Friday, July 18, 2014

Ask all about it!!!!

I have noticed seriously TONS of hits flying at my blog for my post about handling 2 kids under 2, I wrote it while I was pregnant with Jude and I had sworn I would write one about handling 3 under 3 also but then the new house and all our renovations began and so did another pregnancy and here we are with 4 kids. Crazy how that happens! haha! Anyways I NOW finally want to take the time to write a follow up post on handling multiple kids, so I want to know exactly what I should post about??

What do you want to know? Any tips or tricks you want to ask about? Honestly my advice is go with the flow for most of it but is there something that is holding you back from having another child that you want to know? Are you concerned you wont have enough time for more than 1 or 2 kids? ASK AWAY and help me form the best answers for this fun follow up!!

So, what is it that you want to know about our semi-large family? 


  1. How do you find time for you and your husband? Do you feel like your relationship has gotten stronger or weaker? I find it difficult with only 2 kids to keep focus on our marriage because we are so busy. Any tips would be great!

  2. How do you not go crazy thinking about the cost of each child (tuition, cars when they're older, college, food, clothes, etc) I want a second at times but we live in south Florida. The cost of living is high and the public schools suck (so we would need to do private $1k/month). It sometimes feel if we lived anywhere but here...and NYC haha, we could have more.

  3. I would love to know if you have a budget/clip coupons or whatever. I have found it harder to stay on budget with just one but we have the cost of childcare as well. I'm also curious as to how you and your husband make time for one another.

  4. Are you guys planning on my children or are you done? Also did you plan on having 4 kids when you started your family? Has it been hard having them so close together?

  5. I am forever trying to perfect the "balancing act"- time for me, for my kids, for my hubby, for family, for friends... there just never seems to be enough time and energy to give sufficient attention to all these things. That brings me to these questions: What does your typical day look like? Do you feel like you get enough time with each of the kids and hubby? What area of your life "suffers" the most? ( I don't mean that as a dig- I know personally my friendships or me time "suffer" the most, and all I mean by that is that sometimes they don't get as much attention as they should). On a side note, you are a huge inspiration to me and I have been a loyal reader for almost 3 years!


Thanks for your comments, If I do not respond to you, feel free to yell at me! I really love you all~!