4th of July D Family Style-

If we are friends on facebook you get to see all the craziness of our family at all times mainly because by the time I go to blog about it, I get interrupted, whomp whomp. Such is life, I guess! Anyways my husband Jordan is hands down one the funniest people I know. When you first meet him you might think he is a quiet business man but oh my he is so much more. Take July 4th for instance, he got up and went to mass dresses in his Sunday best, even though it wasnt Sunday, he does mass daily in dress clothes, that day he wore a bowtie. I always love when he wears a bowtie. So sexy! While I was getting the boys fed he changed into his outfit to do some chores around the house which is usually just gym shorts and a tee. But, somedays he loves to crank it up and wear his over-alls. Yes. OVER-ALLS. My husband decided this year that they would be the best choice for his outdoor work in our yard, since they are so airy and he won't have the restrictions in the waist. SERIOUSLY? I of course just rolled my eyes and hoped it wasn't true that he was going to wear overalls. Well he got em, they arrived to our doorstep via amazon. Sometimes I love you Amazon but sometimes you make my husbands dreams WAY too easy to fulfill. And this was one of those dreams. He found his "perfect" pair of Dickies over-alls and 2 days later they arrived at our doorstep. 
Well I can handle him romping around the backyard in these special outfits to do his man jobs in the garden and building the patio, which I can't wait to share the patio makeover with you guys next! But anyways July 4th was the first public debut for these babies. I thought he was only going to wear them in the backyard but when I said hey babe, we're all dressed and ready, he just said so am I! Of course I thought he was going to change but I decided to let it ride and just laugh that he was going shirtless in a pair of over-alls and no shoes, I must add to our family cookout at the yaucht club for the day. 
When we left I could not stop cracking up at him in his outfit of the day. I seriously love this man because he does not care one bit what he looks like, all that mattered was he was comfy. Well of the drive hands down the funniest thing happened. Jordan was going a tad too fast and sure enough got pulled over by a cop. I seriously ALMOST peed my pants. Of all the days to get pulled over it was the day he was shirtless in overalls!! Thankfully the cop was super sweet and just gave him a warning. He was probably slightly scared of the man driving will his family in overalls with no shirt. He probably thought this dude is clearly unhinged! 
Thankfully he just gave us some stickers for the boys and we were back on the road again. 
It was seriously epic!! 
Well we got to the yaucht club just in time for our cookout with family and friends, of course they were all cracking up at Jordan's ensemble. I think everyone there wondered what in the heck he was thinking. We were outside so thankfully he could pull of the no shirt and no shoes look! 
The boys decided that they wanted to go swimming at the pool which I was all for because it was steaming hot. Well I figured Jordan would just strip down to his shorts he had underneath before we walked through the pool area to make our way back to the toddler pool. The pool of course was JAM PACKED with people and families. Jordan walks in through them all in his get up. EVERYONE. I mean EVERY ONE is staring. I am usually super outgoing and love people but I must say my face was a tad red. Luckily I had a pina colada so I wasn't uber embarassed. He just trotted in there carrying Jude on his hip in his overalls. I seriously cannot say it enough that EVERY single eye was on him!! It was hilarious!! Well he finally stripped down to some shorts to sit out by the pool while the boys and I played in the water. 

We headed back to our cookout area which is right by one of the docks and also close to the parking lot so its not secluded at all. Jordan then decides that the overalls need to come back out and that he should also start dancing. He was doing some sort of jumpy lasso move and of course his sister Jennifer had to jump in the mix so BOTH of them are doing the most awkward dancing thing yelling "woohoo" and everyone is staring and laughing. A car full of teenagers also stopped to holler at them. It was pretty darn hilarious. All in all it was an amazing 4th of July. I love that my husband is so outgoing and hilarious. He totally lives to the beat of his own drum and really doesn't care much about what others think which is an amazing trait to have and I hope that also trickles down to our kids. I want them to be fully comfortable in their own skin as they grow up. I just do not think the people who saw him at Mass that morning with his cute red white and blue bowtie would ever imagine that he would come home and spend the day in over-alls! haha

I have a special man, that is FOR SURE. I just love him so much and I am so grateful that he is so laid back and fun. Makes our life that MUCH more exiciting!! I have to at least share Sammer's outfit....he looked so darn daper in his red and white get up!
Hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend last week!!! 

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  1. Girl I know how you feel. My husband is the most fashion challenged man on the planet, though he has never worn overalls. He does however wear black socks pulled up with shorts in the summer, button down Hawaiian shirts, old man straw hats and work boots in the summer......

    But I still love him!