to make donations to instead of buying our kids toys! I would honestly rather my friends and family money go to someone who needs food than buying my child another toy that will just be thrown into a toy box and played with a few times. 

So I encourage you to pay it forward with your kids birthdays or even your own. There are so many people that are less fortunate and that need help! I know the boys party will be a freaking blast and honestly they will know no different presents or not!! Here's to the rest of the exciting party planning for their party.....the food!! My favorite part! I am already fantasizing about the cupcakes! YUM!
PS I used to order invites but have since switched to just making my own. I made this little one on PicMonkey in just a few minutes. I will email to our friends and family and also print a few for our grandparents that do not use email! Cheap and easy!! I am all about simplicity! 


  1. This is genius! I am so tired of all the gifts and madness that come from birthday parties! I am going to do this with my girls this year!

  2. Love this idea! And I know as kids get older they will totally be more and more on board with it, servant's heart in the making.

  3. This is such an amazing idea! I honestly dislike kids parties with all of these gifts and stuff and the kids running around asking when they can open gifts. At Christmas my niece who was 4 at the time complained about not getting enough gifts......really?!?!?! It made me really not want to buy gifts for her or her sister because they both acted so spoiled!