Summer Activities....

Man oh man!!! It's so funny before kids how much you looked forward to summer and now summer is so insane. The 2 oldest were in preschool this past year, which was only 2 hours a few days a week but hot damn without preschool the days are just so much longer. I used to think it wasn't a huge thing the have them gone since it was only 2 hours, but you also loose all the time you spent getting them ready and also driving to and from. So that was a good 3 hour chunk of your day that was burned quite nicely. 
The past 2 weeks I have adjusted to having all 4 boys all day long, aka complete full on crazy town! I wish I was more of a go-getter with getting us out of the house but it's honestly such a drag (literally). Packing up all 4 kids is just not my idea of fun, so I just stay home 9 times out of 10 and we play inside or in the back yard! I have found so much peace with spending most of the day outside. Hello cleaner house ;) Jordan has been working on our patio for 3 months, so once that is done I plan to honestly LIVE outside, and take all the sticky watermelon mess outdoors. 
(Cosmic Kids Yoga on youtube. Sanity Saver!)

Is it bad that I am looking forward to vacation bible school in a few weeks. I really think they should consider taking kids 2 and under though. I mean Sam and Jude also need to learn about God! Doesn't seem fair to me, haha I do not know what I would do if all 4 boys were occupied for a few hours. It would be a freaking vacation for me. But alas, I will get a lot of stuff done just having the older gone that week for a few hours at bible school. 

I also signed the older 2 up for soccer starting next week, 1 hour every Friday, should be interesting to say the least. Reminds me I need to order them shin pads....yippie!! 

What are your tips for summer fun? What activities do you do?? 


  1. GOD BLESS YOU. A boy mom of 4! I like to have a "Summer Schedule" and plan at least one outing a week to give us all something to look forward to! We have a library day, an errand day, a craft day and a new park day. This also keeps my oldest from falling into his "But Mom, I'm bored." rut! Typically over the summer, I let my son pick out a book to read and we read it together, yes. That means I'm reading diary of a wimpy kid. But while my youngest naps, we take the time to read on the deck and then talk a little about the book, this year I'm debating buying him a cheap camera and letting him take pictures and then posting them in a journal or scrapbook of sorts and then having him write one or two things about the pictures he takes. We'll see how that goes!

  2. The boys are at VBS this week and it feels like summer vacation (for Mommy)! :) Lauren and I have been getting project after project completed. So nice! I wish there was VBS every week of the summer. haha

  3. haha, I know as a parent sometime Summer is a little stressing but as a Teacher summer sound so good!!!!

    If you are looking for activities for kids 2 and up, go to my blog Tomorrow, I'm a teacher and also a Nanny and I want to share some fun, easy and stress free, activities for kids!!